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Brahmaa Jee, one of the three main Gods of Hindu - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh - appeared from the lotus flower appearing from the navel of Bhagavaan. Everywhere was darkness after the Pralaya. He couldn't see anything, He couldn't know where he had come from and what he had to do. So to find out where he had come from, he entered the lotus stem and reached at the bottom of it, but still couldn't find anything. After passing thousands of years in the lotus stem he came out of the stem and sat again on the lotus flower. Now he had the knowledge but still he could not see what he wanted to see. Then he heard two letters "T" and "P", means Tap. So he did Tap for 100 divine years. Then only he could see what he wanted to see, and he started his Creation.

He is called Paraardh Dwaya Jeevee too - because he lives for two Paraardh; Param Pitaa, because he is the father of all creation.
He is known by Chaturaanan, Vidhaataa names also.

Brahmaa's Consort
Vishnu's consort is Lakshmee Jee, Shiv Jee's consort is Paarvatee Jee then who is the consort of Brahmaa Jee? Normally Saraswatee Jee is considered his consort, but it is not sure, because Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/6  says that Saraswate was his daughter. Other sources say that Saavitree is his consort - read  Why Brahmaa Jee is Not Worshipped?

Brahmaa's Children
According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/6, first he produced five forms of A-Gyaan. He was not happy with his Paapee (sinful) creation so he then produced four sons - Sanakaadi Muni starting their names with San - Sanak, Sanandan, Sanat Kumaar, and Sanaatan; and asked them to help him create the world. But since they were created through Tap, they did not get ready to create anything. They became busy in doing Tap. Now Brahmaa Jee was very angry, he could not control his anger and it came out from the midst of his both eyebrows as a red and blue man and started crying. He asked Brahmaa his name and dwelling place. Brahmaa named him Rudra as he started crying as he was born. He gave him 11 places to live with 11 names and 11 wives. He asked them to produce children, so they started their creation, but hey created people like they themselves were. Their children started eating he world, so Brahmaa sent them to do Tap to produce good world.

Now Brahmaa had to produce more sons. He then produced 10 Maanas Putra (sons) - (1) Mareechi, (2) Bhrigu, (3) Angiraa, (4) Pulah, (5) Pulastya, (6) Vashishth, (7) Atri, (8) Naarad, (9) Daksh and the tenth one was Kaam Dev. Naarad Jee came out from Brahmaa Jee's lap, Daksh from his thumb, Vashishth Jee from his Praan, Bhrigu from his skin, Kratu from his hand, Pulah from his navel, Pulastya Rishi from his ear, Angiraa from his mouth, Atri from his eyes and Mareechi from his heart.

He had a daughter also - Saraswatee. She came out from his mouth. She was very beautiful. Brahmaa Jee himself got attracted to her. His sons said to him - "Father, you are so powerful, still you are doing this Paap (sin) - of attracting to your own daughter. It is not right for you." Brahmaa Jee got ashamed of this, so he immediately left his body. The directions took his body that was called mist or darkness. Then he took another body and started producing things. First four Ved came out of his four mouths.

When he saw that his 10 sons are not able to produce as many children as he thought, he started thinking as what to do, and in this process his body was divided in two - in a man and a woman, Manu and Shataroopaa. Since then only sexual reproduction started. Thus Manu is the creator of this creation.

Who is Greater?
[This story comes in Shiv Puraan, Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa]

It is said that once a quarrel started between Brahmaa Jee and Vishnu as to who was the greater between them. The quarrel went unsettled for ten thousand Divya Varsh (Divine years). Then suddenly there appeared a pillar of flame of light between them and both were surprised to see this third thing appeared.

They were curious to know as what it was, so Brahmaa Jee told Vishnu that he was going to find where its top was, so he assumed the form of a white swan and flew upwards; and Vishnu thought to find its bottom or root or the beginning so He assumed the form of a white boar and went downwards. Later Vishnu appeared saying that He could not find the pillar's bottom. A few moments later Brahmaa Jee also appeared saying that he found the top and brought with him witnesses, one of which was the Kaamdhenu cow.

Now appeared Shiv before them and said - "Brahmaa told all lie saying that he found the top while he did not find any, so he shall not be worshipped at all on Prithvi; but because Vishnu admitted the truth that He did not find the bottom, he will be worshipped by everybody. That is the reason why we do not have any temple to worship Brahmaa Jee, and Vishnu is worshipped everywhere.

Here is the astrological meaning of the story also. Brahmaa is the Polar Star or North Star, while Vishnu is the Sun whom we call Soorya Naaraayan. The Pole Star is high in the sky above the North Pole. If we look down from the Polar Star, we see the earth, also known as the cow, which is Kaamdhenu. If we look towards the sky from the Earth or North Pole, the Polar Star is apparently seen at the top of the sky, but the truth is that the Lunar Pole or the center of the Lunar orbit ie Bary center is the actual top, which is Shiv himself.

Another Version
Brahmaa had 4 faces. Once both Brahmaa and Vishnu were arguing each other that he was greater than the other. As both were still undecided that a pillar of flame appeared amidst them. Both were surprised to see it that where it has come from? So both decided to find its beginning and the end. Brahmaa tld that he would go to find the top, and then Vishnu went down to find its bottom. Brahmaa could not find its top but found a white bird which was flying down (some say it was a jasmine flower). He was already tired so he brought that bird with him as a witness that he had seen the top of that pillar.

Vishnu also came back and told that he could not find the bottom of the pillar. At the same time Shiv appeared there and punished Brahmaa at his lying by plucking out his one head and declared that the jasmine flower should not be used for his Poojaa and that Brahmaa will not have any temples dedicated to him on Earth. It is said that his three faces indicate: 1. Ichchhaa 2. Kriyaa and 3. Gyaan Shakti and that each faces look in to 1. Past 2. Present and 3. Future.

Because of Shiv's curse, there is only one temple of Brahmaa Jee - at Pushkar Jee.

Brahmaa's Heads
There is another story about Brahmaa's heads. Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/3 says that when Vishnu was sleeping in Pralaya waters, a lotus flower appeared from His navel, and the appeared Brahmaa from that flower. He did not see any Lok on opening his eyes, so he starting turning his head in all the four directions to find one. This turning caused him his four heads. It is believed that Brahmaa Jee alwys recites four Ved by his four mouths.



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