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4-Ikshwaaku Vansh-Nimi

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4-Ikshwaaku Vansh-From Bhaagvat Puraan
Bhaagvat Puraan, Skandh 9, Ch 13

1. Soorya Vansh According to Bhavishya Puraan-1
2. Soorya Vansh According to Bhavishya Puraan-2
3. Soorya Vansh According to Bhaagvat Puraan (Vikukshi Vansh)
4. Soorya Vansh According to Bhaagvat Puraan (Nimi Vansh)
5. Soorya Vansh According to Padm Puraan

Ikshwaaku's Vansh - Nimi's Vansh
Ikshwaaku was born from Manu's sneeze
Ikshwaaku had 100 sons - Vikukshi, Nimi, and Dandak were the eldest. His 25 younger sons were the rulers of the eastern part of Aaryaavart, and the older 25 became the Raajaa of the western part of Aaryaavart and the first three were the kings of the Central part. Remaining 47 sons became the kings of southern part etc.

Vikukshi's Vansh, Nimi's Vansh,  Dand's Vansh

Ikshwaaku Vansh-Nimi's Vansh
His another son was Nimi. He died in a conflict with Vashishth. Then Muni thought that without Raajaa there will be disorganization among the people, so they churned the body of Nimi through which a son was born. Taking birth like this he was named Janak. Because he took birth from Videh (whose body was not there) he was known as Videh; and because of being born through Manthan (churning) he was called "Mithil". He inhabited "Mithilaa Puree".

Nimi's son was Udaavasu
Udaavasu's son was Nandivardhan
Nandivardhan's son was Suketu
Suketu's son was Devaraat
Devaraat's son was Brihadrath
Brihadrath's son was Mahaaveerya
Mahaaverrya's son was Sudhriti
Sudhriti's son was Dhrishtketu
Dhrishtketu's son was Haryashwa
Haryashwa's son was Maru
Maru's son was Prateepak

Prateepak's son was Kritirath
Kritirath's son was Devmeedh
Devmeedh's son was Vishrut
Vishrut's , his son was Mahaadhriti
Mahaadhriti's son was Kritiraat
Kritiraat's son was Mahaaromaa
Mahaaromaa's son was Swarnromaa
Swarnromaa's son was Hriswaromaa
Hriswaromaa's son was Seeradhwaj - he was tilling the land when Seetaa Jee was born from the front part (Phal) of his Hal (Seer) that is why he
       was called Seeradhwaj.
Seeradhwaj's son was Kushdhwaj
Kushdhwaj's son was Dharmdhwaj
Dharmdhwaj had two sons - Kritdhwaj and Mitdhwaj.
Kritdhwaj had a son named Keshidhwaj and Mitdhwaj had the son named Khaandikya. Keshidhwaj was very good at Aatm-Vidyaa and
          Khaandikya was good at Karmkaand. Khaandikya got frightened from Keshidhwaj and ran away.

Keshidhwaj had the son named Bhaanumaan
Bhaanumaan's son was Shatadyumn
Shatadyumn's son was Shuchi
Shuchi's son was Sanadhwaj
Sanadhwaj's son was Oordhwaketu
Oordhwaketu's son was Aj
Aj's son was Purujit
Purujit's son was Arishtnemi
Arishtnemi's son was Shrutaayu
Shrutaayu's son was Supaarshwak
Supaarshwak's son was Mithilaa's king Kshemadhi.

Kshemadhi's son was Samarath
Samarath's son was Satyarath
Satyarath's son was Upaguru
Upaguru's son was Upagupt - he was the Ansh of Agni. 
Upagupt's son was Vaswanant
Vaswanant's son was Yuyudh
Yuyudh's son was Subhaashan
Subhaashan's son was Shrut
Shrut's son was Jaya
Jaya's son was Vijaya
Vijaya's son was Rit
Rit's son was Shunak
Shunak's son was Bahulaashwa
Bahulaashwa's son was Krit
Krit's son was Mahaavashee - All these kings of Mithil Vansh are called Maithel."



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