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Janak, Raajaa

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Janak, Raajaa
See  Nimi Vansh (according to Bhaagvat Puraan);

Lineage of Raajaa Janak
Manu's son Ikshwaaku had 3 sons - Dand, Vikukshi, and Nim. Dand was exiled, so he went to Dandak forest and started ruling that land. Vikukshi had the kings named Maandhaataa, Trishanku, Harishchandra, Sagar, Bhageerath, Raam etc as his descendents. Nimi set up his kingdom in Mithil city. He once decided to do a large Yagya, so he invited many Rishi. he requested Vashishth Jee to be his Purohit for that Yagya but Vashishth Jee said - "Now I am going to do yagya for Indra, I will do the Yagya for you when I come back." Nimi thought, "Who has seen tomorrow." so he chose Gautam's son Shataanand and started his Yagya. When Indra's Yagya was over, after 500 years, Vashishth Jee came to Nimi to do his Yagya, but he found that his Yagya was over. Vashishth Jee was not pleased with this, so he cursed Nimi that Nimi's soul should be separated from his body (Vi-deh). Nimi said - "You have not cursed me according to Dharm, so you should also die. Thus both died. Nimi had no son so the sages produced a child from his lifeless body (Vi-deh). He was named Mithi Janak. He inhabited Mithilaa Puree (Devee Bhaagvat, Skandh 6). From then on all kings of Mithilaa were called Janak.

Thus Janak is not his name. All the kings of Mithilaa were called Janak. Mithilaa kingdom's capital was Janak Puree. It had the boundaries in Nepaal and in India. Janak Puree is supposed to be in Nepaal. Mithilaa Puree has been identified as the Janak Pur in Dhanush District of Nepaal. King Nimi had died after being cursed by Vashishth Jee (See Vashishth Jee Dies, Vashishth Jee Lives). Raajaa Janak, who was Seetaa's father, was also known as Videh (who does not care for his body) was the 21st Janak. He was called Videh because in spite of being a King he used to live like a Yogee. He is called Raajarshi also because in spite of being a king he lived like a Rishi. There were 57 Janak in all in Videh Janak Dynasty. His wife's name was Sunayanaa.

Janak Finds Seetaa
This Janak's name, whose daughter was Seetaa, was Seeradhwaj. They were two brothers. His younger brother's name was Kushdhwaj whose two daughters - Maandavee and Shrutkeerti were married to Dasharath's two sons - Bharat and Shatrughn respectively. Janak Jee had a daughter named Urmilaa too. She was married to Lakshman.

Once Janak was tilling his land for some customary rites that his plough's front tip hit a pot. The pot was dug out and he found a girl in it. Since She was born by the hit of his Seet (front tip of plough), She was named Seetaa. Seetaa means furrow. Since She was born from prithvi (ground) She is called as the daughter of Bhoomi Devee. Gradually She grew up as a beautiful young woman. Janak thought of Her Swayamvar. He put a condition for Her marriage. He had an old bow of Shiv Jee in his house. Its name was "Kindhur". That whoever will pull its string, he will marry Her to him. Many kings, including Raavan, came there but they could not even move the bow.

Vishwaamitra Jee also heard this news so he brought Raam and Lakshman to Janak Puree to show that bow. He had brought Raam and Lakshman from Dasharath to protect his Yagya. Raam saw that bow and lifted it up in a playful mood. He tied its string and made a great noise by pulling its string. At the same time it broke. And Janak married Seetaa to Raam. He married his younger daughter Urmilaa to Lakshman. When Dasharath came for Raam's marriage, Janak married his brother's two daughters, Maandavee and Shrutkeerti, also to Bharat and Shatrughn respectively.

Read Janak-2 to know when and how King Janak accepted his discipleship. In fact, when Ashtaavakra had freed his father from Varun Dev, Janak Jee accepted his discipleship.

Janak Relieves Sinners

According to Padm Puraan, Chapters 30-31, Janak once separated his body from his soul using Yog. Yam's messengers came to take his body to Heaven. The King got on the chariot with their help and set off on their journey. On the way they passed Kaal Puree, and saw many people suffering in the Hell. The wind which was blowing after touching Janak, when touched those people, they got some relief. As Janak passed by those people came and appealed to him not not go from there. Janak thought if his presence was giving those people some relief, he could stay there considering it as Heaven, so he he just stoped there.

When Janak did not come for some time, Yam Raaj himself came there and asked him why did he stay there. Janak told him that he was trying to relieve some people, and if he allowed those people to go from there, he would also go from there. Yam Raaj counted their sins and said to the King that they were destined to suffer there. Janak may proceed to Heaven. Janak asked - "Is there any way to relieve their suffering?" Yam Raaj said - "Yes, If you can give them a portion of your good deeds, I can let them go." Janak Jee asked Yam Raaj the reason of his own presence there, if Yam Raaj kept only sinners kept in Hell. Then Yam Raaj told him his sin that in spite of doing many good Karm, once he stopped one cow eating grass, and that is why he had to pass through Hell. Janak Jee proceeded towards Heaven.

After Raavan had captured Seetaa he put Her in the Ashok grove. Once he sent a Raakshas named Marutta in the form of Janak to influence her, but Seetaa did not relent as per Kamban Raamaayan, Sundar Kaand.

During the time of the Mahaabhaarat, Bheem defeated one Raajaa Janak who ruled Mithila as per MBH, Sabhaa Parv, Chap 30, verse 13. Janak was a pious soul as per MBH, Van Parv, Chap 207, verse 37. He gave up the kingdom and became a Sanyaasee in old age as per Shaanti Parv, Chap 18, verse 4.

--Ashmak once advised Janak (Ashmakopaakhyaan)
--Once a king named Pratardan fought with Janak. Janak’s army stood flummoxed but he showed them sights of heaven and hell and motivated them as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 99, verse 4.
--Once the king Kshemdarshee fought Janak. When Janaka was about to lose, the sage Kalakavriksheeya advised him to give his daughter to Kshemdarshee and make peace. Janak did so as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 106, verse 21.
--Once the sage Maandavya asked Janak many questions on mirages that he answered as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chapr 296.
--On another occasion, Janak had a discussion with the sage Paraashar on prosperity as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 296.
--A king in the same dynasty, Karaal Janak was advised by Vashishth, as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 302-308.
--Another king named named Vasumaan in this dynasty was also advised by sages as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 309. He was the son of Devaraat and also asked Yaagyavalkya many questions as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 310-318.
--Janadev, a king in this dynasty asked the sage Panchashikh the ways to prevent ageing as per MBH Shaanti Parv, Chap 319.

Once when the Janak Dharmdhwaj ruled Mithilaa, a learned woman named Sulabhaa heard about his wisdom and decided to test him. She transformed herself into a beautiful woman and approached Janak who offered her a seat. She took it and transferred her soul into Janak’s body. A debate began and after she was convinced of his wisdom, she left his palace as per MBH, Shaanti Parv, Chap 320.

Once Shuk Dev Jee, son of Vyaas Jee, was not satisfied with his Bhaagvat practices, so he was sent by his father to Raajaa Janak to clarify his doubts. Raajaa Janak was able to clarify even those that Vyaas himself couldn’t as per Devee Bhaagvat, Pratham Skandh. Janak was a vegetarian as per MBH, Anushaasan Parv, Chap 115, verse 65.
--Once Dharm took the form of a Braahman and advised Janak as per MBH, Ashwamedh Parv, Chap 32.
--Vyaas has also used Aindryadyumni, Daivaraatee, Dharmdhwaj, Karaal, Karaalamanakaa, Maithil, Mithilaadhip, Mithilaadhipati, Mithileshwar, Videh like names for Janak.



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