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First read about Raahu before reading about Ketu
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As described in Raahu, Ketu is the lower body part of Raahu. So he is not an other Daitya or Asur but just a part of Raahu. In one way, thus his parents are also Viprachitti and Sinhikaa. There is another story that traces Ketu's origin to Brahma's creation of Mrityu. It is said Brahmaa mulled over the growing population and out of that thought, Mrityu emerged. Mrityu was ordered to be on the killing spree, as she obviously did not like her task and shed tears. Ketu is said to have been born out of those tears and Brahmaa named him Dhoomketu ordering him to cause both joy and sorrow to people (from A detailed reference to Ketu is found in Mahaabhaarat, Bhaagvat Puraan Brahm Vaivart Puraan and Matsya Puraan.

Ketu and Astrology
One cannot rule out Raahu and Ketu's existence even though they are not visible. That is why Indian astrologers took them into reckoning and calculated the celestial moments to their right precision without any external supports like telescope on those days.

The two-armed, black-robed and reddish black Ketu with a crown on the head is said to be a cruel planet. He mounts an eagle, though some books refer to pigeon, as his vehicle. Residing in his bow shaped Aadhaar Bhoomi in Nava Graha system, he faces northwest. The six inch bodied Ketu belongs to Jaimini Gotra, his Adhi-Devtaa is Chitraketu and Pratyadhi-Devtaa is Brahmaa. He was born on Amaavasyaa (New Moon day) on a Tuesday. Ketu presides over Ashwinee, Maghaa and Mool Nakshatra. The starting Dashaa for those born on these stars is Ketu. Ketu Dashaa is for a period of 7 years.

This is very special to note. Rahu and Ketu often pester the Sun and the Moon. If the Sun and the other planets rotate in clock-wise direction, Raahu and Ketu move in anti-clock wise. So for instance Sun will change from Mesh Sign to Rishabh Sign. But if Rahu or Kethu is in Mesh Sign, he will change over to Meen Sign, not to Rishabh Sign.

Another specialty - both Raahu and Ketu will be 180 degree opposite. This means if Rahu is at the 10 degree Mesh, then Ketu will be at exactly 10 degree Libra only. Thus Raahu and Ketu will always be exactly opposite and can never reside in the same houses, not even close.

According to Jaatak Paal Manjaree, Raahu and Ketu are 100 years old and Ketu is said to be an impotent planet. Cat's eye is the precious stone worn to appease Ketu and horse gram should be given away to win his favor.

Ketu resides for a period of 18 months in each zodiac sign. Like Raahu, this planet too is non-stationary.

Generally Ketu is not found as harmful as Raahu in 5th house. If any problem appears during Ketu Dashaa, it is advised to worship his Devataa Maha Ganapati. His beneficial effects are intellectual learning, enthusiasm, materialistic pleasures, friendship, wisdom, spiritual thoughts, philosophy, salvation, renunciation and interest in other languages. Please note the most attentive items- RENUNCIATION and SALVATION. While his malefic effects are - misdeeds, danger, loss in wealth, untimely death, and mental imbalance and fire accidents.

Ketu likes sacred grass, flowers, red lotuses, horse gram, mustard-powder, cow-milk, dates, pineapple, sugar, seven-wick lamp, mid-night prayers, pepper, iron, Neem and yam to mention a few.

In astrology, Raahu gives some what Kujaa's (Mangal or Mars) results and Ketu gives somewhat Shani's results. This means if Kujaa is well placed in general Rahu will not create more suffering. Similarly if Shani is well placed Ketu will not affect much. The evil effects of Ketu can be warded off by offering food to the Vaidik scholars. For ill effects of Ketu it is advised by astrologers to visit Kethu temple at Perum pallam in Tamilnadu.

In the zodiac, Raahu and Ketu are positioned in opposite directions. Of the two, if one teams up with the Moon and the other with the Sun, Lunar eclipse occurs. If the Sun and the Moon are in the same house and if either Raahu or Ketu teams up with them, then occurs the Solar-eclipse.

Ketu Stotra and Gayatri

Balaak Pushp Shankh Cham Taaraa Graha Mastakam
Raudram Raudra Maham Horam Tam Ketu Pranamaamyaham

Om Ashwa Dhwajaaya Vidmahe Shool Hastaaya Dheemahi Tanno Ketu Prachodayaat

Ketu Mantra

Aum straam streem straum sah keteve namah
direction NW, color to be used grey or black, (17,000 Mantra Jaap), day Saturday or Thursday Night for starting



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