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Kaagbhushundi  (Others-Bird)

Kaalakeya  (Daitya)

Kaalayavan  (Daitya)

Kaalee  (Devee)

Kaaliya Naag  (Others)

Kaalnemi  (Daitya)

Kaam Dev  (Devtaa)

Kaamaakhyaa  (Devee)

Kaarttikeya  (Devtaa)

Kaartveerya Arjun  (Men)   see   Sahastraarjun

Kaatyaayan  (Rishi)

Kaatyaayanee  (Devee)

Kaatyaayanee  (Rishi Woman)

Kabandh  (Daitya)
Kabandh Raakshas' name comes in Tulasee's Raamaayan's Aranya Kaand, when Seetaa had been abducted by Raavan and Raam goes out in forest in search of her, He meets him and kills him. While dying he told his story of becoming Raakshas because of the Shaap of Durvaasaa Muni. Originally he was a Gandharv.

Kach (Rishi)

Kaikaya Brothers  (Men)
They were five in number like Paandav. These were Paandav's friends and fought for them in war. One of them was Brihadkshatra who was killed by Drone on 14th day of the war - on the day Jayadrath was killed by Arjun.

Kaikeyee  (Women)

The king of Kaling Desh. He was killed by Bheem on the 2nd day of the war. His son Sakradev was also killed by Bheem on the same day.

Kalmaaashpaad  (Men)   see   Saudaas

Kamalaaksh  (Daitya)   see   Taarakaasur-2

Kandu  (Rishi)

Kans  (Men)

Kanv  (Rishi)

Kapil  (Rishi)

Kardam  (Rishi)

Karn  (Men)

Kashyap  (Rishi)

Kaundinya  (Rishi)
His mention is found at several places - Kamalaa Ekaadashee Kathaa

Kaushalyaa was one of the three wives of Raajaa Dasharath - Kaushalyaa, Sumitraa and Kaikeyee. She was the eldest queen and was the mother of Raam.

Kayaadhu (Women)

Keechak  (Men)

Keshee  (Daitya)

Ketu   (Devtaa)     see also   Khar

Ketumaan was also killed by Bheem on the 2nd day of the war when he was helping the king of Kaling.

Khaatu Shyaam    see   Barbareek

Khar and Dooshan (Raakshas)

Kindam Rishi (Rishi)
When Paandu went for rest after his victory tour, he met Kindam Rishi in the forest. He often had Satsang with him. They didn't have any child. Once Kindam Rishi was with his wife, that Paandu shot a Shabd-Vedhee arrow to kill a lion on Maadree's request. Unfortunately it hit Rishi and his wife's chests and they died. When Paandu came to take his game, he found that his arrow had Kindam Rishi and his wife. He got extremely sorry but he could not do anything. At that time Kindam Rishi gave him Shaap that when he will be with his wife, he will also die, thus he will not be able to have any child. Hearing Rishi's Shaap Raajaa got very sad and came back to his place and told everything to Kuntee and Maadree.

Kirmeeraa  (Daitya)
Kirmeeraa was a Raakshas. He was the brother of Bakaasur, who was killed by Bheem in Ekchakraa Nagaree, and a good friend of Hidimb, who was also killed by Bheem while they were in Hidimb forest after the Baaranaavat fire. Hidimb's sister Hidimbaa got attracted to Bheem so she married him and produced a son named Ghatotkach. Kirmeeraa was killed by Bheem while they had already spent three nights in Van of their exile period.

Kotik  (Men)
Kotik was the son of King Surath. He came with Jayadrath when Jayadrath abducted Draupadee.

Kratu  (Rishi)
Kratu was one of the ten Maanas Putra (brainchildren) of Brahmaa Jee - Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh and Naarad. According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 3/10 he was married to Kardam Rishi's one of the nine daughters named Kriyaa ad had 60,000 sons Baalkhilya Rishi who were only the size of a thumb. Others say that he was married Sannati, the daughter of Daksh who brought forth 60,000 Baalikhilya, the pigmy sages who were not bigger than a joint of the thumb.

Kripaachaarya Jee  (Rishi)

Kripee  (Rishi Woman)

Kritvarmaa  (Men)

Kritveerya  (Men)

Kshaatradev  (Men)
Kshaatradev was the son of Shikhandee. He was killed by Drone on the 12th day of the MBH war.

Kshaatradharm  (Men)
He was the son of Dhrishtdyumn and fought from Paandav's side in Mahaabhaarat war.

Kuber  (Devtaa)

Kubjaa  (Women)
Kubjaa means hunchback. She was a woman in Kans' service. She used to make Ubatan (Indian old fashioned soap) for him. Krishn met her in the lanes of Mathuraa and made her beautiful with just pressing her foot with His own and lifting her chin up. Then he asked her to ask for a Var. She said that she wanted to Him to be her guest. So he lived with her for 7 days and pleased her. It is believed that in her previous life she was Shoorpanakhaa. In fact Shoorpanakhaa loved Raam very much. So in that life Bahgavaan could not fulfill her wish to marry her, because he was already married to Seetaa, but when she was born as Kubjaa, he made her beautiful and lived with her for 7 days. That is how he fulfilled her wish to marry Him.

Kujaa   see   Mangal

Kumbhkarn   (Daitya)

Kuntee  (Women)

Kuntibhoj, Raajaa  (Men)
Kuntibhoj was the father of Kuntee. He was a cousin and a great friend of Kuntee's real father Mahaaraaj Shoorsen (Krishn's paternal grandfather). Kuntibhoj was childless so Shoorsen gave his first child to him. His first child was a girl and her name was Prithaa. When Prithaa came to Kuntibhoj's house, she was called Kuntee. Kuntibhoj fought from Paandav's side and was killed by Drone. ( MBH, 6-War-30-16)

Kuru, King  (Men)

Kushdhwaj (Men)
Kushdhwaj was the younger brother of Raajaa Janak (the father of Seetaa). He was the King of Banaaras. He had two daughters - Maandavee and Shrutkeerti who were married to Bharat and Shatrughn respectively - Raam's two younger brothers.

Lakshman  (Men)

Lakshman  (Men)
Son of Duryodhan. Abhimanyu killed him on the day of his own death, the 13th day of Mahaabhaarat war.

Lakshmee  (Devee)

Lalitaa  (Devee)

Lavanaasur  (Daitya)

Lomash  (Rishi)
We meet Lomash Muni in Indra Lok when Arjun is there to collect Divine weapons. Indra sent him to Paandav to inform them that Arjun was all right and he will be reaching there soon. Lomash Muni take then for pilgrimage and tell them many stories on the way. Lomash Muni is mentioned in Tulasee's Maanas, Uttar Kaand, too. Kaagbhushundi Jee was his disciple and had a curse from him of being a crow.
--Raajaa Indradyumn went to Vidrum Rishi, and Lomash Rishi helped Indradyumn to get Maoksh on the basis of his Tap.

Lopaamudraa  (Women)

Maadhavee - Daughter of Yayaati  (Women)

Maadree  (Women)
Maadree was the daughter of the king of Madra Desh. When Paandu went around on victory tour, he married Maadree and brought her to Hastinaapur as his second queen. She had two sons from Ashwinee Kumaar, Nakul and Sahadev, through Kuntee's Mantra. She loved Sahadev very much being the youngest among all. When Paandu died because of Rishi's Shaap, Maadree became Satee with him leaving her two sons under the care of Kuntee.

Maalee  (Daitya)   see   Maalyavaan
Maalyavaan, Maalee and Sumaalee were three brothers - the sons of Sukesh and Dev-Vatee.

Maalyavaan  (Daitya)   see also    Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa
Maalyavaan, Maalee and Sumaalee were three brothers - the sons of Sukesh and Dev-Vatee.

Maandavya   (Rishi)

Maareech  (Daitya)

Maarkandeya  (Rishi)

Maatali is the Saarathee (charioteer) of Indra Dev. He had a daughter named Gunaakeshee. (read a story about him here) and a son named Gomukh.

Maayaavee  (Daitya)
Maayaavee and Dundubhee were the two sons of Maya Daanav. They had a sister also named Mandodaree who was born from an Apsaraa - Hemaa. Maya Daanav married her to Raavan.

Madayantee  (Women)   see also   Saudaas
Madayantee was the wife of King Saudaas. Once he was cursed by Vashishth Jee to become a Raakshas for 12 years. During that period, once he ate a Braahman engaged in love with his wife, his wife cursed him that he would not be able have a child from his wife. As soon as he would try to have he would die as she is dying in her husband's separation. Saudaas asked her then how he will extend his family line. She said - "Who has given you this condition, only he will help you." When Saudaas' curse period was over, he took the help of Vashishth Jee to have children. Madayantee had one son from him named Ashmak, because he was born by hitting a stone on Madayantee's stomach.

Madhu  (Daitya)

Madhu and Kaitabh  (Daitya)

Madhuchchhandaa  (Rishi)
Madhuchchhandaa was the son of Vishwaamitra Jee. He is the seer of 10 Sootra of Rig Ved's 1st Mandal.

Mahaabal and Atibal  (Daitya)
Mahaabal and Atibal were two Daitya brothers. Atibal was killed by Vishnu in a single combat. See also  Mahaabaleshwar Temple.

Mahiraavan  (Daitya)

Mahishaasur  (Daitya)

Mahishee  (Daitya Woman)

Maitreya Rishi  (Rishi)

Maitreyee  (Rishi Women)
There are two Maitreyee - (1) Sulabhaa maitreyee,  and  (2) Maitreyee.

Manasaa Devee  (Devee)

Mandar  (Daitya)

Mandodaree  (Daitya Woman)

Mangal  (Devtaa)

Mantharaa  (Women)
Mantharaa was the most beloved maid servant of Kaikeyee. She came with Kaikeyee from her parent's house. Kaikeyee regarded her very much and used to do many things with her consultation. She also loved her very much and always thought about her good.

Manu  (Men)
Both Manu and Shatroopaa were born from Brahmaa Jee. Manu had two sons - Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad (whose son was Dhruv); and three daughters: Devahooti, Prasooti and Aakooti. Devhooti was married to Kardam Rishi, Prasooti was married to Daksh Prajaapati, and Aakooti was married to Ruchi Prajaapati according to Putrikaa Dharm. He had one son more born from his sneeze: Ikshwaaku, in whose Vansh Raam was born. Ikshwaaku had three sons: Vikukshi, Nimi and Dand (on whose name was Dandak Van and Raam stayed there in His exile period).

Mareechi  (Rishi)
Maharshi Mareechi is one of the ten Maanas Putra (brain children) of Brahmaa Jee - Mareechi, Atri, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh and Naarad. Mareechi means "a ray of light". According to Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/1 and 8/5 he was one of the Sapt Rishi in the First Manvantar - others being Atri, Angiraa, Pulah, Kratu, Pulastya, and Vashishth. He was married to Kalaa (one of the nine daughters of Kardam Rishi) and had a son named Maharshi Kashyap from her. In Varaah Puraan Maarkandeya Rishi says that he is one of the very revered Pitri, lives in Heaven and worships Marut Gan.

Marutt  (Men)

Matang Muni  (Rishi)
he was the son of Shoodra mother and Vaishya father, In fact Chaandaal are often referred to as Matang in passages like in Varaah Puraan, 1.139.91.

Maya Daanav  (Daitya)

Mayoordhwaj (Men)

Medhaatithi  (Rishi)
Nothing much is known about Rishi Medhaatithi, except that he lived in Kashmeer, India, and was a commentator of Manu Smriti. he is said to live in 9th century BC

Meghnaad  (Daitya)

Mitraa  (Devtaa)
Mitraa is a Vaidik Devtaa. Once Mitraa and Varun were going somewhere that they saw Urvashee and their semen fell. They carefully kept it in a pitcher. Later two Rishi were born from that pitcher - Maharshi Vashishth (son of Mitraa) and Maharshi Agastya (son of Varun). According to Bhaagvat Puraan, Mitraa's wife was Revatee and he had three sons from her, who represents prosperity. The three sons were Utsarg, Arisht, and Pippal. It must also be noted that Mitraa is also mentioned in other ancient culture, for example in ancient Eeraanian culture, Mitraa is the god of light.

Mrigshring  (Rishi)

Mrikandu   (Rishi)

Muchukund, Raajaa   (Men)

Mudgal  (Rishi)

Mur Daitya  (Daitya)



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