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Story of Nahush-1

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Story of Nahush-1
Ch   11-14

Branched from    G-4-Van/30;   0-4-Van-10;
Continued from   Story of Indra and Twashtaa     Story of Nahush-2
See also   Nahush

After Indra Goes in Hiding

And when Vritra was killed by him, Indra was overpowered by the sin of killing of Braahman - Twashtaa's three-headed son. He lost his senses, and he confined himself. Overpowered by his sins he could not be recognized. He lay in water hiding. Earth became treeless, its rivers got dry, there was distress among all animals, Rishi started fearing, and wondered who should be their king.

When nobody got ready to be their king, Rishi and other Devtaa decided to appoint Raajaa Nahush as their king. So they went to Nahush and asked him to be their king. Nahush politely said - "I am incapable to protect you, it should be some powerful man who should be your king. Indra has always been very powerful." Rishi said - "Because of your Tap you can rule the kingdom of Heaven. Whoever you will see, whether he is Asur, or Devtaa, or Gandharv, or Pitar, or anybody; you will absorb his power. Thus empowered by Rishi Nahush was crowned as the king of Devtaa.

As he got the precious Var and the status of Indra, Nahush's mind turned to sensual pleasures. He started seeing Apsaraa's dances and got himself surrounded by them. He looked towards various kinds of enjoyment in Nandan Van (Indra's famous Garden), on Kailaash Parvat, and on other hills like Mandar, Sahya, Mahendra and Malaya etc. He listened to many Divine narratives which captivated his heart and ears, and to Vishwaavasu and Naarad, band of Gandharv etc.

On one occasion he sighted Indraanee (Shachee, Indra's wife). Seeing her he asked his courtiers - "Why this queen does not attend on me? I am the king of Devtaa and ruler of the world. Let her come to my house." Hearing this Shachee went to Guru Brihaspati and requested him to save her from Nahush. Brihaspati said - "You don't worry, you see him who will soon be here. You need not to fear from him. I shall unite you with Indra." Nahush heard that Shachee had taken refuge with Brihaspati.

Seeing Raajaa angry, Devtaa said to him - "Don't be angry, Raajan. Because when you are angry all your people, including snakes etc will shake. Shachee is another person's wife, and you are the king of Devtaa. You should protect all your subjects." King spoke senselessly to them - "Ahalyaa, the Satee wife of a saint, was outraged by Indra while her husband was alive. Why didn't you stop him to do what he did with her? Indra has committed many deeds of inhumanity and unrighteousness, Why didn't you stop him? Let the lady come to me for my pleasure."

Devtaa again said - "We shall bring the queen as you have said us, but you should not be angry." Thus Devtaa with Rishi went to Brihaspati and Shachee and told them what Nahush asked them to do. They further said - "We know that the queen has taken refuge in your house, and you have promised her to protect her, but we request you to give up the queen to Nahush. Nahush is superior to Indra. Let her choose him as her husband." Hearing this Shachee started weeping loudly and spoke to Brihaspati - "I do not desire Nahush as my husband. Please protect me."

Brihaspati said - "This is my resolution that I will not give up the person who has come to my refuge so I will not give her to you for him. I do not want to do anything unjust as I am a Braahman. O Devtaa, you may go now. He who delivers a terrified person to a foe he himself does not get protection when he needs it for himself. Seeds do not grow on his land, rain does not fall in season, Devtaa refuse his offerings. Whatever happens, I am not going to give queen to Nahush."

Then Devtaa said - "Then think of something else which may comfort us both." Then Brihaspati said - "Let this lady ask for some time to decide up on the matter. This will be good for the queen also and for us too and the Time may settle down the matter." Devtaa got happy to hear this. Then keeping Agni Dev at their head said to Shachee - "You are the true queen of Indra. Go to Nahush and he will shortly fall of Indra's status." So Shachee proceeded towards Nahush. Seeing her coming Nahush got very pleased.

Seeing her, he smiled and said - ""I am Indra, the Lord of the three worlds. You also accept me as your husband." Shachee bowed her head to Brahmaa and spoke to Nahush - "I need some time. I don't know what has happened to Indra or where is he. I will enquire about him and if I do not get any news of him, I will come to you. I tell you the truth." Raajaa Nahush got very happy to hear all this, he said - "I hope you will remember your promise. Let it be whatever you wish for." Shachee came back from Nahush's palace and went back to Brihaspati's.

Hearing all this Agni Dev and other Devtaa went to Vishnu and said - "Indra has committed the sin of Brahm Hatyaa when he killed Vritraasur. Please tell us some way so that he can be set free from this sin." Vishnu said - "Let Indra offer sacrifice to me. I will purify him if he will offer me horse sacrifice (Ashwamedh Yagya). Indra will regain his dignity and Nahush will be led to destruction because of his deeds. You should be patient as well as vigilant for some time."

After this they went to Indra and a horse sacrifice was performed there to cleanse the sin of Indra. Indra divided his sin among trees, rivers, mountains and women. After that Indra was free from the sin. He came to himself and looked at Nahush who was unapproachable because of the Var of Rishi. Then he disappeared again and wandered invisibly to pass the time. As Indra disappeared, Shachee got worried about herself, she prayed to the Devee (goddess) of stars, "If I have ever done any sacrifice, please save my Paativrat Dharm. Show me the place of my husband." And Devee appeared before her and asked her to follow her. They came to northern side of Himvaan, then reaching the sea which was extended for hundreds of Yojan, they came upon an island. There they saw a lake - 800 miles long and wide. In that lake were lotus flowers of five colors. In the middle of that lake were blooming many lotus flowers and among them was a large white lotus. They entered in its stalk and there Shachee saw Indra who entered there in its fibers in minute form.


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