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Taadakaa  (Woman)

Taaljangh  (Daitya)

Taar  (Others-Vaanar)
He was Taaraa's brother (Taaraa was married to Baali). Thus he was the brother-in-law of Baali. He used to work as a guard of Baali's palace. Later he went with Sugreev as one of his four ministers - Hanumaan, Nal, Neel and Taar.

Taaraa  (Others)

Taarakaaksh  (Daitya)
Taarakaaksh, Kamalaaksh and Vidyunmaalee were three brothers

Taarakaasur  (Daitya)

Takshak   (Others-Naag)

Talaasur  (Daitya)

Trigart Brothers  (Men)
Trigart brothers belonged to Trigart Desh. Mahaabhaarat, Drone Parv, Sec 140 says that they were fifty in number, but five of them were main and they were also know as Paandav (five brothers like Paandav). They were Satyarath, Satyavarmaa, Satyavrat, Satyeshu, and Satyakarm. Satyarath was the eldest among them. They took a terrible oath in front of fire that they would either kill Arjun, or be killed by him and would not return from battlefield without fulfilling their oath. Because of taking this oath, they were called Sansaptak. Susharmaa with his brothers was also a Sansaptak warrior, because he also took this oath.

Trinaavart  (Daitya)

Trinabindu  (Men)
Trinabindu was a King whose daughter Idvidaa was married to Vishravaa Muni and she gave birth to Vaishravan or Kuber. Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan and Shoorpanakhaa were her stepsons and daughter.
Trinabindu is a lake also in Kaamyak Van.

Tripur Sundaree  (Devee)

Trishanku, Raajaa  (Men)

Trishiraa  (Daitya)

Tulasee  (Women, Others-Plant)

Tumburu  (Others-Gandharv)

Twashtaa  (Devtaa)

Twashtraa  (Devtaa)   see   Vishwakarmaa

Uddaalak  (Rishi)

Uddhav  (Men)
Uddhav, also known as Pavanayaadhi, was the son of Devabhag, a brother of Vasudev, Krishn's father. He looked like Krishn and thus was easily mistaken for Krishn. He was good friend of Krishn. Krishn preached him Bhaagvat - the process of Yog and Bhakti, just before going to His Param Dhaam. It is known as "Uddhav Geetaa" or "Hans Geetaa". It is in almost more than 1,000 verses. Thus he was in Vrishni Dynasty. He was the disciple of Brihaspati

Ugradanshtra (Daitya)
Padm Puraan, 4/7 says that Ugradanshtra was Vidyunmaalee's brother; but Vidyunmaalee was the son of Taarak; and scriptures mention that Taarak had only three sons - Kamalaaksh, Taarakaakshya, and Vidyunmaalee. While going with Raam's Ashwmedh Yagya, Vidyunmaalee came there to fight with Raam to take revenge of his friend Raavan but he found Shatrughn there, so he fought with him only. After Shatrughn had killed Vidyunmaalee Ugradanshtra came to fight with him to take revenge of his brother but was also killed by Shatrughn.

Ugrashravaa   (Soot)
He is better known as Soot Jee and used to tell Puraan stories to Rishi. He was a great disciple of Ved Vyaas Jee and in spite of being a Soot, he chose him to be his good disciple and taught him Puraan to tell them to Rishi. He was killed by Balaraam Jee. After he killed him, he gave all these powers to his son Romharshan (again a Soot). So after Ugrashravaa, Romharshan started telling Puraan stories to Rishi.

Ulook  (Men)
Ulook was the son of Shakuni, Gaandhaar's prince. Thus he was Gaandhaaree's nephew. Duryodhan sent him to Paandav as his emissary just before the war started. Nakul vowed to kill Ulook. Both, he and his father, were killed by Sahadev (see Nakul and Sahadev).

Uloopee  (Others)

Upamanyu  (Rishi)

Uparichar Vasu  (Men)

Upayaaj  (Rishi)
Upayaaj was the younger brother of Yaaj Rishi (see below). Upayaaj took up the case of Drupad, did a Yagya for him to have a son who could kill Drone. This Yagya caused to bring forth Dhrishtdyumn and Draupadee.

Urvashee  (Others-Apsaraa)

Ushaa   Read her whole story in   Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u10

Usheenar  (Men)

Utathya  (Rishi)

Utkach  (Daitya)

Uttamaujaa  (Men)
He was one of the ten sons of Raajaa Drupad of Paanchaal - Dhrishtdyumn, Satyajit, Shikhandee, Uttamaujaa, Yudhaamanyu etc. He was a great warrior and played an important role in war. he was guarding Yudhishthir along with Yudhaamanyu. he was killed by Drone while he was protecting Yudhishthir from Dron's capture on 12th day of the war.

Uttank  (Rishi)

Uttar  (Men)

Uttaraa   (Women)

Vaachaspati  (Devtaa)   see    Brihaspati
Another name of Brihaspati.

Vaalmeeki Jee   (Rishi)

Vaamdev   (Rishi)

Vaarunee Devee  (Women)
Vaarunee Deve is the daughter of Varun Dev. She came out of Saagar Manthan. When Balaraam Jee went to Brij, Varun Dev sent her to entertain him.

Vaasudev  (Devtaa)
Another name of Krishn. Being the son of Vasudev, He was called Vaasudev.
There was another Vaasudev, a King who considered himself second Krishn and challenged Krishn. Krishn accepted his challenge and killed him

Vaataapi and Ilval  (Daitya)

Vaishnav Devee  (Devee)

Vaishravan  (Devtaa)   see   Kuber

Vajraang  (Daitya)
He was son of Kashyap and Diti and was married to Varaangee.

Var Lakshmee  (Devee)

Varun Dev  (Devtaa)

Vashishth Jee   (Rishi)

Vasudev (Men)

Ved Vyaas Jee   (Rishi)

Veerbhadra  (Others)

Veetahavya  (King)

Vibhaandak  (Rishi)
Vibhaandak Rishi had son named Rishyashring. He protected his son from the world and so he lived in am uninhabited forest. In this way he never knew anybody else except his father. According to Mahaabhaarat, Van Parv, he lived on the banks of Kaushikee Devnadee River.

Vibheeshan   (Daitya)

Vichitraveerya   (Men)
Vichitraveerya means - one with varied sexual power. Vichitraveerya was one of the two sons of king Shaantanu and Satyavatee. Their another son was Chitraangad. When Shaantanu died Chitraangad was installed as king but he soon was killed in a fight with a Gandharv of the same name as his on a trivial matter. After Chitraangad died Bheeshm installed Vichitraveerya as the king of Hastinaapur. He married him to two Kaashee's princesses Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Soon he was so much indulged in them that he caught a disease and died soon childless. Then Satyavatee had to call Maharshi Vyaas and he produced two sons from two of them - the blind Dhritraashtra and yellow Paandu.

Vidur Jee (Men)

Vidyaa  (Devee)

Vidyunmaalee  (Daitya)   see   Taarakaasur-2

Vidyut Prabhaa (Daitya)
(MBH) He did penance for Shiv Jee and got a boon from him of the sovereignty of Tri-Lok, and he remained the single King of Tri-Lok for 100,000 years. Shiv said to him - "You will be one of my attendants." and then bestowed on him 100 million children. He gave him the kingdom of Kush Dweep also.

Vihund  (Daitya)

Vikarn (Men)
Vikarn was one of the brothers of Duryodhan. He was always in opposition to Duryodhan. He never liked Duryodhan actions. He always tried to explain to him that what he was doing was no good for him, but Duryodhan didn't listen to him. It was only he who spoke in favor of Draupadee when she was brought in the game court.

Vikartan   see   Adhirath  (Men)

Vind and Anuvind  (Men)
They were called Avantee brothers. They were one of Krishn's Buaa's (Vasudev's sister - Raajaadhidevee who was married to Jayasen) sons. They fought from Duryodhan's side.

Viprachitti  (Daitya)

Viraadh  (Daitya)

Viraat, Raajaa   (Men)

Virochan   (Daitya)

Vishnu  (Devtaa)

He was Bheem's Saarathee (charioteer).

He was a  Kaikaya prince. Karn killed him on 17th day of the war.

Vishravaa, Maharshi  (Rishi)

Vishwaamitra Jee   (Rishi)

Vishwaavasu  (Others-Gandharv Raaj)
Vishwaavasu is the Gandharv Raaj. His wife's name is Chitralekhaa. he came to help Arjun on the advice of Indra when Paandav were in exile. Duryodhan wanted to trouble them.

Vishwakarmaa   (Devtaa)

Vriddhkshatra  (Men)
Vriddhkshatra was one of the Kaikaya brothers. He was killed by Drone on 14th day of the war - on the same day as Jayadrath was killed by Arjun.

Vriddhkshatra  (Men)
One Viddhkshatra was the father of Jayadrath. He was also killed by Arjun when he killed Jayadrath.

Vrikaasur  (Daitya)
His story is known with the name of Bhasmaasur also.

Vrindaa  (Women)   see also   Tulasee,   Jalandhar,   Shankhchood

Vrishparvaa  (Daitya)

Vrishparvaa  (Rishi)
He was a celestial Rishi in whose Aashram, Paandav stayed for one year while coming back after receiving Arjun from Swarg.

Vrishsen  (Men)
Vrishsen was the eldest son of Karn. Karn had six sons - Vrishsen, Prasenjit [ Karn, 82], Sushen, Chitrasen, Satysandh, and Satyasen.

Vritraasur  (Daitya)

Vyaaghrapaad  (Rishi)

Vyomaasur  (Daitya)
Once Krishn went to play with His cowherd boyfriends on the top of the Govardhan Hill. They were imitating the play of thieves and police. Some of the boys became police constables, and some became thieves, and some took the role of lambs. While they were thus enjoying their childhood pastimes, a demon known by the name of Vyomaasur (the demon who flies in the sky), appeared on the scene. He was the son of another great demon named Maya. Vyomaasur took the part of a cowherd boy playing as a thief and stole many boys who were playing the parts of lambs. One after another he took away almost all the boys and put them in the caves of the mountain and sealed the mouths of the caves with stones. Krishn could understand the trick the demon was playing; therefore He caught hold of him exactly as a lion catches hold of a lamb. The demon tried to expand himself like a hill to escape arrest, but Krishn did not allow him to get out of His clutches. He was immediately thrown on the ground with great force and killed, just as an animal is killed in the slaughterhouse. After killing the Vyomaasur demon, Krishn released all His friends from the caves of the mountain. He was then praised by His friends and the demigods for these wonderful acts. He again returned to Vrindaa Van with His cows and friends.

Yaagyaalkya  (Rishi)

Yaaj  (Rishi)
Yaaj was a great Rishi. When Drupad felt insulted by Drone, he went to Yaaj to perform a Yagya for him so that he can get a so who could kill Drone, but Yaaj refused to do such a thing, but directed her to his younger brother Upayaaj saying that h could help him. So Drupad went to Upayaaj and requested him too to do such a Yagya. Upayaaj agreed, he did a Yagya for him from which Drupad got two children one girl Draupadee and one son Dhrishtdyumn.

Yam Raaj (Devtaa)

Yashodaa  (Women)
Yashodaa was the wife of Nand Raaya Jee. Nand Raaya and Yashodaa did not have any child for long time. Once Yog Maayaa appeared in Yashodaa's dream and said to her - "You do a Putreshti Yagya with the help of your Kul Guru Shaandilya your desire to have a child will surely be fulfilled." Later Yashodaa had a daughter, but on the instruction of Krishn Vasudev Jee brought her to Mathuraa and left Krishn in Gokul.

Yayaati  (Men)

Yudhaamanyu  (Men)
Yudhaamanyu was one of the ten sons of Raajaa Drupad - Dhrishtdyumn, Satyajit Shikhandee, Uttamaujaa etc. He was a great warrior and played an important role in war. He was guarding Yudhishthir along with his brother Uttamaujaa.

Yudhishthir  (Men)

Yuyudhaan    see     Saatyaki

Yuyutsu   (Men)
Yuyutsu was the half brother (step brother) of Duryodhan. He was the son of Dhritraashtra from a Vaishya handmaid. He was the only one from Duryodhan's family and well wishers who was against Duryodhan's actions. He did not fight from Duryodhan's side but from Paandav's side. Before war, he tried his best to explain Duryodhan not to quarrel with Paandav but Duryodhan wouldn't listen to anybody. When Paandav left the world, Yudhishthir installed him as the king of Indraprasth.



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