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Story of Gaalav-1

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Story of Gaalav Muni-1
Ch  106-111

Branched from   G-5-Pre-War-17;
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Story of Gaalav Muni-1

Naarad Jee said - "In ancient times Dharm himself came to him assuming the form of Vashishth to test Vishwaamitra. He showed up as a hungry man at his Aashram. Vishwaamitra was cooking Charu (Kheer - a dish of milk and rice). He was so engrossed in his cooking that he could not notice his guest. However other Rishi offered him food, then Vishwaamitra approached him and said - "I have already eaten, you wait here." and went away. Till then the guest stood there waiting subsisting on air. A Rishi Gaalav also waited upon him in respect.

After 100 years Dharm again came to Vishwaamitra with the desire of eating. He found Vishwaamitra keeping his food on his head waiting for him subsisting on air only. Dharm accepted that food which was still warm and fresh. "I am satisfied, O Great Rishi" saying thus Dharm went away. Vishwaamitra got very happy. He, pleased with his disciple Gaalav, said to him - "Now you may go anywhere you like." Gaalav Muni said - "What Guru Dakshinaa can I offer you now?" Vishwaamitra thought that he had really been won by Gaalav by his service to him, so he repeatedly said, "Go, Go". But Gaalav Muni kept asking him as what he should offer to him. Seeing this obstinacy of Gaalav, Vishwaamitra became a little angry and said - "Give me 800 horses which are all white but one ear black. Go now and do not trouble me."

Hearing the Guru Dakshinaa, Gaalav was filled with so much anxiety that he could not sit or lie down or take his food. He grew pale and lamented thus - "Where can I find such friends? Where can I find money? Where am I going to find such horses? What is the use of my life? I think I am going to die. Before this I have never asked anything from Devtaa. I think I should go to Vishnu who is the giver of everything." As Gaalav was lamenting thus, that Garud, Vinataa's son, appeared before him to do his good. He said - "I am a friend of yours, and it is a friend's duty to fulfill his wishes if one is prosperous. I have the grace of Vishnu, the younger brother of Indra. I have already talked to Him about this and He has already agreed to help you. So let us go together. I can carry you easily to the other shore of the ocean. Do not be so sad."

While they were going, Garud asked - "Vishnu has asked me to take you there first wherever you want to go. So let me know in which direction do you want to go to see what is there? This is East where the Sun rises first. It is the gate of Day and Time. Where the sons of Kashyap first multiplied. It is the source of all prosperity of Devtaa. It was there where Indra was coronated as the king of celestials. That is why it is called Poorv (first). It is here Brahmaa sang Ved, it is here where Gaayatree was first preached by Soorya to the singers of sacred hymns. It was here where Yajur Ved was preached by Soorya to Maharshi Yaagyavalkya. It was here where Devtaa first drank Som juice. It was here where Varun first came to live in nether regions. It was here where the birth, growth and death of great saint Vashishth took place. This is the gate of three worlds. It is the path of to Heavens. We will go here if it pleases you, or if you wish to go in any other direction, then we will go there.

Garud continued - "Once Vivaswat (Vivaswaan or Soorya) gave this direction to his Guru in Dakshinaa, that is why this direction is called Dakshin (South). Pitar live here and Devtaa also who live on smoke alone live here. They are also worshipped like Pitar. This is the second door of Yam Raaj. It is here the people's Time is measured in Truti and Lav. It is here that people enjoy their fruits of actions. It is here on Mandaraachal Parvat Gandharv chant Psalms stealing away the heart and intellect. It is here Raivat Daitya started singing hearing Saam Ved and retired to woods leaving his wife and children. In this region Manu and Yavakritu set the limit which Soorya never crosses. Raavan, the grandson of Pulastya Rishi, did Tapasyaa here and got the Var of immortality. Vritraasur was also killed here. It is here only where after the death all five elements are disassociated. It is here only that Vaitaranee River flows. The Sun drops sweet water here and proceeds again to the direction after the name of Vashishth. Once I also got an elephant who was struggling with a tortoise, as my food. It is here only that Chakradhanu, a great Rishi, was born to Soorya. It was here only Kapil Jee burned the 60,000 sons of Raajaa Sagar. Bhogvatee Nagaree which is ruled by Vaasuki Naag and Airaavat, is also here. Who come here have to face a thick gloom, and it is so thick that it cannot be penetrated even by Soorya or Agni himself. Although you are worshipped everywhere, but you will also have to pass this road. Tell me if you wish to go in this direction, otherwise I will tell you about the west direction."

Garud further said - "This direction Pashchim (West) is the favorite of Varun. He was born here that is why it is his direction. And because the day ends (Pashchat) here, it is called Pashchim. He rules over all the creatures of waters. Kashyap installed him as the king of this direction. It is here only that Moon becomes young again in the beginning of the fortnight. It was here only where Daitya were routed by Vaayu Devtaa (Wind) and as thy ran fast they fell and slept not to wake up again. Here is the mountain called Ast which is the cause of evening twilight. It is from here both the night and sleep are out to world. It was here that Indra saw his stepmother Diti lying in the state of pregnancy and cut off her fetus in 49 parts and 49 Marut were born to her. It is in this direction that the roots of Himvaan Parvat stretch out towards Mandaraachal Parvat which is now immersed in ocean. Even in 1,000 years one cannot reach to the end of those roots.

It is here where Surabhi pours down her milk in Saagar. Here, in the midst of the ocean, the headless body of Swarbhaanu (Raahu) who is always bent upon devouring both Sun and moon, can be seen. You can hear invincible green haired Suvarnshir's loud chanting of Ved. Here the daughter of Muni Harimedh got transfixed when Soorya said, "Stop, Stop here." It is from here that the Sun's path deviates from the straight path, and it is from here that all constellations enter the solar sphere. After moving for 28 nights with the Sun they come out of the Sun's path to move in accompaniment with the Moon. All rivers have their sources here. Varun also lives here and Anart, the prince of snakes, too. Vishnu and Kashyap (the son of Mareechi) also live here. Now tell me O Muni, which side we should go?"

Garud further said - "This direction Uttar (North) saves from sins and one attains salvation here. Because of this power (Uttaran) it is called Uttar Dishaa. Sometimes it is called the Madhyam (central) region also. Here lives Krishn with the name Badaree, who is Naaraayan Himself, and Jishnu (Arjun) the best in human beings and Brahmaa too. Here on Himvant lives Shiv. As Purush, he sports with Prakriti (the eternal Mother). Except by Nar and Naaraayan, he is incapable of seen by all classes of Muni, Indra and other Devtaa, Gandharv, Siddh, Yaksh etc. Though invested with Maayaa, only Vishnu of thousand heads and legs can see him alone. In this region Chandramaa was installed as the king of all living beings. It is here where Shankar received Gangaa when she came to the world of men.

Here Umaa did Tapasyaa to get Mahaadev as her husband. Shiv's wrath, Gangaa, Umaa and Himvant all showed their brilliance here. Here on Kailaash Parvat Kuber was given the sovereignty over Yaksh, Raakshas and Gandharv. His Chitrarath garden is also here. Vaikhaanas Muni also live here. Mandaakinee River and Mandar Parvat are also here. Raakshas always guard Sugandh-kanak named garden here. Many celestial Santaanak trees grow here. Sapt Rishi with Arundhatee and Swaati Nakshatra (constellation) can be seen here. Swaati star first rises here.

Dharm named Muni always guard the source of Gangaa. The origin and physical features of these Rishi are not known to all. They feed with thousand kinds of dishes which are all created mysteriously at their will. The man who passes beyond this point is certain to die. Only Vishnu (Naaraayan) or Jishnu (Nar) can save him. Ailaavil (Kuber) also lives here. The ten Apsaraa known as Vidyutprabhaa were also born here. Here is a spot called Vishnupad. When Raajaa Bali did the Yagya, and when Vishnu measured three steps space, He put one step here to measure Prithvi.

There is another place here named Usheervij by the side of the golden lake where Raajaa Marutt did Yagya. It is here that Himvant manifested its gold mines to Rishi Jeemoot and he gave away the whole wealth to Braahman. And that is why that gold is called after his name as Jaimoot. This direction is more superior to all other directions. Now which direction do you want to go, O Gaalav Muni? I am ready to go."


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