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3-Ikshwaaku Vansh-Vikukshi

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3-Ikshwaaku Vansh - From Bhaagvat Puraan
Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1-2

1. Soorya Vansh According to Bhavishya Puraan-1
2. Soorya Vansh According to Bhavishya Puraan-2
3. Soorya Vansh According to Bhaagvat Puraan (Vikukshi Vansh)
4. Soorya Vansh According to Bhaagvat Puraan (Nimi Vansh)
5. Soorya Vansh According to Padm Puraan

HE produced Brahmaa Jee
Brahmaa Jee produced Mareechi Rishi from His Man. 
Mareechi's son was Maharshi Kashya
Kashyap Jee married Daksh Jee's daughter Aditi. Aditi gave birth to Vivaswaan (Soorya).
Vivaswaan married Sangyaa who gave birth to Shraaddh Dev Manu,
Shraaddh Dev Manu had 10 sons from his wife Shraddhaa - Ikshwaaku, Nrig, Sharyaati, Disht, Dhrisht,
       Karoosh, Narishyant, Prashaadhra, Nabhag, and Kavi.

Shraaddh Dev Manu or Vaivaswat Manu had one son more named Sudyumn. In fact Vaivaswat Manu had a daughter named Ilaa but then she was
      converted into a son named Sudyumn. One day Sudyumn went for hunting in a forest riding on a horse in the foothills of Meru Parvat. As he
      entered that forest, he became a woman. Now Sudyumn had become a woman so she just started roaming around with her ministers who were
      converted in women. Bhavishya Puraan, 4/49 says that Sudyumn ruled for 30,000 years.

Budh, Chandramaa's son, saw Ilaa and became her husband. They had a son named Pururavaa.
Sudyumn had three sons more - Utkal, Gaya, and Vimal. They all ruled Dakshinaapath. After long time when Sudyumn got old then he handed over his kingdom to Pururavaa and went to forest. Pururavaa started Chandra Vansh

Manu's 10 Sons' Vansh

1. Ikshwaaku was the eldest.
2. Prashadhra was cursed by Vashishth's Shaap and one day he burnt himself in jungle-fire.
3. Kavi - he abandoned his kingdom and went to forest with his brothers and got Parampad
4. Karoosh had a son named Kaaroosh. 
5. Dhrisht had a son named Dhaarsht. Later he became the Braahman.

6. Nrig had a son named Sumati,
      Sumati's son was Bhootjyoti
      Bhootjyoti's son was Vasu
      Vasu's son was Prateek
      Prateek's son was Oghvaan. 
      Oghvaan had a son named Oghvaan (same name) and a daughter Oghvatee who got married to Sudarshan.

7. Narishyant had a son named Riksh,
      Riksh's son was Meedhvaan, 
      Meedhvaan's son was Koorch, 
      Koorch's son was Indrasen. 
      Indrasen's son was Veetihotra, 
      Veetihotra's son was Satyashravaa, 
      Satyashravaa's son was Urushravaa, 
      Urushravaa's son was Devdatt. 
      Devdatt's son was Agniveshya who was Agni Dev himself. Later he became known as Kaaneen and Maharshi Jaatoo Karnya. Agniveshya Gotra
           among Braahman started from his name only.

8. Disht's son was Naabhaag, this Naabhaag is different, he became Vaishya because of his actions.
       Naabhaag's son was Bhalandan 
       Bhalandan's son was Vatspreeti, 
       Vatspreeti's son was Praanshu
       Praanshu's son was Pramati
       Pramati's son was Khanitra,
       Khanitra's son was Chaakshush
       Chaakshush's son was Vivinshati
       Vivinshati's son was Rambh
       Rambh's son was Khaninetra - Rambh and Khaninetra both were very religious.

       Khaninetra's son was Karandhan
       Karandhan's son was Aveekshit
       Aveekshit's son was Marutt - Marutt became a Chakravartee Raajaa
       Marutt's son was Dam, 
       Dam's son was Raajyavardhan, 
       Raajyavardhan's son was Sudhriti, 
       Sudhriti's his son was Nar, 
       Nar's son was Kewal, 
       Kewal's son was Bandhumaan
       Bandhumaan's son was Vegvaan
       Vegvaan's son was Bandhu
       Bandhu's son was Raajaa Trinbindu - Trinbindu was a very qualitative man. Alambooshaa Apsaraa chose him as her husband and she gave
            birth to many sons and one daughter named Idvidaa. She was married to Rishi Vishravaa and had a son named Kuber.

       Trinbindu had three sons - Vishaal, Shoonyabindu and Dhoomraketu. Vishaal inhabited a city named Vaishaalee. 
       Vishaal had a son named Hemchandra, 
       Hemchandra's son was Dhoomrakesh. 
       Dhoomrakesh's son was Sanyam
       Sanyam had two sons - Krishaashwa and Devaj. 
       Krishaashwa's son was Somdatt
       Somdatt's son was Sumati
       Sumati's son was Janamejaya."

9. Sharyaati -  had three sons - Uttaanbarhi, Aanart and Bhoorishen. had a daughter Sukanyaa married to Maharshi Chyavan (Bhrigu's son).
       Aanart's son was Raivat. Raivat habited a city named Kushsthalee in the sea.
       Raivat had 100 sons. The eldest was Kakudmee
       Kakudmee had a daughter named Revateewho was married to Balaraam.

10. Nabhag had a son named Naabhaag. Naabhaag went to Swarg.
         Naabhaag's son was Ambareesh. he was a very religious man. The Brahm Shaap, which could never be stopped any where any time,
               that also could not harm him."
        Ambareesh had three sons - Viroop, Ketumaan and Shambhu.
        Viroop's son was Prishdashwa
        Prishdashwa's son was Ratheetar
        Ratheetar did not have any child so he requested Angiraa Rishi for a son. Angiraa produced several sons from his wife - Aangiras. 

Ikshwaaku's Vansh
Ikshwaaku was born from Manu's sneeze.
Ikshwaaku had 100 sons - Vikukshi, Nimi, and Dandak were the eldest. His 25 younger sons were the rulers of the Eastern part of Aaryaavart, and the older 25 became the Raajaa of the Western part of Aaryaavart and the first three were the kings of the Central part. Remaining 47 sons became the kings of Southern part etc.

Vikukshi's Vansh, Nimi's Vansh, Dand's Vansh


Vikukshi became the king and got famous as Shashaad. According to the Brahma Puraan, Vikukshi was sent to fetch meat for the sacrifice to be
      performed by his father. While hunting game, the prince was overcome by hunger and ate some of the meat destined for the sacrifice. This
      was an act of sacrilege, therefore, Vashisth ordered King Kukshi to banish him from the kingdom. He is also known as "Shashaad", one who
      has eaten the meat of a rabbit.

His son was Puranjaya or "Indravaah" or "Kukutsth"
Puranjaya's son was 'Anenaa' 
Anenaa's son was Prithu
Prithu's son was Vishwarandhi
Vishwarandhi's son was Chandra
Chandra's son was Yuvanaashwa
Yuvanaashwa's son was Shaabast - who habited Shaavastee Nagar
Shaabast had a son named Brihdashwa and his son was Kuvalyaashwa - he was called as Dhundhumaar.
Dhudhumaar had many sons but only three sons - Dridhaashwa, Kapilaashwa and Bhadraashwa lived

Dridhaashwa had a son named Haryashwa
Haryashwa's son was Nikumbh
Nikumbh's son was Barhanaashwa
Barhanaashwa's son was Krishaashwa
Krishaashwa's son was Senjit
Senjit's son was Yuvanaashwa
Yuvanaashwa was childless, so he was very sad. He went to forest with his 100 wives. There he did a Yagya of Indra Devtaa to get a son with
        the help of Rishi. When the time came, a son came out of Raajaa's right side of stomach. As soon as he was born, he started crying for
        milk. Rishi asked - "Whose milk it will drink?" Indra said - "He will drink mine (Maan - Dhaataa)." and put his index finger in his mouth.
        Indra named that boy "Trasdasyu".

Maandhaataa's wife Bindumatee (daughter of Shashbindu of Yadu's Vansh). Maandhaataa had three sons from her - Purukuts, Ambareesh and Yogee Muchukund. Maandhaataa had 50 daughters whom he married to Saubhari Rishi

Ambareesh's son was Yuvanaashwa
Yuvanaashwa's son was Haareet

Naag married their sister Narmadaa to Purukuts 
Purukuts's son was Trasdasyu (from Narmadaa)
Trasdasyu's son was Anranya
Anranya's son was Haryashwa
Haryashwa's son was Arun
Arun's son was Tribandhan
Tribandhan's son was Satyavrat (Trishanku)
Satyavrat's son was Harishchandra
Harishchandra's son was Rohitaashwa
Rohitaashwa's son was Harit
Harit's son was Champ - he inhabited Champaa Puree

Champ's son was Sudev
Sudev's son was Vijaya
Vijaya's son was Bharuk
Bharuk's son was Vrik
Vrik's son was Baahuk
Baahuk's son was Sagar

Sagar's son was Asmanjas from Keshinee)
Asmanjas' son was Anshumaan
Anshumaan's son was Dileep
Dileep's son was Bhageerath - who brought Gangaa on Prithvi
Bhageerath's son was Shrut
Shrut's son was Naabh (this Naabh is different from the previous Naabh)
Naabh's son was Sindhudweep
Sindhudweep's son was Ayutaayu
Ayutaayu's son was Rituparn -

       [This Rituparn was the friend of Raajaa Nal and he taught him how to throw dice and learnt the knowledge of horses in return of that.
        see also Genealogies, 5]

If he is the same Rituparn who was the friend of Nal then according to Mahaabhaarat his father's name was Bhangaasur. I am really confused as the names ending with "aasur" are normally of Daitya, eg Bhasmaasur, Narakaasur, Andhakaasur etc. How come that Rituparn's father's name was Bhangaasur - read Nal Damayantee story in MBH.]

Rituparn's son was Sarvkaam
Sarvkaam's son was Saudaas
Saudaas's wife's name was Madayantee. Saudaas was known as Mitrasaha and as well as Kalmaashpaad. Later he became Raakshas because of
         Shaap and then became childless because of his own Karm. Then Vashishth Jee helped his wife to get a son.
Saudaas' son was Ashmak
Ashmak's son was Moolak - when Parashuraam Jee was killing Kshatriya then women hid him from him. That is why his another name was
         Naaree-Kavach (Naree=woman, and Kavach=guarded, means who has been guarded by women). And he was called Moolak because then he became
          the Mool (root) of that lineage after Prithvi became without Kshatriya.

Moolak's son was Dasharath
Dasharath's son was Edvid
Edvid's son was Vishwasaha
Vishwasaha's son was Khatwaang - he became a Chakravartee Samraat (emperor).
Khatwaang's son was Deerghbaahu
Deerghbaahu's son was Raghu
Raghu's son was Aj
Aj's son was Dasharath
Dasharath had four sons - Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn - Raam ruled for 13,000 years
Raam had two sons - Kush and Lav

Kush's son was Atithi
Atithi's son was Nishadh
Nishadh's son was Nabh
Nabh's son was Pundareek
Pundareek's son was Kshemdhanvaa
Kshemdhanvaa's son was Devaaneek
Devaaneek's son was Aneek
Aneek's son was Vajranaabh - he was the Ansh of Soorya
Vajranaabh's son was Khagan
Khagan's son was Vidhriti
Vidhriti's his son was Hiranyanaabh - he was the disciple of Jaimini and was a Yogaachaarya.
        Yaagyavalkya of Koshal Desh was his disciple and learned Adhyaatm Yog from him.

Hiranyaabh's son was Pushya
Pushya's son was Dhruvsandhi
Dhruvsandhi's son was Sudarshan
Sudarshan's son was Agnivarn
Agnivarn's son was Sheeghra
Sheeghra's son was Maru - Maru got Siddhi through Yog Saadhanaa. He still lives in Kalaap Graam.
       In the end of Kali Yug, when Soorya Vansh will end, he will again continue it.
Maru's son was Prasushrut
Prasushrut's son was Sandhi
Sandhi's son was Amarshan
Amarshan's son was Mahaswaan
Mahaswaan's son was Vishwasaanh
Vishwasaanh's son was Brihadwal. Hey Pareekshit, Your father Abhimanyu killed this Brihadwal in the war.

These are the names of the past kings of Ikshwaaku Vansh. Now you listen to its future kings - 

Thus according to Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/1, from Raam to Brihadwal, there are 25 kings or generations - this means that between Raam and Brihadwal only 25 kings ruled. With the same fact, sine Raam died in the end of Tretaa Yug and Krishn left Prithvi in the end of Dwaaapr Yug, so there were only 25 Soorya Vanshee kings in Dwaapar Yug.

Since Pareekshit was the first Chandra Vanshee king of Kali Yug, it means that all the following kings are supposed to be in Kali Yug. Do we hear any of these kings' names in Kali Yug?

Brihadwal's son will be Brihadran
Brihadran's son will be Urukriya
Urukriya's son will be Vatsavriddh
Vatsvriddhi's son will be Prativyom
Prativyom's son will be Bhaanu
Bhaanu's son will be an Army-chief Divaak
Divaak's son will be Sahadev
Sahadev's son will be Brihadashwa
Brihadashwa's son will be Bhaanumaan
Bhaanumaan's son will be Prateekaashwa
Prateekaaswa's son will be Suprateek
Suprateek's son will be Marudev

Marudev's son will be Sunakshatra
Sunakshatra's son will be Pushkar
Pushkar's son will be Antariksh
Antariksh's son will be Sutapaa
Sutapaa's son will be Amitrajit
Amitrajit's son will have Brihad Raaj
Brihad Raaj's son will be Barhi
Barhi's son will be Kritanjaya
Kritanjaya's son will be Rananjaya
Rananjaya's son will be Sanjaya
Sanjaya's son will be Shaakya
Shaakya's son will be Shuddhod
Shuddhod's son will be Laangal
Laangal's son will be Prasenjit
Prasenjit's son will be Kshudrak
Kshudrak's son will be Ranak
Ranak's son will be Surath
Surath's son Sumitra will be the last king of this Vansh.

After Sumitra, the Ikshwaaku's Vikukshi's Vansh will end in Kali Yug."



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