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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Ketu or Dragon's Tail (Raahu is Dragan's Head) is not the planet as such. He is regarded as a shadow planet. Raahu and Ketu always sit in a Chart opposite to each other, for example if Raahu is in 1st House then Ketu will be in 7th House.

--Ketu is the South Node of Moon. He is Moksh Kaarak and spiritual.
--Raahu in Lagna and Ketu in 7th or vice versa, it will spoil your mind, body, face, marital life.
--Ketu dominant people with Moon should pray Ganesh. (read Ganesh Pradosh)

Ketu in 5th House
An old Tamil classic says: Ketu in 5th House gives Netra Rog; not looking handsome; Putra Dosham; scars in body; siblings may suffer, Veshee sampogan.

Ketu in 12th House
If Ketu is in 12th House it makes the native expend in righteous way.
He destroys (enemies) in the battlefield and this makes him become like a king.
Ketu in 12th House creates disease and pain in eyes, waist, anus, private parts, feet and body as a whole. Garga says native's maternal uncle would be destroyed while Bhrigu says that there would be happiness from maternal-uncle.

Ketu in 12th House is good.
12th House is Moksh; Ketu is Moksh Kaarak. 
12th is Expense; Ketu is also expense; 
12th is Eyes; Ketu is darkness and pain.
It is the super imposition of similar Kaarakatwa of House and Planet that helps in result derivation in "House-Planet" results.

Ketu in 12th House - is a Brahm Gyaanee, with occult power.
Raahu in the 6th House and Ketu in the 12th, along with angular Jupiter, confers Asht Lakshmee Yog, where the native will be blessed by the Eightfold Prosperity.

In a Chart
A Benefic Planet in the 12th House is better than a Malefic Planet in the 12 House.
A Benefic Planet in the 12th House ... native is easy going type.
However if there is no planet in the 12th house then good.
Amalaa, Vimalaa, or Saralaa Yog shows that native is good at heart and easy going type.
From these 3 houses - 6th, 8th, and 12th (if even one of them) is severely afflicted then opposite to the Amalaa Vimalaa or Saralaa Yog results..??

Ketu in Jupiter's house is not too bad.
Ketu in Mercury's houses is bad (Mercury is a child)
Ketu in Gemini is dangerous.
Sri Ramar Ketu was in 12th House Gemini. Indira Gandhi's Ketu was in 12th House Gemini. (Affects Sayana Sugam); Prabhakaran's Ketu was in 3rd House of Parakiramam ..Fight
Ketu in 6th House shows fear / day to day activities.
Kaal Purush's 6th House is Kanyaa. Ketu in Kanyaa gives innate fear.

Ketu, if situated in Patnee Bhaav, Jaatak runs after girls.

In this lady's chart.. Upa Pad Lagna Lord Soorya is afflicted and in the 8th House from Lagnam.
Failed marriage or no marriage. Foreign travels also possibility. Dedicated the life for the family members too.



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