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His story appears in several flavors. This story is taken from Padm Puraan
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Jalandhar is not a very well known Raakshas. Even his wife is also not at all known, but this story is Tulasee's background story, that is why Tulasee is an essential part of Vishnu's food or Bhog. It shows why Vrindaa Van is called Vrindaa Van and why Tulasee is found abundantly there, etc.

There was a Raakshas named Jalandhar. His wife Vrindaa was a very Pativrataa (loyal to husband) woman. Jalandhar knew this and on this basis he was doing many bad Karm. Devtaa wanted to kill him but he was not being killed because of his wife's Paativrat Dharm. So Devtaa went to Vishnu to help them. Vishnu promised them to do something about him. He went to Vrindaa assuming the form of Jalandhar, in the absence of Jalandhar, and made love to her. Vrindaa thought she was with her husband, but during the process, she knew that the man was not her husband. She got very angry at the man. Then Vishnu showed her His real form.

When Vrindaa came to know about this that she was cheated by Vishnu, she cursed Him - "You have broken my Paativrat Dharm, so go and become a stone." Vishnu readily accepted her curse and immediately turned into a black stone. That black stone was called Shaalgraam. Then Vishnu said - "Your anger was appropriate so you cursed me, but my Darshan also does not go waste so I bestow you a boon - "You will become Tulasee (a holy plant whose leaves are a part of Bhagavaan's Bhog - food) and I will not accept my food without you. You will grow abundantly in a nearby Van of Mathuraa (UP), and that is why it will be called as Vrindaa Van - based on your name and I will also come there to live for some time."

As Vrindaa's Paativrat Dharm was broken, it was easy to kill Jalandhar.

Tulasee's Maanas says that the same Jalandhar became Raavan in his next life.

Birth of Jalandhar

Jalandhar Fights with Shiv



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