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Arjun and Kaalakeya Raakshas

[3-172] Arjun continued - "When I was coming back after killing Nivaat Kavach, I saw a very divine city on the way. It was shining like Soorya. There trees made of gems. It had four gates and looked like it was impregnable. Paulomaa and Kaalakeya lived in that city, and they were living there cheerfully. Seeing that city, I asked Maatali - "What is this? It looks so wonderful." Maatali said - "There was a Daitya's (Children of Diti) daughter Pulomaa and a mighty Asur woman by name of Kaalakaa did a severe Tap for 1,000 celestial years. Brahmaa Jee bestowed her boons. They asked that their children should suffer from any misfortune, they could not be killed by any Devtaa, Raakshas and Pannag, they should be efficient in aerial activities, they should have all kinds of gems, they should be invincible even any celestial, Maharshi, Yaksh, Gandharv, Pannag, the Asur and the Raakshas. Thus this a very divine city where there lives no celestial. It has all kinds of facilities and has no disease or sorrow. This city is called Hiranyapur and Paulom and Kaalakeya Raakshas live here. It is guarded by mighty Asur also. Brahmaa Jee has assigned this city's destruction by a mortal's hands. So O Paarth, You can destroy this city."

Arjun continued - "Hearing this that that city is to be destroyed by a mortal only, I asked Maatali to take the chariot towards that city. I will kill these Raakshas also who hate celestials. There is no wicked who is spared from my hands." So Maatali took our chariot towards Hiranyapur. Seeing our chariot coming those Raakshas rushed towards us wearing their armors and carrying their arms. They attacked me but I severed their heads in hundreds and I shot so many arrows that the arrows obstructed their way to come to me. This city could go anywhere at will - under the water, under the earth, in the air. Then I shot many arrows at the city, and broken their city with those many arrows and celestial weapons. The Raakshas could go to sky easily, Once Maatali took the chariot in the sky and then dived fast on the earth. I destroyed their 60,000 chariots also. I again took my celestial weapons but they came to me with innumerable weapons, I got feared seeing them like this. So I took my Raudra weapon, and at that time I saw a man with three heads, nine eyes, three faces, and six arms. His hair was shining like the Sun. He had serpents, with their tongues out, for his clothes. Thus I saw Rudra and I became free from fear, set it on my Gaandeev, bowed to the three-eyed and released it.

As I released it, I saw thousands of deer, lions and tigers, bears and buffalos, elephants and apes, cats and dogs, vultures and Garud etc animals. All of them started wounding the Raakshas. Some having three faces, some four arms, some four mouths - all were getting killed. Thus O Bhaarat, I killed them in a very short time. Seeing them killed I again bowed the Tripur Destroyer. Maatali praised me and said with joined hands - "What you have done is difficult to do even  by celestials - even Indra cannot do it. You destroyed this mighty city which could course in the sky, you killed Daanav also, their wives are crying, they fall on the ground seeing their husband, brothers and sons died like this. Now this city looks like a forest without trees, or the city of Gandharv stricken with distress, it is not looking like this rather it has vanished like a city made of clouds." And thus after killing Nivaat Kavach and destroying Hiranyapur I came back to Indra. Maatali told him the whole description of my feats. Indra and Marut got very pleased hearing this. Indra said - "Well done, Paarth, You have paid your Guru Dakshinaa. By remaining calm in the battlefield, you can win anybody - Daanav, Raakshas, Asur, Gandharv, birds, serpents etc. And by winning all Yudhishthir will rule the Earth."

[3-173] Arjun continued - "Then Indra said to me - "O Bhaarat, All the celestial weapons are with you, now nobody can defeat you in a battle. Even Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Karn and Shakuni together with other Kshatriya are not even 1/16th part of you." And the Lord Maghavaaan gave me this golden garland and one Devadatt conch and this celestial impenetrable armor. Indra himself put this diadem on my head. he also gave me these divine clothes and ornaments. I lived there happily. Then Indra said to me - "Now your time has come to go from here, your brothers are remembering you." Thus I passed five years in Indra's kingdom and then came here on Gandhmaadan to see you all." Yudhishthir said - "It is all our good luck that you got celestial weapons and it is our good luck that you are praised by the Lord of Immortals, it is our good luck that Divine Sthaanu and his consort appeared before you and got satisfied by you fight. It is all our good luck that you met Lokpaal also. Today I am feeling as if I have already Dhritraashtra's sons." Arjun said - "Tomorrow morning I will show you that weapon by which I killed Nivaat Kavach Daitya." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "And Dhananjaya passed his night with his brothers."

[3-174] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Next day morning after their daily chores, Yudhishthir said to Arjun - "Arjun, Show me that weapon with which you killed the Daanav, which was given to you be Devtaa." Dhananjaya seated on the ground considering it as his chariot which had mountain as its pole, took his bow and conch and started showing his weapons one by one and as he set those weapons, the Earth beneath Arjun's feet got oppressed, trees began to tremble, rivers got drying and the air was hushed. Sun did not shine, fire did not flame. The creatures which were living inside the Earth came out and surrounded Paandav and asked for their protection. Devarshi, celestials, Yaksh, Raakshas, Gandharv etc appeared on the scene. And Brahmaa Jee and Mahaadev and Lokpaal also came there. At the same time Naarad Jee came there and said to Arjun - "O Arjun, Do not release these weapons when there is no subject for them unless there is no sore need for them. To release these weapons without any subject is a great evil. Keep them as you have been instructed to keep them, if they are not kept likt that then they will destroy the three Lok. And O Ajaatshatru, You may see them when Paarth will use them." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus stopping Paarth to use those weapons just like that, all celestials and others went to their Lok. Paandav continued to live in the same forest with Krishnaa."

[3-175] Janamejaya asked - "After Arjun had come back from Swarg, what Paandav did in his company?"
Vaishampaayan Jee said - "They all sported in Kuber's garden for four years. Once the younger four brothers sat with Yudhishthir and Bheem said to him - "We are not going to kill Duryodhan just like that, and this is the 11th year in this situation. Do you think that we will survive the incognito year without being recognized? If we will continue living here we can pass our time happily, but your fame will diminish. If you gain Kuru's kingdom you will be able to do many sacrifices. What we are receiving from Kuber, we can get it anytime. Even Indra cannot stand against your prowess. You have Krishn and Saatyaki who never feel any pain. Arjun is peerless in strength, and so am I. As Krishn is for your welfare, I am also for the same. By your blessings we will won them."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Yudhishthir learnt the intention of his brothers, so he went around Vaishravan's palace, and took farewell from the palace, lake, river and all Raakshas and started on the same way by which he came there. While going back, he said to the mountain - "When I will finish my task I will come again to see you." Ghatotkach took them from there. Lomash Rishi advised Paandav and went to Indra's Lok. Arshtishen also advised them and they started coming back."

[3-176] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When they left their happy home, their own happiness also went away from them. But later when they saw Kuber's mountain Kailaash from a distance like a black cloud, they felt happy again. They came to forests and rivers, caves and caverns, and living there, they came to Vrishparvaa's Aashram. When the met him, they forgot everything and became very happy to see him. They told him about what happened in the mountains. They passed the night there and then proceeded towards the large Jujoobe tree called Vishaal. They stayed there and then came to the place of Naaraayan and started living there looking at the Kuber's lake. They lived at Badree Van for one month and then proceeded to the kingdom of Subaahu, the King of Kiraat, following the same way by which they came. And crossing the difficult Himaalaya regions and countries of China, Dukhaaraa and Daarad and Kulind they all came to Subaahu. Subaahu came to welcome them. They met him happily and met with their charioteers Vishok and Indrasen, and kitchen attendants. They stayed there for one night comfortably. They dismissed Ghatotkach and his followers and proceeded towards the mountain in the vicinity of Yamunaa.

On the way they saw a forest Vishaakh Yoop named Van, like the Van of Chitrarath. There were many wild boars there. As they all liked hunting, they lived there for one year. Once Vrikodar, in a cave of that mountain, came across a huge hungry snake. He had gripped Bheem's body in his coils. At that time Yudhishthir rescued him. In their 12th year they all practiced their archery and returned to the borders of desert. Desirous to live by Saraswatee River they came to Dwait Van. Seeing them entering Dwait Van, all Rishi and saints living there came to meet them. Many fruit trees grew on the banks of Saraswatee River, so they stayed there with all Maharshi and Rishi."

Bheem Meets a Snake (Nahush)

[3-177] Janamejaya asked - "How was it that Bheem who had the strength of 10,000 elephants, got struck with panic of that snake? I want to hear this in detail." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After all had reached Vrishparvaa's Aashram, Vrikodar went around to see the forest carrying his bow and scimitar. He found that Gandharv and Apsaraa used to come there. Many kinds of birds were singing there. Bheem killed many large boars, many antelopes, wild boars and buffaloes. He pulled out many trees from roots and jumped in those woods. Hearing the sound of his hunting, breaking the trees and jumping even powerful lions ran away from there. Many big snakes also hid in the caves, but Bheem followed them slowly and saw a very large snake, of a huge proportion size in a cave covering it whole. His body looked like a hillock and his color was yellow. His mouth looked like a cave. he had four teeth in it. Seeing Bheem so neat, that gigantic snake suddenly griped him. Then by the virtue of the boon given to that snake, as Bheem was in his grip, Bheem was at the point of losing his consciousness. he became weak and he could not do anything."

[3-178] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus tied in his coil, Bheem said to him - "Please tell me, O Snake, who are you? What will you do of me? I am Bheem, son of Paandu, and Yudhishthir's younger brother. I have so much power, of 10,000 elephants, then how did you overpowered me? I have slain many lions, tigers in fight. Even Raakshas, Pishaach, Naag cannot stand in front of me. Do you know some magic, or have you got some boon, so that in spite of so much efforts I have not been able to free myself from your grip. Now I know that the strength of men is false as yours, a snake's strength, is much more than a man's." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then the snake caught Bheem in his coil and freed his arms. he the said - "By my good fortune, when I was hungry, Devtaa have sent you to me as my food. Because life is very dear to every being, I tell you how I became a snake. In fact I have been cursed by Maharshi. To be free from this curse I will tell you my story. I am sure you must have heard the name of royal sage Nahush. He was the son of Aayu - your ancestor. I am Raajaa Nahush. Once I argued with Braahman and by the curse Maharshi Agastya I reached to this condition. You are my descendent and lovely to see, that is why you should not be killed by me, but today I will kill you. See my luck, that you have come to me in the 6th division of the day and you have not been devoured by any low kind o animal, but this has happened because of the boon I have received. When I was falling from Sakra's throne, I said to Agastya Jee - "Please free me from your curse." He got compassionate with me and said - "You will be free after some time." Then I fell on the Earth as a snake. I have not yet forgotten my previous life. I still remember what he told me - "That person who is conversant with the relation between the soul and the Supreme Being would be able to answer your questions shall free you from this curse. And to whoever you will catch will lose his strength." After saying this Braahman disappeared. Since I am a serpent, I commit many sins everyday and live in a dirty place in the expectation of the Time." - Story of Nahush

Bheem said - "O Snake, I am not angry at you. This is all by Destiny. I consider Destiny Supreme, while the self-exertion is of no avail. It was only Destiny because of which I lost my power. See how I am lying here, it is all because of Destiny. But today I am not worried about my own killing, but I am worried more about my brothers whose kingdom has been taken and they are living in forest. This Himaalaya is too big and full of Raakshas and Pishaach. They will search me here and there. And when they will hear that I have been killed, they will sit quietly, because I was the one who was desirous of the kingdom. Or the intelligent Arjun will not grieve as he can handle everybody from a man to Devtaa and Raakshas etc single handedly. I also grieve for my mother who has always been affectionate to her all sons. O Snake, That is what I think." After saying this Bheem got very sad, but he could not free himself from the grip of the snake.

On the other hand, Yudhishthir saw some bad omens, twitching of eyes and arms etc, so he asked Draupadee - "Where is Bheem?" Paanchaalee said - "He has long gone out." Yudhishthir went out with Dhaumya in search of Bheem instructing Dhananjaya to take care of Draupadee and Nakul and Sahadev to take care of Braahman. He set off towards East and seeing some elephants and lions killed on the way followed the route and Bheem's footprints. On the way they saw uprooted trees. He came to a mountain cave where he found his brother lying motionless."


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