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7-Ganesh Pradosh

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7-Ganesh Pradosh
[From  US Brahmins Group, on 26 Jun 2011]

Lord Ganesh is loved by all sectors of Hindu. Even non-Hindu respect Ganesh. Ganesh's face is very auspicious because of elephant's trunk and ivory. In Hinduism Elephant represents Jupiter. At one time Ganesh was pure white formed from the milky ocean. Saturn did not like His pure white color. Pure white represents purity with no brain power. Saturn wanted to offer the knowledge of Lord Vishnu and Wisdom of Shiv to him. He played a role in changing his color to dark green like his mother Devee. Ganesh is placed between Shiv and Paarvatee. That means: Ganesh is the between the soul and power. That means knowledge and wisdom is placed between Soul and Power. Knowledge and Wisdom are two important gifts of Lord to every creature on the earth. It is sourced from mind. Its strength is very large and high like Himaalaya.

How did Ganesh form. Ganesh was formed from Ketu and Chandra's combination with the presence of Venus and Mercury and Jupiter and Saturn aspecting them. Ganesh was formed in the Vrishchik (Scorpion) Raashi.

Now this Pradosh, Chandra is peak in Rishabh Raashi. Ketu is in Neech in Rishabh. Mars and Venus are present in Rishabh. Since Moon is of Uchch in Rishabh Raashi, Ketu attains Neech Bhang Raaj Yog which creates Ganesh in Rishabh Raashi and thus Ganesh Pradosh is formed. Significantly, Mercury is also noticed moving to katagam at the same time. In this situation Ganesh takes all the form of Shiv. Ganesh is the only God who crossed the universe. When that happens Shiv and Ganesh merge into one and rest of the Gods are also merged into them. Ganesh is the Thumbaa Ketu.  The universe originated from him.

The Sun starts traveling from South to North from January 14th. In June he reaches the north-most point in the sky. After June he starts gonging back to south. That is a significant event in Hindu rituals. Some temples celebrate this occasion. Time of the Gods and Goddess to appear and destroy the evils of the earth. July 6th to 78th is the Aaani Uthiram the festival for Shiv with Abishak. It will be on the Aashaadh Shukla Ashtamee that Lord would perform the universal dance. Hence this is the last Pradosh in which the Sun is in the North-most direction.

Significantly, after the July 7th 2011, the world will turn around. Geological and political changes would happen. No more protection for evils. Krishn's birth day - Janmaashtamee, Nava Raatri would make the world with the most changes. When Saturn is ready to move into Tulaa, what is happening on the earth is not predictable. Saturn thoughts are unclear. It was in 1956 when Saturn merged with Raahu in Vrishchik Raashi. Now after 60 years, they plan to merge in Tulaa Raashi this time. That means the changes are for different reason. Ganesh and Aanjaneya would join on this Pradosh to worship Shiv. Devotees attend this and face the worst in their life later easily. Just like last Durgaa Pradosh, this Ketu Pradosh is very significant. Offer Ganesh's prayer to Shiv. (See the picture of Golden Shiv Ling). Shiv is pure Gold and good to see him in golden color. Shree Kaashee Naath is very powerful. What the Ganesh Pradosh could offer, Ganesh Pradosh would offer: knowledge, wisdom, good thoughts that could carry us to Shiv. In your new venture try praying Ganesh Shiv on this Pradosh. Prayer of Ganesh with Shiv is powerful.

Shwet Vinaayagar, Tiruvenkaatu, is the God who was created self to accomplish or to help mankind on earth. Kalla Vaarana Vinaagayar is the one offered long life to Saint Markanteyar in thiru Kataiyoor. Karpaka Vinaayar in Thiru Parangkuntram is the most beautiful Ganesh on the earth. Kailaash Vinaayagar is the most powerful Ganesh accompanied with Shiv and Satee and is being offered Siva Gana Post. Thiru Nallaaru Ganesh is the only Ganesh who could turn the bad effects of Saturn into good in life.

Ganesh has power to offer attainment and take to soul to Kailaash. Ganesh prayer is the easiest prayer in the Hindu worship. All sectors of the people and class could form Ganesh and worship at home and temple. He helps indirectly and could not be noticed by the devotees. Ketu dominant people with Moon should pray Ganesh.

(1) Om Mahaa Ganapati Namah
(2) Om Mangal Ganapati Namah
(3) Om Aadi Ganapati Namah
(4) Om Dhwajaа Ganapati Namah
(5) Om Kshipra Ganapati Namah
(6) Om Hiramb Ganapati Namah
(7) Om Swarn Ganapati Namah
(8) Om Lakshmee Ganapati Namah
(9) Om Oordhwa Ganapati Namah
(10) Om Haridra Ganapati Namah
(11) Om Nritya Ganapati Namah
(12) Om Shakti Ganamati Namah
(13) Om Prasanna Vadana Namah
(14) Om Ekadnaath Ganapati Namah
(15) Om Siddhipati Ganapat Namah
(16) Om Selva Ganapati Namah
(17) Om Shiv Shakti Ganapati Namah
(18) Om Nava Shakti Ganapati Namah
(19) Om Navagraha Ganapati Namah
(20) Om Dhoom Ketu Ganapati Namah
(21) Om Raaj Ganapati Namah
(22) Om Baal Ganapati Namah
(23) Om Veer Ganapati Namah
(24) Om Varad Ganapati Namah
(25) Om Yog Ganapat Namah
(26) Om Sundar Ganapati Namah
(27) Om Srishti Ganapati Namah
(28) Om Aanand Ganapati Namah
(29) Om Bhuvan Ganapati Namah
(30) Om Prashaspati Ganapati Namah
(31) Om Antam Katant Ganapati Namah
(32) Om Sima Ganapati Namah
(33) Om Raag Ganapati Namah
(34) Om Bhakt Ganapati Namah
(35) Om Kailaash Ganapati Namah
(36) Om Naatya Ganapati Namah
(37) Om Sadaa Shiv Ganapati Namah
(38) Om Sankatahaaraa Ganapati Namah
(39) Om Uchchhisht Ganapati Namah
(40) Om Pashupati Ganapati Namah
(41) Om Shivaaya Namah Ganapati Namah


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