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Abhimanyu  (Men)

Achilles   (Men)
He is not a Hindu mythological character, he is a Greek Mythological character but is given here in the reference of Duryodhan.

Adhirath  (Men)
Adhirath was in the lineage of Raajaa Yayaati --> Chitrarath (better known as Raajaa Rompaad). Rompaad was the same Raajaa who did not have rains for some time, so he invited Rishyashring Muni to get rains in his kingdom. As he came in his kingdom, the rain started. Later he did a Yagya for him to get a son and married Rompaad's daughter Shaantaa.

Adhirath was Mahaaraaj Shaantanu's Saarathee. His wife's name  was Raadhaa. They were childless. One day he found a child (boy) in a box flowing in Gangaa River while he was taking bath there. It was the same boy who was flowed by Kuntee. He brought him with a great happiness and both brought him up with lots of love as their own child. He named him Raadheya. Once he took him to Dronaachaarya for his education but Dronaachaarya refused him to educate saying that he educated only princes, but he was influenced by Karn's personality so much that he couldn't resist to say - "Raadheya name doesn't suit your personality, your name should be Karn."

Aditi was one of the 60 daughters of Daksh Prajaapati and Veerinee. Daksh Jee married his 13 daughters to Kashyap Jee. Aditi was one to them. Aditi is the mother of all Devtaa and Bhagavaan Vaaman. Her sister Diti was also married to Kashyap Jee and was the mother of all Daitya.

Agastya Muni  (Rishi)

Aghaasur  (Daitya)

Agni Dev  (Devtaa)

Ahalyaa  (Women)

Ahiraavan  and Mahiraavan (Daitya)

Ajaamukhee  (Daitya Woman)
was the daughter of Kashyap Jee and Surasaa (daughter of Akhirsen Daitya). She had three brothers - Surpadm, Sinhmukh and Taarak.

Akshaya Kumaar  (Daitya)
Raavan's one of the seven sons - Indrajeet, Prahast, Naraantak, Devaantak, Akshaya Kumaar, Atikaaya, and Trishiraa.

Alaayudh  (Daitya)
Alaayudh was a Raakshas and was a friend of Hidimb, Kirmeeraa and Bakaasur. He came to Duryodhan to fight for him to take revenge from Bheem for their killing.

Alambooshaa  (Daitya)
Alambooshaa was a Raakshas and fought from Duryodhan's side. He was the son of Jataasur. He was a friend of Bakaasur too. Bheem killed both of them - Jataasur and Bakaasur, so he joined the army of Duryodhan to take revenge of his father's and friend's killing from Bheem.

Alark  (Men)

Ambaa  (Women)

Ambaalikaa  (Women)

Ambikaa  (Women)

Anasooyaa  (Women)

Andhakaasur  (Daitya)
There are two Andhakaasur - this Andhakaasur was the son of Viprachitti and Sinhikaa.

Andhakaasur  (Daitya)
There are two Andhakaasur - this Andhakaasur was the son of Shiv Jee and was also killed by Shiv Jee but in different context.

Angaarparn  (Others-Gandharv)
he was a gandharv. When Paadav were going to Paaanchaal Desh to attend Draupadee's Swayamvar, Arjun met him. He defeated him and learnt Chaakshushee Vidyaa from him. By its power, one could see whatever he wished to see and in whatever way he liked.

Angad  (Others-Vaanar)

Angiraa   (Rishi)

Aniruddh  (Men)

Anjanparv  (Daitya)
He was the son of Ghatotkach. He was killed by Ashwatthaamaa in the night fight of 14th day. Ghatotkach had another son, named Babrbareek which means that he had two sons - Barabareek and Anjanparv. Barbareek's mother's name was Kaamkantakataa. he was killed on the 14th day night war by Ashwathaamaa (MBH, G-6-War/23).

Anjanee  (Others-Vaanar)

Arishtaasur  (Daitya)

Arishtnemi  (Rishi)
Arishtnemi was a Rishi whose story is given in MBH, G-4-Van/33.

Arjun  (Men)

Arjun, Kaartveerya (Men)   see    Sahastraarjun

Arun is the son of Kashyap of Vinataa. He has a brother named Garud who is the ride of Vishnu. Vinataa had delivered two eggs. When her sister had delivered Naag and she did not have the child, she got frustrated. Frustrated she hit one egg which resulted in an underdeveloped delivered bird. His legs were not developed well. He said to his mother that she should not make haste in breaking the other egg, so that her other child should not be born underdeveloped. Later Arun became the charioteer of Soorya Dev.

Arundhatee  (Rishi Woman)
Arundhatee, wife of the famous sage Vashishth is considered as a paragon of wifely virtues. She is said to exist in the form of a Nakshatra or a star. The Arundhatee Nakshatra is identified as the star ALCOR belonging to the Great Bear Group. It is a very dim and scarcely visible star. It is customary to show this star to the newly wed for their future happy married life. The priest shows the brighter stars nearby and then gradually directs the eyes of the bride and bridegroom to the real Arundhatee star. This is known as Arundhatee Darshan Nyaaya or simply Arundhate Nyaaya. It signifies the method of leading from the gross to the subtle, from the known to the unknown, in logic and philosophy.

Ashtaavakra  (Rishi)

Ashwalaayan  (Rishi)

Ashwasen (Others-Naag)
Ashwasen was the son of Takshak Naag and was saved from Khaandav Van's fire by his mother. ( MBH-2, 3/13) He was very angry with Arjun, because he killed his mother, so when MBH war occurred, he went to Duryodhan and asked his permission to fight from his side. Duryodhan permitted him to fihgt with Paandav. He sat in Karn's quiver and  ( MBH, G-6-War/35 MBH, G-6-War/38) tried to kill Arjun through the arrow of Karn. First time when Karn shot the arrow, Krishn knew it and He lowered His chariot, so it touched only Arjun's crown which it broke, but since Arjun got lower it could not touch Arjun. Ashwasen again wanted Karn to shoot the arrow but Karn refused to use the same arrow twice.

Ashwashir    see    Dadheechi

Ashwatthaamaa  (Men)

Ashwinee Kumaar  (Devtaa)

Asit Deval  (Rishi)
There are two Rishi known as Asit Deval and Asit Kaashyap. He is a Vaidik Rishi.

Atri Rishi  (Rishi)

Aurv   (Rishi)

Avantee Brothers  (Men)
Avantee Brothers were killed by Arjun on the 14th day of Kurukshetra war, the day Jayadrath was killed.

Baahleek  (Men)
When King Mahaabhish was to take birth on Prithvi because of the Shaap of Brahmaa Jee, he decided to take birth in Prateep's house who was ruling in Hastinaapur at that time. Raajaa Prateep had three sons - Devaapi, Shaantanu and Baahleek. Shaantanu had three sons - Bheeshm, Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya; and Vichitraveerya had two sons - Dhritraashtra and Paandu. Dhritraashtra had hundred Kaurav and Paandu had five Paandav. Thus Baahleek was the great grandfather of Kaurav and Paandav. Baahleek had a son named Somdatt. Somdatt had two sons - Bhoorishravaa and Shal.

Baalkhilyaadi  (Rishi)
The number of Baalkhilyaadi Rishi has been regarded as 60,000 in Puraan and they have been born from Brahmaa' Jee's fur. Their size is very small, so small that once they fell in a cow's hoof's groove and they could not come out from it. Their height is only equal to a thumb. They recite Ved riding on Soorya's chariot.

Baali  (Others-Vaanar)

Baanaasur  (Daitya)

Arjun's son from Chitraangdaa.

Bak  (Rishi)

Bakaasur  (Daitya)
Killed by Bheem in Ekchakraa Nagaree.

Bakaasur  (Daitya)
Killed by Krishn in His childhood.

Balaahak  (Others-Horse, Serpent)
Balaahak is the name of one of the 4 horses drawing Krishn's chariot. The primary meaning of Balaahak is "cloud", being a type appearing during Pralaya.
It is also a serpent present in Varun's court.

Balaasur  (Daitya)

Balaraam  (Devtaa)

Bali, Raajaa  (Daitya)

Balval   (Daitya)
Balval was Ilval's son and he was killed by Balaraam Jee when he was on his Teerth Yaatraa at the request of Rishi after killing Soot Jee (Ugrashravaa).
[ Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u17]

Barabareek  (Daitya)

Bhaanusen  (Men)
Bhaanusen was the son of Karn. He had four brothers - Vrishsen, Sushen, Satyasandh, and Satyasen.

Bhagadatt  (Men)
Bhagadatt was the son of Bhaumaasur (Narakaasur) and the king of Praag Jyotish Pur after Krishn had killed Bhaumaasur. Bhagadatt was a good friend of Duryodhan. He was a friend of Indra too. He had the elephant named Supreetikaa. Even his elephant was invincible and very intelligent. It was not easy to fight with Bhagadatt. Bheeshm counting the warriors to Duryodhan, just before the war started, taking his name said - "Once a fight took place between him and Arjun. It continued for days together. Since Bhagadatt regarded Indra his friend, he made friendship with his son Arjun." In fact he had the infallible Vaishnav Astra, that is why he was invincible. His grandmother Earth took that weapon for her son Narakaasur from Vishnu as a boon for her son. And Bhagadatt took that weapon in turn from him. When he used that Astra at Arjun, Krishn took it on His chest. After that he became an ordinary warrior, so Arjun killed him.

Bhangaaswan  (King)

Bhairav  (Devtaa)

Bharadwaaj  (Rishi)

Bharat  (Men)

Bhasmaasur  (Daitya)    see     Vrikaasur

Bhaumaasur  (Daitya)

Bheem  (Men)

Bheem-D  (Daitya)

Bheeshm, Pitaamah  (Men)

Bheeshmak   (Men)
Raajaa Bheeshmak, otherwise known as Hiranyaromaaa, was a Bhoj King. He was a the ruler of whole southern country, Vidarbh Desh and was a friend of Indra. He had five sons - Rukmee, Rukmrath, Rukmbaahu, Rukmesh and Rukmmaalee; and one daughter - Rukminee who was married to Krishn. She was the first among the eight Chief wives of Krishn. Everybody was against this marriage. When Jaraasandh could not win Dwaarakaa and Krishn, he went to Bheeshmak with the proposal that his daughter Rukminee should be married to Shishupaal, so that these three kingdoms will be friends and rile over other kingdoms. But Rukminee was inclined to marry Krishn, so Krishn came and abducted her. Her eldest brother Rukmee followed them, fought them but could not win.

Bhoominjaya  (Men)   see    Uttar

Bhoorishravaa  (Men)
He was the son of Somdatt. Raajaa Prateep had theree sons - Baahleek, Shantanu, and Devaapi. Baahleek went for Tap, so Shantanu became the king. Bahleek's son was Somdatt, and Somdatt's son was Bhoorishravaa. He was a good friend of Duryodhan. He had two brothers named Bhoori and Shal. Both brothers, Shal and Bhoorishravaa, fought from Duryodhan's side in Kurukshetra war. Bhoorishravaa was killed by Saatyaki on 14th day of the war. There was a personal quarrel between Saatyaki's father and Somdatt, that is why Saatyaki killed Bhoorishravaa to take revenge of that. See also Saatyaki and Bhoorishravaa.

Bhrigu  (Rishi)

Brahmaa  (Devtaa)

Brihadaashwa  (Rishi)
This Muni came to Yudhishthir when Arjun was away to Indra Lok to get Divine Astra from Him. When Yudhishthir asked him if had he seen anyone else more unfortunate than him? He told him the story of Nal and Damayantee, and taught him the art of dice game.

Brihadkshatra  (Men)
He was the eldest brother among the five brothers of Kaikaya brothers. He was killed by Drone in Mahaabhaarat war on 14th day.

Brihadrath  (Men)
Brihadrath was the son of Uparichar Vasu. He had 4 brothers - (1) Pratyaagrahh, (2) Kushaamb, also called Manivaahan, (3) Maavelaa, and (4) Yadu.

Brihadwal  (Men)
He was the king of Koshal and fought the MBH War from Duryodhan's side.

Brihaspati  (Devtaa)

Budh  (Devtaa)

Chaanoor   (Daitya)
Chaanoor was a Raakshas wrestler who was killed by Krishn when He came to attend Dhanush Yagya on the invitation of Kans.

Chand and Mund  (Datya)    See also   Kaaleee 

Chandrahaas  (Men)

Chandramaa  (Devtaa)

Chandramaa  (Rishi)

Chekitaan   (Men)
He fought from Paandav's side in Kurukshetra war.

Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya (Men)
Chitraangad means - one with varied limbs beauty-wise. Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya were the children of Raajaa Shaantanu and Satyavatee. Shaantanu died leaving them young, so Bheeshm took care of them. When they grew up, Bheeshm coronated Chitraangad as the king of Hastinaapur, but he didn't live long and was killed in a war with a Gandharv named as Chitraangad too on a trivial matter, that why his name was like his own name? Then Bheeshm coronated Vichitraveetrya. He married him to Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa, Kaashee's king's daughters. But he also died young childless.

Chitraangadaa  (Women)
Chitraangadaa was the daughter of Chitrabhaanu, King of Mani Pur. Arjun met her also when he was on his Praayshchit travel. He married her too. Since Chitraangadaa was the only daughter of the King he did not send her with Arjun. They had a son named Babhruvaahan. He fought in MBH war too.


Chitrasen (Gandharv)
The king of Gandharv. Teaches music and dance to all Apsaraa in the court of Indra. He taught music and dance to Arjun also. Then he became friend of Arjun. It was useful during his Agyaatvaas. Once picks up a quarrel with Duryodhan and captures him at the order of Indra. Yudhishthir gets him released through Arjun and Bheem.

Chitrasen  (Men)
Chitrasen was the son of Karn. He had three brothers - Vrishsen, Satyasen, Sushen. Chitrasen was killed by Nakul on the 18th day of Kurukshetra war.

Chitrasen  (Men)
Chitrasen was one of the 100 sons of Dhritraashtra.

Chyavan  (Rishi)

Daaruk  (Men)
Daaruk is the Saarathee (charioteer) of Krishn.

Dadheechi  (Rishi)

Dadhyang  (Rishi)   see    Dadheechi

Daksh Jee  (Men)

Damaghosh  (Men)
Damaghosh was the king of Chedi Desh. He was the husband of Vasudev's another sister named ... They had a son named Shishupaal who was killed by Krishn in Raajsooya Yagya of Yudhishthir.

Damayantee  (Women)

Dantavakra  (Men)

Dasharath, Raajaa  (Men)

Dattaatreya  (Rishi)

Deerghtamaa  (Rishi)

Devaantak and Naraantak  (Daitya)  see also   Ganesh Jee and Devaantak
In the Ganesh Puraan, Devaantak and Naraantak were a son of the Rishi Rudraketu (of Sat Yug). After praying to the god Shiv, they were granted boons and became powerful and cruel rulers. They assumed sovereignty over Swarg. In response to those Raakshas, Ganesh Jee turned into an Avataar named Mahotkat. He battled with the demon army with help of the Asht Siddhi. Eventually Mahotkat managed to kill Devaantak with one of his tusks.

Devaapi  (Men)
Devaapi was the son of Prateep He had two younger brothers also - Baahleek and Shaantanu. Devaapi had some kind of skin disease, that is why he could not be appointed as King and thus sadly he left for woods. Baahleek also abandoned the kingdom and lived with his maternal uncle. There he got the kingdom of his maternal father. Thus Shaantanu became the King of Hastinaapur.

Devahooti  (Women)
Devahooti was one of the three daughters of Manu: Devahooti, Prasooti, and Aakooti. Devhooti was married to Kardam Rishi, Prasooti was married to Daksh Jee and Aakooti was married to Ruchi Prajaapati.

Devakee  (Women)

Deval  (Rishi)

Devayaanee  (Women)    see also   Shukraachaarya JeeYayaati

Devee  (Goddess)

Devtaa Produced Vaanar  (Others-Vaanar)
Devtaa produced many Vaanar to help Bhagavaan Raam to kill Raavan. Other Devtaa than Indra, Soorya, Shiv, Vishwakarmaa etc also produced millions of Vaanar. They were 10 millions of them. Most were produced in accordance of their fathers in their form. All Vaanar were very mighty, brave and some were even better than their fathers. They were all living under the guidance of Baali and Sugreev.

Indra produced =  Baali
Soorya produced = Sugreev
Brihaspati produced = Taarak
Kuber produced = Gandhmaadan
Vishwakarmaa produced = Nal
Agni produced = Neel
Ashwinee Kumaar produced = Mayand and Dwivid
Varun produced = Sushen
Paranjaya produced = Sharabh
Wind produced = Hanumaan

Dhanvantari  (Devtaa)

Dhaumya  (Rishi)

Dhenukaasur  (Daitya)

Dhrishtdyumn  (Men)

Dhrishtketu  (Men)
He was the son of Shishupaal and the king of Chedi Desh after Shishupaal's death. He came to see Yudhishthir along with Krishn in Kaamyak Van. He also came to him at the time of war with his one Akshauhinee army. He fought from Yudhishthir's side. He was killed by Drone on the 14th day of the war - the day Jayadrath was killed by Arjun.

Dhritraashtra  (Men)

Dhundhu  (Daitya)

Dileep  (Men)

Draupadee  (Women)

Dronaachaarya  (Rishi)

Drupad, Raajaa  (Men)

Dundubhee  (Daitya)
Dundubhee and Maayaavee were the two sons of Maya Daanav. They had a sister also named Mandodaree who was born from an Apsaraa - Hemaa. Maya Daanav married her to Raavan. Both Dundubhee and Maayaavee were killed by Baali.

Durgaa  (Devee)

Durjaya  (Men)
Durjaya was one of the brothers of Duryodhan. He was killed by Bheem on 14th day of war.

Durmarshan  (Men)
He was one of the brothers of Duryodhan. He was involve while Drone built the special Vyooh to stop Arjun to kill Jayadrath. He was also killed by Bheem on the 14th day of war.

Durmukh  (Men)
Durmukh was one of the 99 brothers of Duryodhan. He was killed by Bheem on 14th day of war.

Durvaasaa Muni  (Rishi)

Duryodhan  (Men)

Dushaasan  (Men)

Dwivid  (Others-Vaanar)

Dyumatsen  (Men)
Dyumatsen was a king among Shaalv. He had only one son named Satyavaan who was married to Saavitree who saved him from death. got her in-law's kingdom and eyes back, 100 sons for her father and 100 sons for herself from Yam Raaj

Eklavya  (Men)

Gaadhi   (Men)

Gaalav  (Rishi)

Gaandhaaree  (Women)

Gaargee  (Women)

Gaayatree  (Devee)   see also   Gayatree Siddh Peeth

Gad  (Men)
Gad was Balaraam's brother. He was Arjun's good friend. They studied together in Drone's Gurukul. Arjun heard a lot about Subhadraa from him only, since then he used to love her.

Gadaasur  (Daitya)
Although Gadaasur was a Daitya, but he was a great Bhakt of Vishnu. Once Vishnu asked him to give his bones to Him. He immediately ripped off his flesh and gave his bones to Vishnu. Vishnu made His Gadaa (Mace) out of those bones. Since that weapon was made of Gad's bones, it was named Gadaa.

Gajaasur  (Daitya)

Gangaa  (Others-River)

Garg  (Rishi)

Gargaachaarya  (Rishi)
Gragaachaarya was the son of Brahmaa Jee and a disciple of Shankar Jee. Brahmaa Jee had appointed him as the Kul Guru of the Vrishni Vansh, that is why only he had to perform all Sanskaar of Krishn and Balaraam.

Garud   (Others-Bird)

Gautam  (Rishi)

Gayaasur  (Daitya)

Ghatotkach  (Daitya)

Ghoshaa  (Women)

Ghritsamad  (Rishi)   see   Shaunak Jee

He is the son of Maatali (the Saarathee (charioteer) of Indra).

Gotam Raahoogan  (Rishi)
He is the seer of several Mantra of Rig Ved. He was the son of Rahoogan Aangiras that is why he was named as Gotam Raahigan. Thus Raahoogan seems to be his title. It has been indicated in Shatapath Braahman that he was living in the times of Videh Janak and Yaagyavalkya.

She is the daughter of Maatali. Read a story about her marriage here.

Gunavatee was the daughter of Sunabh, the younger brother of Vajranaabh. She had an elder sister also, Chandramatee. Vajranaabh's daughter Chandramatee was married to Krishn's son Pradyumn. Chandramatee and Gunavatee them talking to each other and wanted to get married to Yaadav. According to Prabhaavatee's advice, CHandramatee married Krishn's brother Gad, and Gunavatee married Krishn' son Saamb as per Harivansh, Chapter 94.

Guru (Devtaa)   see   Brihaspati
Another name of Brihaspati.

Hanumaan  (Devtaa)

Harishchandra  (Men)

Heti and Praheti  (Daitya)   see   Maalyavaan

Hidimb  (Daitya)
Hidimb was a Raakshas who lived in Hidimb Van. When Paandav escaped from Laakshaa Grih of Baaranaavat, they rested for a while in Hidimb Van not knowing that it was Hidimb Van and Hidimb Raakshas might eat them. Hidimb smelled human flesh and asked his sister Hidimbaa to bring human flesh as he had not eaten that for quite some time. Hidimbaa went there but seeing Bheem, she gotr attracted to him and could not bring human flesh for her brother. When Hidimbaa did not come for quite some time Hidimb himself came out in search of human flesh. He came to the same place and saw Hidimbaa standing near Bheem. Hidimbaa requested him that he should not kill Bheem as she loved him but Hidimb didn't listen to her and attacked on Bheem. After a brief fight Bheem killed him.

Hidimbaa  (Daitya Woman)
Hidimbaa was the sister of Hidimb. They lived in Hidimb Van. Once when Paandav escaped from Laakshaa Grih of Baaranaavat, they rested for a while in Hidimb Van not knowing that it was Hidimb Van and Hidimb Raakshas might eat them. Hidimb smelled human flesh and asked his sister Hidimbaa to bring human flesh as he had not eaten that for quite some time. Hidimbaa went there but seeing Bheem, she gotr attracted to him and could not bring human flesh for her brother. When Hidimbaa did not come for quite some time Hidimb himself came out in search of human flesh. He cme to the same place and saw Hidimbaa standing near Bheem. Hidimbaa requested him that he should not kill Bheem as she loved him but Hidimb didn't listen to her and attacked on Bheem. After a brief fight Bheem killed him. Hidimbaa married Bheem with the permission of Kuntee and his elder brother. They had a son named Ghatotkach.

Hiranyaaksh  (Daitya)

Hiranyakashyap  (Daitya)

Hiranyaromaa  (Men)   see      Bheeshmak

Hiranyavarmaa, Raajaa  (Men)
He was the king of Dashaarh race. His daughter was married to Shikhandee who was born as a girl but later to become a man.

Hotravaahan  (Rishi)
Hotravaahan was the maternal grandfather (Naanaa) of Ambaa - the father-in-law of Kaashee's king. He met Ambaa in woods and helped her to achieve her objective, but unfortunately the method didn't work.

Hund  (Daitya)

Ilaa (Devee)
One of the Vaidik Devee (goddesses). Ilaa, Bhaaratee and Saraswatee. Bhaaratee was like Lakshmee, and Ilaa was like Durgaa.

Ilval  (Daitya)

Indra  (Devtaa)

Indrasen  (Daitya)   see   Bali

Indraanee  (Devee)

Indravarmaa, Raajaa  (Men)
Chief of Maalavaa. His elephant's name was Ashwatthaamaa. By killing him Bheem told this lie to Drone and then only Dhrishtdyumn could kill him.

Iraa   see   Ilaa

Iraavaan  (Men)
Iraavaan was the son of Arjun and Uloopee. Uloopee was the daughter of the king of Naag. Her husband was killed by Garud. Airaavat Naag gave her to Arjun. Arjun accepted her as his wife and had this son from her. His uncle abandoned him because he hated Iraavaan so he grew up in Naag region protected by his mother. Hearing that Arjun had gone to Indra he speedily went to Swarg, saluted him and said - "I am Iraavaan - your son." Then he reminded him the incident of meeting him to his mother. Arjun recollected them and embraced his son who resembled himself in accomplishments. He said to him - "When the war will take place you will help me." "Yes" and he went away. He came at the time of war. He was killed by Alambooshaa Raakshas who was fighting from Kaurav's side in Mahaabhaarat war on its 8th day.

Jaabaal (Woman)
Jaabaal was a woman who had a son named Satyakaam. She did not know whose son he was because she served several people. Some said that she was a prostitute. When Satyakaam wanted to be a disciple of Gautam Rishi he asked his lineage, and he replied that he was Satyakaam Jaabaal (n his mother's instruction). Gautam Rishi immediately accepted him as his disciple on speaking truth. His story comes in Chhaandogya Upanishad.

Jaabaali  (Rishi)

Jamboomaalee  (Daitya)
Jamboomaalee is the son of Prahast who attacks Hanumaan in the Ashok Vaatikaa.

Jaambvaan  (Others)

Jaambvatee  (Others-Bear)
Jaambvatee was the daughter of Jaambvant. Jaambvant married his daughter to Krishn. She was His 2nd of eight Chief wives - Rukminee, Jaambvatee, Satyabhaamaa, Kaalindee, Mitravrindaa, Bhadraa, Lakshmanaa, and Naagnjitee.

Jaimini  Rishi)

Jalaasandh  (Men)
Jalaasandh was the son of Dhritraashtra and was killed by Saatyaki on 14th day of Mahaabhaarat war when Saatyaki was going to Arjun at the order of Yudhishthir.

Jalandhar  (Daitya)

Jamadagni  (Rishi)

Jambhaasur  (Daitya)

Janak, Raajaa  (Men)

Janamejaya  (Men)

Jaraa  (Daitya Woman)
Jaraa was a Raakshasee who picked up two pieces of a baby boy from near a palace. Instead of eating them, she started playing with them. Suddenly they got joined and the baby got alive. She took the baby home and looked after him as her own child. That boy was called Jaraasandh. Once Jaraasandh wanted to kill us, so he hurled his Gadaa at us. Seeing Gadaa coming, Balaraam Jee hurled his Sthoonkarn named weapon to stop it. His Gadaa fell down and since Jaraa was living inside the Earth with her son and people, she was also killed along with her son and people.

Jaraa  (Men)
Jaraa was a hunter ho bought the remaining part of powdered pestle thrown into the sea. He found it very good for making arrows, so he made a good arrowhead out of it. Once he saw some pink thing at a distance, h thought that it was an animal, so he aimed that arrow at it an released it. The pink thing which he thought was an animal, was in fact the soul of Krishn's foot. It hit it and Krishn died of it. When Jaraa came to take his hunt, he found that there was no animal and there was a Chatur-bhuj man - Krishn. He felt very sorry and asked for His forgiveness repeatedly. Krishn consoled him, that it was destined like that, so he need not to worry about it. Krishn sent him to His Lok riding in Divine Vimaan.

Jaraasandh  (Men)

Jataasur  (Daitya)
One Jataasur Daitya was killed by Bheem when Paandav were staying near Kuber's city waiting for Arjun to come. Bheem went there to bring divine flowers for Draupadee and then other Paandav and Draupadee also came there looking for him.

Jataasur  (Daitya)
This Jataasur Raakshas was also killed by Bheem. On the 14th Day of the war, in the night when Ghatotkach went to fight with Karn, his son Alambooshaa came to Duryodhan and requested him to fight from his side. Duryodhan gave him permission to fight for him and sent him to fight with Ghatotkach. At one time Bheem killed his father, so he wanted to take revenge of his father's killing. But he was killed by Ghatotkach.

Jataayu  (Others-Birds)

Jaya and Vijaya

Jayadrath  (Men)

Jayant is Indra's son.

Jayatsen  (Men)
He was the son of Jaraasandh, the King of Magdh Desh. He fought from Duryodhan's side in Mahaabhaarat war. He was killed by Abhimanyu.

Jeemootvaahan  (Others)



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