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Story of Gaalav-2

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Story of Gaalav Muni-2
Ch 112-119

Branched from   G-5-Pre-War-17
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Story of Gaalav Muni-2

Gaalav Muni said  - "I wish to go to East where Dharm opens his eyes, where Devtaa always live. I desire to meet all Devtaa. So O younger brother of Arun, take me there." Garud said - "Sit on my back, and I will take you there." At this Gaalav Muni rode on Garud's back and Garud started. Gaalav Muni said - "Hey Garud, Your speed is great, your beauty in flying is great. My ears are deafened by the roar of the sound of your wings. I can neither see nor hear anything. Please reduce your speed considering a Braahman's life. I can see neither your body nor mine. I can see only a thick gloom and your two eyes. I have no business to go with you. I cannot bear your speed. I have promised to give 800 white horses with one black ear to my Guru. I cannot see that I can fulfill my promise like this. I see only one way and that is to commit suicide because I have no wealth of mine, nor I have any friend who has so much money, nor any other wealth can accomplish my objective."

Garud laughed and without reducing his speed spoke - "You have little wisdom, O Rishi. You are thinking to commit suicide but do you know that death cannot be brought by own wish. Death is Bhagavaan Himself. Why didn't you tell me your purpose before? Your wish can be fulfilled easily. Here is this mountain named Rishabh, near the coast. You take some rest here, have your food and I come back."

On that mountain, there was a Braahman woman, named Sandilee, who was doing Tap on that peak. Both Gaalav and Garud saluted her. She welcomed them, offer them seats and they took cooked food there. After taking food both slept there. When Garud woke up and desired to fly, he found that his wings were gone and he was like a ball of flesh. As Gaalav saw him in this condition he enquired him - "What has happened to you here? Did you have any evil thought in your mind? I am sure this cannot be the effect of any trivial sin." Garud said - "Indeed, I thought to carry away this lady to where there live Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh, both virtue and sacrifice personified together, because I just thought that this lady should live there. I accept that I had such thought in my mind. I don't know it was right or wrong, but I had this wish, of course against your wish but in respect for you." That woman said - "Have your wings, and be happy. You contempted me but you should know that I do not pardon contempt. Now you may go wherever you wish to go. It is the purity of conduct which brings wealth and prosperity,"

And Garud started flying again with Gaalav Muni, but they failed to find the horses they wanted to have. It so happened that Vishwaamitra met Gaalav on his way. He said - "Now the time has come when you should give me my thing you have promised to give me. I don't know what for you have waited for so long." Hearing this Garud said to sad Gaalav - "Come, we will think over this matter. You cannot even sit down without giving your Guru what you have promised to give him, because it is created by Agni (fire), and augmented by Vaayu (air), and Earth itself is said to be Hiranyamaya, that is why wealth is called Hiranya. And because wealth supports the world and sustains life, it is called Dhan (money). To meet these two ends Dhan exists in the world since the beginning. On a Friday, when these two constellations - the Poorv-bhadraa or the Uttar-bhadraa, are ascendant, Agni creates this wealth at his will and bestows it on mankind for the increase of Kuber's stock. The wealth which is inside the Earth, is guarded by Ajaikpaat and Ahivradn Devtaa and by Kuber. This wealth is very difficult to get so it is rarely attained. And without wealth there is no chance for you to get your horses. So beg some from a king who can give you some wealth without harassing you. There is a king born in Chandra Vansh (Lunar family), he is my friend, let us go there. He has lots of wealth. He is Yayaati, the son of Raajaa Nahush. Asked by you and requested by me he will give whatever we seek."

Talking thus they came to the capital of Raajaa Yayaati, in Pratishthaan Pur. Yayaati asked them the reason of their coming there. Garud said - "This is a great Rishi Gaalav, he is my friend. He has been a disciple of Sage Vishwaamitra for many thousand years. When Vishwaamitra released him, he thought to give Guru Dakshinaa to his Guru, but as he knew that he is poor he did not ask for anything, but when he repeatedly asked him, in a slight wrath he asked for 800 white horses with one ear black. Unable to fulfill his command he has come now in your shelter. Accepting this as alms from you he will pay Guru's debt and will again continue his Tap."

Yayaati considering Gaalav as the very fit person for such alms, and that they came there to him passing over the whole Soorya Vansh (Solar family) kings. He said - "I am blessed that you came to me, but I wish to say you one thing that I am not so rich as you think, but still I do not wish to make your journey fruitless and disappoint, because there is no greater sin than saying "I have nothing" and thus destroying the hopes of the person who says "Give". Whose hopes are destroyed, he can destroy the sons and grandsons of the persons who fails to give. That is why you take my daughter Maadhavee who resembles celestials. Let alone 800 horses, to whoever you will give her, he will give you his whole kingdom in exchange of her. I desire only for her son." Garud said - "At least now we have means to obtain those horses."

So taking Gaalav's permission, Garud went to his home. Now Gaalav thought of King Haryaashwa of Ikshwaaku family who lived at Ayodhyaa. He had an army of four kinds of horses and a great treasury. He said to him - "This girl will increase your family, accept her for me as your wife by giving me a dower. I will tell you what dower you have to give me. Then you decide what will you do." Haryaashwa took a deep sigh about the birth of a son and said - "Those six limbs that ought to be high are high, those seven which should be slender are slender and those three which should be deep are deep, and lastly those five should be red are red in this woman, (see Limbs for limbs' explanation) Possessed of all auspicious signs she will surely bring forth me children and certainly a son who may become emperor after me. Now tell me what will be her dower?"

Gaalav said - "I need 800 white horse each with one ear black." Hearing this the King filled with sorrow but blinded by lust, said to Gaalav - "I have only 200 such horses. I desire to have only one son from this damsel, kindly grant me my request." Hearing this Maadhavee said to Gaalav - "O Sage, grant me a Var that I would be maiden again after each delivery. I think in this way you may have all the horses from four kings in succession of time, although it all depends how do you act." Hearing this Gaalav said - "Accept this damsel for the one fourth part of the dower I have settled, and beget only one son upon her." Gaalav went away with 200 horses, and the king had one son from her in due course of time. He was named Vasumaan and he became a very wealthy king. As the son was born, Gaalav came back to Haryaashwa and said to him - "Now the time has come that now I should go to some other king for alms." Haryaashwa was truthful, he could not give him rest of the 600 horses, so he gave back Maadhavee to him. Maadhavee also followed Gaalav abandoning the prosperity of the King. Leaving the horses still with Haryaashwa, Gaalav came to King Divodaas - king of Kaashee.

Gaalav said to Maadhavee - "This King of Kaashee, Divodaas, is the son of Bheemsen and is very mighty. Follow me slowly and don't be sad. He is virtuous and has passion under control." So they came to Divodaas and asked him to have a son from Maadhavee. The King said - "I have heard all about this, so you need not to tell me anything. As I heard it, my heart was set upon it. This is an honor for me that passing all kings you have come to me. My wealth is like Haryaashwa's so I will also have one son from her." Gaalav married Maadhavee to him and the King sported with her as Agni with Swaahaa, Soorya with Prabhaavatee, Indra with Shachee, Chandra with Rohinee, Yam with Urmilaa, Varun with Gauree, Kuber with Riddhi, Naaraayan with Lakshmee, Saagar with Jaahnavee, Rudra with Rudraanee, Brahmaa with Saraswatee, Vashishth's son Shakti with Adrashyanti, Vashishth with Arundhatee (called as Akshamalaa too), Chyavan with Sukanyaa, Pulastya with Sandhyaa, Agastya with the Princess of Vidarbh Lopaamudraa. Thus enjoying with Maadhavee, Divodaas had a son named Pratardan from her. Again after this son was born, Gaalav Muni came for Maadhavee. He took Maadhavee and left his horses with the King and went to the city of Bhoj, to King Usheenar.

He said to him - "This maiden will bear you two sons, and after having two sons you will give me 400 white horses each with one black ear. This is to fulfill my promise to my Guru otherwise I don't have to do anything with them. You are now childless, so you have the children and give me the horses." Usheenar said - "O Sage, I have only 200 such horses, so I will have only one child from her, and then I will return her to you according to our agreement, like Haryaashwa and Divodaas." Gaalav got very happy to hear his frank talks, he gave the maiden to Usheenar and went to woods for the time being. In due course of time the King had a son, named Shivi who became an excellent king, from her. Then Gaalav Muni came, took Maadhavee with him and went to see Garud.

As Garud saw Gaalav Muni, he said - "It seems that you are successful in your mission." Gaalav said - "Still a fourth part remains." Garud said - "Do not make any endeavor to get those 200 horses, because you will not succeed to get them. In earlier times, Rishi Richeek tried to obtain such horses 1,000 in number at the demand of King Gaadhi to marry his daughter Satyavatee to him. Richeek went to the horse mart Ashwa Teerth in Varun's city and obtained what he could seek, and gave them to the King. Performing a sacrifice called Pundareek, the King then gave all of them to Braahman as Dakshinaa. The three kings you went to, have bought those horses from those Braahman, each to the number 200. The remaining 400 horses, while being transported, were taken by Vitastaa (a river in Panjaab). Therefore O Gaalav, You can't have it which cannot be had. So go and present this maiden to Vishwaamitra equivalent for 200 horses and be free from grief."

Gaalav went to Vishwaamitra along with that maiden and Garud and said to him - "These are the 600 horses demanded by you and this maiden is offered as an equivalent to remaining 200 horses. Please accept them. She has borne three virtuous sons to three kings, and now the fourth one, the foremost of all, should be borne to you. The son will be equivalent to 200 such horses so let me be free from your debt." Vishwaamitra said to Gaalav - "Why didn't you give me this maiden before? Four sons would have been mine alone. I accept this maiden to get one son. As regards to horses, let them graze in my Aashram."

Now Vishwaamitra started passing time happily with Maadhavee and they had a son named Ashtak. As soon as the son was born, Vishwaamitra gave the 600 horses and Maadhavee back to Gaalav, and went to woods. Thus Gaalav Muni with his friend Garud, succeeded in paying the fee to his Guru. Gaalav said to Maadhavee - "You have borne one son who is exceedingly charitable, another son who is exceedingly brave, another son who is devoted to truth and righteousness, and another son who is a performer of great sacrifices. By these four sons you have not only saved your father but four kings and myself too. You may go now and he sent her to her father. He sent Garud also back and went to woods.

Thus these are the four grandsons  of Yayaati
(1) Vasumaan from Haryaashwa,
(2) Pratardan from the King of Kaashee Divodaas,
(3) Shivi from King Usheenar,
(4)  Ashtak from Vishwaamitra
Yayaati met all of them, when he fell from Swarg, and because of them he was able to go to Swarg again after having a conversation with them.


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