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1. Preparation of Raam'a Raaj Tilak and Mantharaa's Mischief
2. Kaikeyee's Var, Dashrath-Kaikeyee's Dialog and Exile to Raam
3. Bharat and Kaikeyee

Kaikeyee is a Raamaayan character. She was the youngest queen of Raajaa Dasharath. Raajaa used to love her very much. She was the princess of Kaikaya Desh, daughter of King Ashwapati, that is why she was called Kaikeyee. Her one brother's name was Yudhaamanyu. She was skilled in warfare tactics too. Dasharath was very brave and mighty. He had helped Devtaa in many wars.

Once when he went to help Devtaa in ev-Asur Sangraam, he took Kaikeyee as his Saarathee (charioteer). He went to help Indra in Vaijayant city in which Timidhwaj Raakshas lived in the southern part of Dandak Van. That Raakshas, popularly known as Shambar, had defeated all Devtaa. There Raajaa fought with that Asur and one day when he was fighting with him, he got wounded and got unconscious in the battlefield. Kaikeyee noticed that Raajaa was not well, so she took his Rath (chariot) out of the battlefield and saved his life. Raajaa got very pleased with this, he asked her to ask for two Var. Kaikeyee couldn't think of any at that time, so she said - "I can't think of any at this time, I will ask them at a later time."

Besides when Dasharath married Kaikeyee, he promised her father that he would appoint only Kaikeyee's son as the King of Ayodhyaa. When Raajaa did Putreshti Yagya with the desire of children, she had one son named Bharat. But she loved Raam, Kaushalyaa's son, more than she loved Bharat.

My Note
After these incidents a long time passed. Then perhaps Kaikeyee forgot about both the incidents - about her two Var and the promise made to her father to appoint her son as the king of Ayodhyaa; otherwise no problem would have arisen at the time Raam'a Raaj Tilak; but Dasharath didn't forget any. That was why Dasharath didn't consult Kaikeyee while deciding about Raam's Raaj Tilak. Although both Maanas and Raamaayan do not mention these incidents, that Dasharath promised Kaikeyee's father to give Ayodhyaa throne to Kaikeyee's son, but it seems like that. Only Mantharaa reminds Kaikeyee about her Var. Raamaayan clearly shows that Dasharath was careful not to inform Kaikeyee about this. He did neither inform Raajaa Janak nor send any information or invitation to Kaikeyee's father's house, maybe because of the same reasons.

Preparations for Raam's Raaj Tilak (Coronation)
All four sons of Dasharath grew up, they got married to Janak and his brother's four daughters and came back to Ayodhyaa. Dasharath loved Raam very much, so he decided to perform His Raaj Tilak. He called many neighboring kings and consulted them about this. All agreed in one voice for it. So the next day was fixed for Raam's coronation. Raajaa told Raam everything and asked Him and Seetaa to complete the formalities for Raaj Tilak. Raajaa did not inform two people, Bharat and Raajaa Janak and did not consult Kaikeyee also as he used to do so.

That evening Ayodhyaa was richly decorated. People were very happy to hear this news and they were illuminating their houses and enjoying with music and dance. Kaushalyaa also was donating many things to Braahman on this occasion. Devtaa also heard this. They got worried hearing this. If Raam became the ruler of Ayodhyaa, then who will kill Raavan? Raam's destiny was in forests not in Ayodhyaa. So they went to Brahmaa Jee and told the whole thing. Brahmaa Jee remembered Saraswatee Jee and asked her to stop this ceremony. Saraswatee Jee gave a thought and sat on Mantharaa's tongue.

Mantharaa Tells Kaikeyee About Raam's Raaj Tilak
Mantharaa noticed all the celebrations in Ayodhyaa, she couldn't understand the reason of this enjoyment, so she asked another maid about this. She said - "You don't know? Tomorrow is Raam's Raaj Tilak. Everybody is busy in celebrations."

Mantharaa immediately ran to Kaikeyee and told her everything. Kaikeyee was sleeping at that time, so Manatharaa said - "You will always be sleeping or will you wake up also sometimes? See outside what is happening?" Kaikeyee asked - "Mantharaa, What has happened, why are you so much excited?" Mantharaa said - "Do you know tomorrow is Raam's Raaj Tilak?" Kaikeyee got very happy to hear this and she said, "Is it? My Raam will be the King of Ayodhyaa?" and she immediately gave her a pearl necklace for bringing this news.

Mantharaa said - "I have not come here to take these jewelry from you. You are not trying to understand me what I am trying to say to you. Tell me why you should be happy at this news? If Raam will be the King then Bharat will be His servant and you will have to serve Kaushalyaa for your whole life. Then pass your whole life as a maid. This is not the time of happiness, O fool. This is the time to think as how to stop Raam's Tilak and get throne to Bharat."

Kaikeyee said - "Mantharaa, You are just uselessly getting worried. My Raam loves me very much and I love Him more than I love Bharat. Besides, this is Raghu Kul's tradition that the eldest son gets the throne. Go and enjoy." Now Mantharaa beat her head, she said - "Kaikeyee, When will you grow up? You should think about Bharat as how he should get kingship, so that you can also be the King's mother, otherwise you will always be living like a maid of Kaushalyaa. Think about it."

Mantharaa's Advice to Kaikeyee
Kaikeyee understood a little of Mantharaa, so she asked her as how to plan this. For some time Mantharaa thought then said - "One thing comes to my mind. Do you remember that Raajaa promised you to give you two Var? Now is the time to ask for those Var. By these Var you can get what you desire. In one Var you ask for Bharat's Raaj Tilak, and in another Var you ask for Raam' exile for 14 years. And keep in mind, don't ask these Var unless Raajaa vows on Raam; and don't settle for anything else." She further said - "You wear dirty torn clothes, take off your jewelry and lie down on the floor of your Kop Bhavan. When Raajaa comes, don't speak a word for long time. He will be asking many questions, when you find the appropriate moment then only start talking to him." Kaikeyee understood and did as Mantharaa said.



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