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Story of Gaalav-3

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Story of Gaalav Muni-3
Ch 120-123
Branched from   G-5-Pre-War-17
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Story of Gaalav Muni-3

King Yayaati then went to a hermitage at the place between Gangaa and Yamunaa to marry his daughter Maadhavee. Both Puru and Yadu followed their sister. There many Naag, Yaksh and human beings, Rishi etc were assembled with the desire to marry her, but she chose forest as her husband. Descending from the chariot and saluting her friends she went into forest which is always sacred. She started doing Tap there. She subsisted on soft green grass blades and followed a hard Brahmcharya. Yayaati started ruling and ruled for many thousand years. Puru and Yadu multiplied greatly. Yayaati went to Heaven after long time. While he was living there, at one time he mentally disregarded all the Devtaa and Rishi in folly, ignorance and pride. Indra read his mind and other kings asked him - "Fie, fie, Who is this? Why is he in heaven? Where did he do his Tap? Who knows him?" Everybody there asked such questions about him. All answered - "We do not know him." Their minds were temporarily clouded so they could not recognize him and he soon fell from his splendor."

Naarad Jee further said - "Removed from his place, pushed from his seat, incapable of being recognized Yayaati fell down headlong to Earth. While falling down Yayaati was thinking, "What sin I did for which I am punished like this?" Everybody was laughing at him. Then a man came who used to send such people to earth and said to Yayaati - "In your pride you have disregarded all, that is why this Heaven is not for you." Yayaati repeated these words three times, "If I must fall I should fall in the region of righteous people." Thinking where he should fall, he saw that four mighty kings - Pratardan, Vasumaan, Shivi and Ashtak, all gathered together in woods in Naimish Aranya. He fell amongst them.

At that time they were doing Baajpeya Yagya. The smoke rising from the sacrificial alter was reaching up to Heaven as if it was linking Prithvi to Heaven. So smelling that smoke and guided by it Yayaati fell amongst them. Seeing him, they asked him - "Who are you? A Yaksh, or a Gandharv, or a Raakshas? You don't seem to be a human being." Yayaati said - "I am the king Yayaati. I have fallen from Heaven in result of expiration of my virtue. I desired to fall amongst righteous so I have fallen amongst you. The four said, "May your wish be fulfilled. Accept our virtues and fruits of all our sacrifices." Yayaati said - "I am not a Braahman, I cannot accept your gift. I am a Kshatriya, my heart does not desire to lessen others' virtues."

In the meantime Maadhavee also came there. Seeing her those four said to her - "Why have you come here? What can we do for you? You have to command us because we are your sons." Hearing this Maadhavee got very happy, she saluted her father, touched the heads of her sons and said to him - "Because they are my son see Putra, and they are your daughter's sons. They are not strangers to you, they will save you. This practice is not new, it has been continuing from ancient times. I am your daughter Maadhavee. I have also earned some virtue. All men have right to enjoy a portions of the merits of their offspring, that is why they desire for the sons of their daughters." Those four [sons of Maadhavee] also repeated the same in loud words. At the same time Gaalav Muni came there and gave him his one eighth part of his Tap to ascend to Heaven again.

As soon as Yayaati was recognized by those virtuous people, he start rising again without even touching the Earth's surface. He regained his celestial form and all his anxieties were gone.

Meanwhile Vasumaan uttered - "Whatever merit I have earned, I give to you." Then Pratardan said - "Whatever fame I have earned, let it be yours." Then Shibi, the intelligent son of Usheenar, said - "I have always spoken truth, so by that truth you ascend to Heaven." Then Ashtak, the son of Vishwaamitra said - "I have performed hundreds of Pundareek, Gosav, and Baajpeya Yagya. Take all the merits of all of them and go to Heaven." Then all of them said jointly - "We, the possessor of all virtue are of your daughter's sons. By means of their virtue, sacrifices and gifts send you to Heaven again." Thus all the kings saved maternal grandfather Yayaati speedily and sent him to Heaven again.

Yayaati was greatly welcomed in Heaven and got his status back. Then Yayaati asked - I did many sacrifices for thousands of years and had all kinds of virtue on my name then how the fruits of those ended so soon so that I had to be sent to Prithvi?" Brahmaa said - "You were sent back to Prithvi only because of your only one fault and that was vanity. Because this region can never be rendered eternal by vanity, pride of strength, or deception. Never disregard those who are either inferior or superior."

Naarad Jee further said - "So such was the stress of Yayaati and such was the distress of Gaalav Muni because of his obstinacy. They who desire their own good should listen to their friends that wish them well. Obstinacy is always the root of ruin. For this reason, O Duryodhan, don't be obstinate, make peace with Paandav."


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