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Naarad Jee  (Dev Rishi)

Naarad Kaanv  (Rishi)
This Naarad is different from Naarad Jee who is Devarshi. Atharv Ved mentions him as a Dev Shaastra Rishi. Maitreyanee Sanhitaa 1.5.8 mentions him as an Aachaarya. Saam Vidhaan Braahman 3.9 mentions him as the disciple of Brihaspati. Chhandogya Upanishad, 7.11 mentions him with Sanat Kumaar. Aitareya Braahman says that he was also a Purohit of Raajaa Harishchandra along with Parvat Muni.

Nahush, Raajaa  (Men)

Nakul and Sahadev  (Men)

Nal  (Others-Vaanar)

Nal, Raajaa  (Men)

Namuchi  (Daitya)

Nand Raaya  (Men)
Nand Raaya Jee lived in Gokul village. When Krishn was born to Devakee, Krishn Himself asked His father Vasudev to take Him to Nand Raaya and bring the newborn daughter of Nand and Yashodaa to Mathuraa and give her to Kans. Vasudev and Nand Raaya were the grandsons of the same Naanaa (maternal grandfather). In fact Nand's name was Upanand, but all people called him Nand Baabaa and Nand Raaya with affection. But actually Nand was the name of his younger brother. When Nand Raaya heard the news from Akroor Jee that Kans has imprisoned Ugrasen, he appointed his younger brother Nand as the King of Gokul. His wife's name was Yashodaa.

Nandee  (Devtaa)

Narakaasur  (Daitya)

Neel  (Others-Vaanar)
Agni's (Fire god) Vaanar son produced to help Raam.

Nikumbh  (Daitya)
Nikumbh was a Daitya in Hiranyakshyap family. He had two sons - Sund and Upasund.

Nivaatkavach  (Daitya)
They were a class of Daitya - the descendents of Sanhlaad. They lived in Hiranyapur. They were covered with impenetrable armor. They were 30 million in number and lived in the depths of sea. They were killed by Arjun when he was in Swarg to collect Divine weapons from his father Indra. In fact they had a Var that Devtaa could not kill them, that is why Arjun, a human being from the Earth, was assigned this work to kill them.

Nrig, Raajaa  (Men)

Paandu, Raajaa  (Men)

Paarvatee  (Devee)

Padmaavatee (Women)
One Padmaavatee was the wife of Karn.

Padmaavatee  (Women)
One Padmaavatee was the queen of Raajaa Ugrasen. She was the mother of Kans.

Panchjan  (Daitya)

Paraashar, Maharshi  (Rishi)

Parashuraam Jee  (Rishi)

Pareekshit  (Men)

Parvat  (Rishi)

Patanjali  (Rishi)

Paulomaa  (Daitya)
Paulomaa were the very mighty sons of Kashyap and Pulomaa who was one of the wives of Maharshi Kashyap. They were killed by Arjun.

Pippal was the son of Mitraa Devtaa and his wife Revatee. According to Bhaagvat Puraan, Mitraa had three sons from Revatee, who represents prosperity. The three sons were Utsarg, Arisht, and Pippal. It must also be noted that Mitraa is also mentioned in other ancient culture, for example in ancient Eeraanian culture, Mitraa is the god of light.

Pippalaad  (Rishi)

Pootanaa  (Daitya)

Pradyumn  (Men)

Pralambaasur  (Daitya)

Prateep, Raajaa  (Men)
Prateep was the King of Hastinaapur. He had three sons - Baahleek, Shaantanu and Devaapi. Shantanu had three sons - Bheeshm, Chitraangad, and Vichitraveerya. Bheeshm remained bachelor, Chitraangad died childless in a battle, and Vichitraveerya also died of sickness childless. Then Satyavatee, the widow of Shaantanu, got Maharshi Ved Vyaas (her first-born son from Maharshi Paraashar) to produce children from the widows of Vichitraveerya. He produced three children - blind Dhritraashtra from Ambikaa, yellow colored Paandu from Ambaalikaa, and Vidur from Ambikaa's maid.

Pratyangiraa Devee  (Devee)

Prithaa  see  Kuntee

Pualah  (Rishi)
Pulah was one of the ten Maanas Putra (brainchildren) of Brahmaa Jee - Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh and Naarad.

Pulastya Rishi  (Rishi)

Punjikaasthalee  (Others-Apsaraa)
She was an Apsaraa. At one time, while she was serving Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee, he gave her Shaap to be born as she-monkey. When Punjikaa begged for his leniency he said that "You will be released from this Shaap when you will give birth to Avatar of Shiv Jee. So she did a severe Tapasyaa to please Shiv Jee and asked him the Var of having the Avataar of Shiv Jee as her son. So Hanumaan was born to her and she got released from this Shaap. Once she met Raavan also while going to Brahmaa Jee's house. Raavan saw her, got attracted to her and had her forcefully. She told everything to Brahmaa Jee, He gave Shaap to Raavan - "If you will have another woman forcefully, your head will be broken into hundreds of pieces."

Purochan  (Men)
Purochan was a minister in Dhritraashtra's court. He helped Duryodhan, Shakuni etc to build the Laakshaa Grih in Baaranaavat to burn Paandav and Kuntee. But unfortunately Paandav got this information and they escaped after setting the fire in that palace. Purochan also burned in that fire.

Pushpdant  (Others-Gandharv) see also  Shiv Mahimn Stotra

Raadhaa  (Women)

Raadhaa  (Women)
Raadhaa was the wife of Adhirath Soot. They were childless. When Adhirath found Karn flowing in a basket in Gangaa River and brought him home, she was very happy to see him. She brought up him like her own son. Karn also regarded her very much.

Raadheya  see  Karn

Raahu and Ketu  (Daitya, Devtaa)

Raam  (Men)

Raavan  (Daitya)

Raibhya  (Rishi)

Raktaasur  (Daitya)
Raktaasur was a Daitya, according to Bhavishya Puraan, 4/20 (under Dhwaj Navamee Vrat), he was the son of Mahishaasur. One day he said to all Daitya  "Sacrifice to me and honor me. I will kill anyone who defends the gods. Abandon all contributions to Braahman and enjoy the wives of the gods, as much as you please." Thus the ritual of sacrifice was destroyed, the world was without Dharm, and Indra's strength was therefore reduced. he demons knowing this attacked Indra and conquered him. Brihaspati sought the help of Devee, who killed the demon, and the gods rejoiced.

Raktbeej  (Daitya)

Rambh and Karambh  (Daitya)

Rantidev, Raajaa  (Men)

Ratnmaalaa  (Daitya Woman)
Ratnmaalaa was the daughter of Daitya Raaj Bali. When Bhagavaan came to Bali's Yagya assuming Vaaman Roop, she like Him so much that she wished "If I have a son like this, I will breastfeed him." But when she saw His Viraat Roop, she hated Him like anything and thought if I had a son, like this, I would have killed him." Bhagavaan knew her wishes. It is said that she was born as Pootanaa in her next birth, and Bhagavaan fulfilled her both wishes - she breastfed Him when he was an infant, but she went to Him with the desire of killing Him. It is said that Bhagavaan gave her His mopther's status and sent her to His Lok.

Revatee-Balaraam's Wife  (Women)

Revatee  (Others-Star)

Ribhu  (Rishi)

Richeek  (Rishi)

Rishyashring  (Rishi)

Rohinee  (Women and Others)

Romharshan  (Soot Jee)

Rompaad, Raajaa  (Men)
His real name was Chitrarath but he got famous with the name Rompaad. He was the king of Ang Desh. He was a very good friend of Raajaa Dasharath. He didn't have any child so Dasharath gave his daughter Shaantaa to him. This Shaantaa was married to Rishyashring Rishi who helped Dasharath to get sons later.

Roomaa  (Others-Vaanaree)
Roomaa is the wife of Sugreev. Baali took her at the time of banishing him from his kingdom.

Rukmaangad  (Men)

Rukmee  (Men)

Rukminee   (Women)

Rukmarath  (Men)
Rukmarath was the son of Shalya. Shalya was the brother of Maadree, thus he was the cousin of Paandav. Both father and brother fought from Duryodhan's side. He was killed by Sahadev.

Saamb  (Men)

Saaraswat  (Rishi)

Saatyaki  (Men)

Saavitree  (Women)

Sagar, Raajaa  (Men)

Sahadev  (Men)
Sahadev was the youngest Paandav brother. He was the most loved son of Kuntee. Besides Draupadee, the common wife of all Paandav, he had

Sahadev  (Men)
Sahadev was the son of Jaraasandh. When Jaraasandh went to fight with Bheem at the time of Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya, he noticing some bad omens, appointed his son Sahadev as the king of Magadh in advance.

Sahastraarjun  (Men)

Sahastrakavach  (Daitya)

Sahastrabaahu  (Men)   see   Sahastraarjun

He was the son of King Kaling and was killed by Bheem on the 2nd day of the war.

Sampaati  (Others-Bird)

Samson   (Others)
Samson is not an Hindu mythological figure, he is a Biblical figure, but has been referred to in some reference and context, that is why it is given here.

Samudra  (Others)
Samudra is supposed to have one son Chandramaa, and 2 daughters - Lakshmee and  Shatadruti (Vishnu Puraan, 1/15) - she was married to Praacheenbarhi and had 10 Prachetaa Gan as their sons.

Sanjaya  (Men)
Sanjaya was the new Saarathee of Dhritraashtra. When Adhirath left his job from being Saarathee of Dhritraashtra because of his son Raadheya's education, he brought Sanjaya to him to be employed as King's Saarathee. Later just before Mahaabhaarat war began, he was given Divine sight by Ved Vyaas Jee to see and hear the war scenes. Then he told the whole account of the war to blind Dhritraashtra. In Udyog Parv, Chapter 22, when Dhritraashtra sends Sanjaya to Yudhishthir as a messenger, he calls him "the son of Gavalgan".

Sansaptak Warriors
Warriors sworn to conquer or to die, such as Trigart Brothers are called Sansapatak warriors. Susharmaa was also such a Sansaptak warrior.

Saptarshi   (Rishi)
Saptarshi are the seven Rishi who revolve around the Pole Star *Dhruv Taaraaa). Every Manvantar has different Saptarshi. To see their names read the page Manvantar. The present Manvantar is the 7th Manvantar (there are 14 Manvantar in one Kalp) - Vaivaswat Manvantar. This Manvantar's Saptarshi are Atri, Vashishth, Kashyap, Gautam, Yogee Bharadwaaj, Vishwaamitra, Jamadagni.

Once Pani named Daitya hid Prithvi in Rasaatal, Indra sent Saramaa named his bitch to look for her. Daitya expressed their desire to extend friendship with Saramaa, but Saramaa didn't agree for that and said to them praying Indra - "Hataa Indren Panayah Shaydhwam" (Hey Pani Gan, You sleep on Prithvi after being killed by Indra) That is why they are always afraid of Indra.

Sasthaa  (Devtaa)
We in North India have never heard o his name, but in Tamil Naadu and kerala he is a very popular Devtaa.

Satraajit  (Men)

Satya and Satyadev  (Men)
These two kings were killed by Bheem on the 2nd day of the war.

Satyabhaamaa  (Women)

Satyajit  (Men)
He was the one of the ten sons of Drupad - Dhrishtdyumn, Satyajit, Shikhandee, Uttamaujaa, Yudhaamanyu etc. He has been described by Bheeshm equal to eight warriors (like Bheem) at the time of counting warriors of both armies. He was killed by Drone protecting Yudhishthir from Drone from capturing him. Drone killed him on the 12th day of the war - Drone's 2nd day of Commandership.

Satyaketu, Raajaa  (Men)

Satyasen  (Men)
Satyasen was the son of Karn. He had four brothers - Vrishsen, Sushen, Satyasandh and Bhaanusen.

Satyavaan  (Men)

Satyavatee - Shaantanu's Wife  (Women)

Satyavatee  (Women)  see    Richeek Muni

Satyavrat  (Men)
Satyavrat was one of the 100 sons of Dhritraashtra.

Satyavrat  (Men)   see   Trishanku
Satyavrat who wanted to go to Swarg with his mortal body.

Saubh  (Men)
He was a friend of Shishupaal. Krishn was fighting with him while Paandav were playing dice game with Kaurav.

Saubhari  (Rishi)

Saudaas  (Men)

Seetaa  (Women)

Shaalumbharee Devee  (Devee

Shaalv Kumaar  (Men)

Shaantanu  (Men)

Shabaree  (Women)

Shachee  (Devee)   see  Indraanee

Shakuni  (Men)

Shakuntalaa  (Women)

He was a great friend of Duryodhan. He was the son of Somdatt, grandson of Baalheek and the brother of Bhoorishravaa.

Shalya, Raajaa  (Men)

Shambaraasur  (Daitya)

Shameek  (Rishi)

Shani  (Devtaa)

Shankh  (Men)
He was one of the three sons of Raajaa Viraat - Shankh, Shwet and Uttar. He had a sister also Uttaraa. Shankh was killed by Drone in Mahaabhaarat war on the 7th day of the war. Shankh was the last son killed in war.

Shankhaasur  (Daitya)

Shankhchood  (Daitya)

Sharadwaan  (Rishi)

Shataanand  (Rishi)
Shataannd was one of the three sons of Gautam Rishi and Ahalyaa - Vaam Dev, Nodhaa and Shataanand. He was the Kul Guru and Purohit of Raajaa Janak's family in Tretaa Yug. He performed Raam's marriage to Seetaa.

Shataaneek  (Son of Nakul and Draupadee)

Shataaneek (Brother of Viraat)
Shataaneek was the brother of Viraat. He went to rescue Viraat's cows also from Trigart when they took them away after hearing the news of Keechak's death. He was killed in MBH war protecting Yudhishthir from Drone from capturing him. He was killed by Drone on the 12th day of war - 2nd day of Drone's commandership. But at another place he was killed by Shalya in the night fight on 14th day of war.

Vishnu Puraan, 1/15 - Daughter of Samudra, married to Praacheenbarhi. Had 10 sons - Prachetaa Gan.

Shatamukh  (Daitya)
MBH says that Shatamukh Daitya was created by Brahmaa. He did a Yagya for Shiv for 100 years and gave the Aahuti of his own flesh in it. Shiv got very pleased with him and asked him - "What can I do for you?" Shatamukh said - "Please, let me have the power of creating new creatures and animals. And give me also eternal power." Shiv said - "So be it."
[So many Puraan describe Creation by Brahmaa, but not even one has mentioned his name as the Creation of Brahmaa Jee]

Shaunak Jee  (Rishi)

Sheetalaa  (Devee)

Shibi, Raajaa  (Men)

Shikhandee  (Men)

Shishupaal  (Men)

Shiv  (Devtaa)

Shivi  (Men)

Shoorpanakhaa  (Daitya Woman)

Shoorsen  (Men)
Shoorsen was the real father of Kuntee. He gave his first child to his friend Kuntibhoj as he did not have any child. Kuntee's name was Prithaa, but when she came to Kuntibhoj's house, she was named Kuntee.

Shravan Kumaar  (Men)

Shringaavat  (Rishi)

Shringee   (Rishi)

Shrutaayu   (Men)   see    Varun Dev

Shuk Dev  (Rishi)

Shuk and Saaran  (Daitya)
These two Raakshas were very faithful to Raavan. They are mentioned when Raavan went to fight with Sahastraarjun. Both names are mentioned as spies also when Vibheeshan had left Raavan and joined Raam. Raavan sent them as his spies to find out what happened to Vibheeshan and about Raam's army.

Shukraachaarya Jee  (Rishi)

Shumbh and Nishumbh  (Daitya)

Shunehshep  (Men)
Shunehshep was Ajeegaart's middle son. His father sold him for Bali (sacrifice) purpose in Varun's Yagya to Harishchandra's son Rohitaashwa. But Vishwaamitra Jee saved him. Since he was already donated, he had left his father's house and Vishwaamitra Jee saved his life, he considered him as his own son and thus he joined Vishwaamitra's Gotra (clan).

Shwet  (Men)
Shwet was one of the three sons of Raajaa Viraat - Shwet, Shankh, and Uttar. He had a sister also Uttaraa. He was the eldest son of King Viraat. It seems his mother died after his birth and then Viraat married Sudeshnaa. He was killed by Bheeshm on the 1st day of war while he wanted to take revenge of his younger brother Uttar's killing by Shalya. He was second son killed in war. It is an irony that while Bheeshm was counting the warriors at Paandav's side he never mentioned Shwet's name. But from the description of his fighting with Bheeshm, it seems that he was a great warrior who fought with Bheeshm for such a long time. Why Bheeshm omitted his name? Maybe some Shlok regarding him are interpolated later.

Shwetaketu  (Rishi)

Sinhikaa  (Daitya Woman)

Sinhmukh  (Daitya)
was the son of Kashyap Jee and Surasaa (daughter of Akhirsen Daitya). They were three brothers - Surpadm, Sinhmukh and Taarak and one sister Ajaamukhee.

Somak  (Men)

Somdatt  (Men)
Somdatt was the son of Baahleek of Kuru House. Baahleek was the son of Raajaa Prateep and he had two brothers also - Shaantanu and Devaapi. Kaurav and Paandav belonged to Shaantanu family. Thus Somdatt was the grandfather of Duryodhan. He fought from Duryodhan's side in Kurukshetra war. He had three sons named Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa and Shal. Bhoorishravaa also fought from Duryodhan's side in the same war. He was killed by Saatyaki on 14th day of war.

Soorya Dev  (Devtaa)

Subaahu  (Daitya)
Subaahu was the son of Taadakaa and was the brother of Maareech. He was killed by Raam while Raam and Lakshman went to protect the Yagya of Vishwaamitra Jee. According to V-Raamaayan, 1/25, Taadakaa was married to Sund - the son of Jambhaasur. According to V-Raamaayan, 2/19, Subaahu was the son of Shambaraasur.

Subal  (Men)
Subal was the King of Gaandhaar Desh, and was the father of Shakuni and Gaandhaaree.

Subhadraa  (Women)
Subhadraa was Krishn's half sister to whom He loved very much. She loved Arjun without seeing him. And Arjun used to love her since the days he was a student of Drone, because Gada, a cousin of Subhadraa, was also there and he was a good friend of Arjun. He used to talk about her to Arjun. So when Arjun was on his Praayashchit Yaatraa, he had a desire to marry her. He didn't know that Subhadraa also loved him, so he asked Krishn's help to win her heart for him. Krishn helped him. He went to Dwaarakaa also and there, on Krishn's advice, he abducted her. They had a son named Abhimanyu.

Sudaamaa  (Men)

Sudakshinaa  (Men)
Sudakshinaa was the king of Kaamboj and was fighting from Duryodhan's side in Kurukshetra war. He was killed by Arjun on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war when he was going to kill Jayadrath.

Sudarshan  (Men)
King of Maalavaa. Saatyaki killed him on 14th day of the war.

Sudeshnaa  (Women)
Queen Sudeshnaa was the daughter of Kaikaya Desh King, and the wife of Matsya Desh's king Viraat. Draupadee worked as Sairandhree (personal maid) in her service for her one year of Agyaatvaas. During this period her brother Keechak got attracted to Draupadee and even after being warned by Draupadee, she sent her to her brother. Draupadee told everything to Bheem, they planned and Bheem killed Keechak. She had two sons - Shwet and Uttar and a daughter Uttaraa who was married to Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun.

Sudhanvaa  (Rishi)

Sudhanvaa  (Men)

He was the priest of Kuru family. He helped in performing last rites of all Kuru warriors.

Sudyumn  (Men)

Sugreev  (Others-Vaanar)

Sukesh  (Daitya)   see   Maalyavaan

Sulabhaa Maitreyee   see   Maitreyee

Sulochanaa  (Women)

Sumaalee  (Daitya)   see also   Maalyavaan

Sund and Upasund  (Daitya)

Sur  (Daitya)

Surapadm  (Daitya)
was the son of Kashyap Jee and Surasaa (daughter of Akhirsen Daitya)

Surasaa  (Women)
Surasaa was one of the 13 wives of Maharshi Kashyap, thus she was the step mother of Devtaa, so Devtaa sent her to take a test of Hanumaan, when he was going to Lankaa, and he passed the test.

Surath  (Men)
Surath was the king of Trigart Desh. His son was Kotik. They were going with Jayadrath when Draupadee-Jayadrath incident happened. ( G-4-Van/50). Kotik was killed in this clash by Bheem.

Susharmaa  (Men)
He was the King of Prasthal. He was the eldest brother among five brothers - Susharmaa, Subaahu, Sudharmaa, Sudhanvaa; and these brothers were known as Trigart Brothers. Indra was Sisharmaa's friend. When Arjun went for victory tour for Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya, he welcomed him as his friend Indra's son. But at the same time he developed an enmity also with Arjun and the brothers sworn in that one day they will destroy Arjun. So they were also Sansaptak in a way. He was a good friend of Duryodhan too. He helped him in the scheme of identifying Paandav in Viraat Nagar, after Keechak was killed, by attacking on Matsya Desh (Viraat's country) from its southern side. In Kurukshetra war also he helped Duryodhan by keeping Arjun and Krishn away from the war field for two days.

Sushen  (Men)
Sushen was the son of Karn. Karn had four other sons - Vrishsen, Bhaanusen, Satysandh and Satyasen.

There was another Sushen, a character in Raamaayan, who was the tradition doctor (Vaidya) in Lankaa. Hanumaan brought him to treat Lakshman Jee when he was hit by a Power by Meghnaad and got hurt. he suggested Hanumaan to bring Sanjeevanee herb from Drone Parvat before morning. When Hanumaan had brought it, he treated him with that herb, Hanumaan took him back to Lankaa.

Suvarchalaa  (Rishi)
There are two Suvarchalaa. This Suvarchalaa was the daughter of Rishi Deval and his wife (daughter of Rishi Kaundinya) and was married to Uddaalak's son Shwetketu. The other one was the daughter Of Soorya Dev and Soorya Dev married her to Hanumaan. Both were Brahmchaaree.

Suvarchalaa (Women)
There are two Suvarchalaa. This Suvarchalaa was the daughter Of Soorya Dev and Soorya Dev married her to Hanumaan. Both were Brahmchaaree. The other Suvarchalaa was the daughter of Rishi Deval and his wife (daughter of Rishi Kaundinya) and was married to Shwetketu.



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