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Many times there is only one planet in one House in a chart, but many times there are even up to four planets (a combination of planets) in a House in a chart. How do they affect the Native?

First of all one must look for such combination of planets in a NATAL CHART or MOON CHART or RAASHI CHART or SUN HOUSE of the native, not in any other chart.

The second thing - a transiting planet does not form any conjunction with any planets of your Natal Chart, it just transits over the house occupied by them and the results of Gochar are judged on the basis of Natal Moon rather on the basis of the positioning of transits from Natal Moon.

Here are some interpretations of two planets posited together. All combinations are given in alphabetical order ----

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Venus

Ketu and Raahu

Ketu and Venus

Mars and Raahu

Mars and Saturn

Mars and Venus

Raahu and Saturn

Raahu and Venus

Sun and Venus




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