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Flowers in the Hands of Lalitaa - Aayudh Beej Mantra
Tripur Sundaree holds 4 Aayudh in her 4 hands. They are Paash, Ankush, Kodand (Bow) and Panch Pushp Baan (5 arrows of flowers). Specific Beej and Mantra are associated with each Aayudh. Mantra Anushthaan of those Beej are undertaken for specific purposes. The Beej Uddhaar are given below:

(1) Paash : Aim
Lalitaa Sahastra Naam says "Raga swaroop pasaadya'. The Varn "A" denotes the "Raag". Hence, Paash Beej is "Aim" (Sarada Tilaka
Tantra). But Bhasurananda taken "Hreem" as Paash Beej.
(2) Ankush : Krom
Lalitaa Sahastra Naam says "Krodhaakara Ankushojwala". "Kro" is taken from "Krodhaakara" and "Aim" is taken from "Amkoshojwala". It becomes "Krom". This is Ankush Beej.
(3) Kodand : Dham
Lalitaa Sahastra Naam says "Mano Roopekshu Kodand". Kodand is also called "Dhanuh". Hence, "Dham" is the Beej of Kondand.
(4) Panch Pushp Baan (5 arrows) : Draam, Dreem, Kleem, Bloom, Sah
Lalitaa Sahastra Naam says "Panch Tanmaatraa Saayak" - Saayak means Dhanush

These 5 Tanmaatraa are the 5 Vishaya (sbjects) of 5 gross elements - (1) Shabd Sound, (2) Sparsh Touch (3) Roop Form (4) Ras Taste (5) Gandh Smell. These 5 are the Tanmaatraa of (1) Aakaash, (2) Vaayu, (3) Agni, (4) Jal, and (5) Prithvi.

As per Vaamakeshwar Tantra, these 5 Tanmaatraa are the arrows and mind is the Ikshu (sugar cane) Kodand. These arrows are of 3 types: (1) Sthool, (2) Sookshm, and (3) Paraa. Sthool is the form of flower as described above. Sookshm is the form of Mantra. Paraa is the form of Vaasanaa or Tendencies.

According to Kalikaa Puraan, the 5 tendencies related to these 5 flowers are: Harshan, Rochan, Mohan, Shoshan, Maaran.

According to Gyaanaarnav Tantra there are 5 aspects related to these 5 flowers: (1) Kshobhanam, (2) Draavanam, (3) Aakarshanam, (4) Vashyam, and (5) Unmaadam.

According to Tantra Raaj Tantra these tendencies are - Madan, Unmaad, Mohan, Deepan, and Shoshan
Tantra Raaj says: (1) Madan, (2) Unmaad, (3) Mohan, (4) Deepan, and (5) Shoshan
The respective flowers are: (1) Kamal 2) Kairav, (3) Kalhaar,  (4) Indeevar, and (5) Sahakara
The Beejaakshar related to above flowers are: (1) Draam, (2) Dreem, (3) Kleem, (4) Bloom, and (5) Sah; respectively.

Kamal flower is Lotus
Rakt Kairav is Red Water lily
Kalhaar is water lily with combination of red and white color
Indeevar is the black water lily
Sahakara is the sweet mango flower (Manjaree)



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