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Raahu's Mahaa-Dashaa is for 18 years.
Raahu in Lagna / Ketu in 7th or vice versa, it will spoil your mind, body, face, marital life.
Raahu in 7th gives company of bad people.
Conjunction of Raahu with Moon/Venus in horoscope of the native tends to love marriage even though the Moon is in own Nakshatra (Shravan)

(1) When transiting Raahu crosses the Sun (as positioned in Birth chart), there will be considerable progress in life and its pattern. Sun will be in Capricorn for those born between 15th January and 14th February of any year.
(2) When Transiting Raahu joins the Natal Moon (those born in Birth Stars: U-Aashaadhaa 2, 3, & 4 Pad, Shravan and Dhanishthaa 1, 2 Pad) one will have to shoulder new responsibilities that will benefit the person. All their wishes will now be fulfilled. Those who are in communication field like writers, players, publicists, visual communications, poets etc, will prosper and earn better during the period, if Raahu crosses Mercury in Natal chart of these persons.
(3) When Transiting Rahu crosses the Natal Mars, the persons involving in sports will gain in reputation, popularity and money, while some are also likely to involve sexually bringing in ill repute. Avoid all ill habits, particularly smoking, drinking and consuming unhealthy food, which could find to cause serious health hazard later.
(4) If transiting Raahu crosses the position of Jupiter in Natal Chart, the finance of that person will grow much and his status will be satisfactory.
(5) When Raahu crosses one’s Natal Venus in this house, he/she will be compassionate and good thinks fast and spontaneously unasked for, with least effort. Many will be fortunate to get married. While Raahu transits the position of Saturn in this house in Natal Chart, one will bare responsibilities with ease and will discharge them intelligently. The health of the person could have problems in this period.
(6) While transiting Raahu crosses this house where the Natal Raahu is positioned, the person will save money (earnings) and this is not a time to change the course of business, employment or agreements, which could land the person in trouble. Pick and choose the possible load of work and never go against the wish of your seniors at home or work place. This has to be viewed as a very careful time.
(7) When Raahu crosses the Natal Ketu, the results are same as Rahu crossing the natal position of Mars as in item 3 above.

--Transiting Ketu with Radical Sun in Cancer will bring deception. While passing through the house where natal Moon is housed, the person may be separated from mother, work place could turn to be hell and gambling and speculations will result in heavy loss and despair.
--Transiting Ketu the natal Mars in Cancer, during that time, the person would commit lot of mistakes and could not find easy remedies. One may be transferred without reason or rhyme. Do not try to buy new assets in any form. There could be some confusion at home. One should handle them with submission and judicial judgment of actions.
--When Ketu crosses natal Venus, disappoints in love to a prospective partner is evident, and complications may magnify the small differences. Some end up with separation or divorce.
--Transiting Ketu, while in Cancer, where Saturn is deposited in the birth chart, would cause more harm than good. It could bring more enemies than friends. Husband and wife could separate for a flimsy reason. Emotions could be cause for all reactions to bring adverse effects.
--Transiting Ketu in the house of Natal Raahu, one would suddenly become sluggish, lazy, and pessimistic in any action of necessity. The mental outlook could cause anxiety to others who know them before.
--Ketu crossing Natal Ketu will have the same effects as detailed above, when Ketu crossing natal Mars in item 11 above.
Please note: The above details relate to the respective planets are positioned in your birth chart (Natal Chart), and in the period Raahu or Ketu transits through that house.

Detailed Predictions: Raashi (Position of the Moon in birth chart)
Those given hereunder are collected and assimilated from ‘Phala Deepika’, Uttarkalamitra’ ; ‘Jyothisharnava Navanitham’; ‘Jathaka Alan Kara’ ‘Sundarananda Jothisha Kavya’; ‘Brahat Samhitha’& ‘Yavana Jatak’

Mesh (Aries) Ashwinee, Bharani and Krittikaa 1st Pad: (Raahu in 10th House from the Moon)
They will have financial and positional gain, caution to be exercised in marital relationship. Please excise caution in dealing with new friends. No new involvement or change in profession. Good attentions should be given for health and active life.

Rishabh (Taurus) Krittikaa 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Pad, Rohinee, Mrigashiraa 1st and 2nd Pad: (Raahu in the 9th House)
It is not a goodtime for investment of any nature. Must be careful in business deals

Mithun (Gemini) Mrigashiraa 3rd and 4th Pad; Aardraa, Punarvasu 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pad; (Raahu in the 8th House)
Medical care is necessary and even slight health hazards should be attended immediately. Much could not be said on progress of business. Must not enter into new contracts. If you are passing favorable Desa period, set backs may not be severe.

Kark (Cancer) Punarvasu 4th Pad, Pushya, and Aslesha: (Raahu in the 7th House)
If you have a business partner, look out to be careful in all the internal dealings of your common business. If employed, watch out for avoiding silly mistakes and not being careful in your dedicated work.

Sinh (Leo) Maghaa, P-Phaalgunee, U-Phaalgunee 1st Pad; (Raahu in 6th House)
Extremely fine time and could get better comforts and income during this period. You enter into favorable new contracts. You can make profitable touring and get all your family members very happy.

Kanyaa (Virgo) : U-Phaalgunee 2nd, 3rd and 4th Pad, Hast, Chitraa 1st and 2nd Pad; (Raahu in 5th House)
Watch carefully not to lose money in transaction. Person whom you trust may not be anymore trustworthy. Children may go against your wishes. You should bare disappointments with fortitude. You have to bare the sorrowfulness from some corner, you do not expect. Travel must be far and few in between and travel in safety.

Vrishchik (Scorpio) Vishaakhaa 4th Pad, Anuraadhaa, and Jyeshthaa; (Raahu in 3rd House)
This is the time you have been waiting for. You will have family happiness, financial gain and your business will flourish during this time. Happy occasions like marriage under your leadership will materialize in pomp and show.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Moola, P-Aashaadh, U-Aashaadhaa 1st Pad; (Raahu in 2nd House)
Disputes in courts and claims on your assets will go against you. Some loss is eminent.

Makar (Capricorn) U-Aashaadhaa 2nd, 3rd and 4th Pad, Shravan, Dhanishthaa 1st and 2nd Pad. (Raahu in 1st House)
If the Dashaa Lord is good, it may cause some minor health hazards, otherwise, the period may cause ill health suddenly.

Kumbh (Aquarius) Dhanishtha 3 and 4 Pad, Shatabhishaa, P-Bhaadrapad 1, 2 and 3 Pad; (Raahu in 12th House)
Be ready to meet some sudden expenditures and some legal cases, if the main Dashaa is not favorable.

Meen (Pieces) P-Bhaadrapad 4th Pad, U-Bhaadrapad, and Revatee; (Raahu in 11th House)
Many auspicious functions will be performed you.

Raahu and Ketu in Natal Chart from Mathereswar’s Phala Deepika:
"Pathonameenaligatha syaRAHO rdhasa vipakhe mahitham cha saukhyam|
Deshaadhipatyam nara vaahan pati rdhasavadhane sakalasya nasa ||
Sl. 16; Adhyaya 18||

Raahu occupying Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio in a birth chart, bestow upon the native, during his Dashaa – honor, lordship of lands, vehicles and attendants. All these, however, are liable to be taken away (by him) at the conclusion of the Raahu Dashaa. (Raahu Mahaa Dashaa spreads for 18 Years)

Further, should Raahu be conjoined with a benefic (ie., Jupiter, The Waxing Moon, Venus and unaffected Mercury) and be posited in the Natal chart in an auspicious house (ie, 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, & 11), will raise the person to great heights in life with wealth and position. His desires will be fulfilled in this Dashaa and will enjoy happiness in his house, with steady accumulation of wealth.

During the Dashaa period of Ketu, the native will be oppressed by enemies, lenders, thieves and government. He could receive wounds from weapons, develop decease caused by heat, earn bad name in his community, and find living in isolation. (Dashaa Period of Ketu is 7 years) The chief indications of Raahu Bhukti in Raahu’s Maha-Dashaa are illness through poison/ water, sex with other man’s wife (or married women have illicit relationship ), separation from or loss of one’s near and dear ones, hot exchange of words, and mental torture through wicked people.

While it so, the native could enjoy a spell of happiness, inclined to worship God, have pleasant association with charming women and discussion of sacred lore during the sub-period of Jupiter in the Maha-Dashaa of Raahu (and these could be illusions to welcome unpleasantness)



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