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Ketu and Raahu-1

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Ketu and Raahu-1

Raahu may be treated as if in his own house if placed in four signs including Aquarius. (The other signs will obviously be Taurus, Gemini and Virgo as per Paraashar himself.)
Likewise Ketu will give good results if placed in Scorpio, Scorpio, Pisces and Sagittarius.
(I purposely repeated Scorpio.)
If Nodes will be in these signs, they will yield to good results at the time on commencement of their Dashaas.
"Chatushtaya" should not be interpreted as four houses continuously.
Jaatak Paarijaat says that Raahu in Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, and Cancer signs and in 10H gives good results.
Ketu gives good results in Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, and in Sagittarius.
In my experience, dictum on Raahu works fully but about Ketu I am doubtful.
There does seem to be some confusion there. Beginning from Scorpio, Aquarius is the 4th Raashi. So that would mean the sage gives Aquarius to both Raahu and Ketu. That seems unlikely. The word used in the Shlok is "Chatushtaya" which could be interpreted as a set of four as implied or 1,4,7,10 or four signs forward from Aquarius and four backwards from Scorpio as the Shlok appears in the Chara Dashaa section of BPHS.
BPHS in Ch. 47, Sl. 34/35 clearly describes Aquarius as own Raashi for Raahu, and Scorpio for Ketu. Gemini is Rahu's Mool-trikon, and Sagittarius for Ketu, Rahu is exalted in Taurus, and Ketu in Scorpio.

Paraashar as well mentions another view: Virgo own Raashi of Raahu, Pisces that of Ketu; (but it seems that the author of these lines prefer the first view). So, that is not the question. But, in Ch. 50, Sl. 42 there is a difficult question arising, about the 2nd Lordship of Ketu: 'Four Raashis from Kumbh and four Raashis from Vrischik belong to Raahu and Ketu, respectively. If Raahu and Ketu are in any one of the aforesaid Raashis, the Dashaa will be productive of beneficial results.'
- 4 Raashis from Aquarius is Taurus - 2nd Raashi of Raahu therefore
- 4 Raashis from Scorpio is... Aquarius!

Should Aquarius - the own Raashi of Raahu - really be 2nd Rashi of Ketu?
I think the best solution is the following, based on Paraashar's teaching:

Mool Trikon:    Raahu - Gemini,                           Ketu - Sagittarius
Own houses:     Raahu - Aquarius and Virgo,          Ketu - Scorpio and Pisces
Exaltation:       Raahu - Taurus,                           Ketu - Scorpio

Pisces as his 2nd own house fits well to Ketu due to the spiritual nature (Moksh) of this Raashi; Virgo is the sign of Mercury (Mool Trikon) and Gemini as 2nd Raashi is related to Mercury as well. Raahu placement in Virgo is good and auspicious, Raahu generally is deeply related to Mercury.

QUE - We all know that Raahu and Ketu are always 7 Houses apart or exactly opposite to each other. Then how come Ketu can be in his Mool Trikon when Raahu is positioned in his Mool Ttikon Gemini? same query/logic for the OWN houses as mentioned above..?
Only chance/possibility is if we go by Paraashar, is that, when Raahu is  Exalted simultaneously Ketu is also Exalted! and Vis-a-vis. Anybody has a chart where Raahu is placed in his OWN house and Ketu is Debilitated?

ANS - Raahu and Ketu are always opposite (180). Their Mool Trikon, Gemini and Sagittarius, are opposite as well. Why shouldn't they be in their Mool Trikon at the same time? Why should this be illogical? Both nodes are closely linked together, but each working for very different aims and goals.

Own houses of Raahu are Aquarius and Virgo, and of Ketu are Scorpio and Pisces.
Virgo is opposite to Pisces, Aquarius is square to Scorpio (not opposite). It is indeed a bit difficult to understand this, but obviously Paraashar - as an inspired master - has mapped lordships of Raahu and Ketu to Aquarius and Scorpio according to the attributes (Kaarak) of these signs, and these lordships fit very well. This is the logic behind the designation of lordships.

Moreover, Aquarius contains Shatabhishaa Nakshatra, which is a Raahu Nakshatra, Scorpio does not contain a Ketu Nakshatra but its themes are closely connected to Ketu's. Raahu is exalted in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio - opposite signs. I don't recognize any missing logic.
Raahu in Guru's House
Raahu represents snake - the native died by snake bite.
Raahu in Lagna and Ketu in 7th or vice versa, it will spoil your mind, body, face, and marital life.

QUES: Raahu and Ketu - sometimes they make person very spiritual and sometimes very cruel. What is the logic?

QUES: When Raahu or Ketu is Vargottam, does it show person is more into research? Research can be different?
ANS: Raahu when becomes Vargottam, a lot of sufferings could be there and by those sufferings the person becomes highly spiritual. But we can say only after seeing the chart.



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