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Birth of Kuber
Story of the birth of Kuber is interesting. Brahmaa Jee had 10 sons and one of them was Pulastya Jee. Once Pulastya Jee went to do Tap in the King Trinbindu's Aashram. There used to come many girls of various people to enjoy. They sang songs and danced. This disturbed Muni's Tap. He warned them but they did not listen to him, so once he said - "Whosoever will come here and see me, she will immediately get pregnant." From that day everybody stopped coming there, except Raajaa Trinbindu's daughter Idvidaa, because she did not hear Rishi's warning. When she came next day she did not find any of the girls. She was wandering wondering that she saw the Muni and immediately the marks of pregnancy appeared on her body. She got frightened and came to his father. Trinbindu took her to Muni and gave her to the Muni in his service. After a while Muni Pulastya Jee got very pleased with her and decided to bestow a son on her. So she gave birth to a son who was named Paulastya, being the son of Pulastya and since she had heard the Ved, he was known as Vishravaa.

Muni Vishravaa was like Bharadwaaj's father, so seeing him such a great Rishi, Bharadwaaj Muni married his daughter to him. At the appropriate time she also gave birth to a son, and being the son of Vishravaa, Brahmaa Jee named him Vaishravan (Kuber). He also did lots of Tap and asked the boon to become the Lokpaal. Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the Lokpaal saying - "Be it so. We have already appointed three Lokpaal - "Yam, Varun and Indra - now we wanted to appoint a fourth Lokpaal. So we can give that position to you now. We make you the Swaamee of beauty and treasure and give Pushpak Vimaan for riding. Be happy."

Vaishravan (Kuber) went to his father Vishravaa and said - "O Father, I have got the desired boon from Brahmaa Jee but he has not told me any place to live. Tell me some place where I can live." Vishravaa told him to occupy Lankaa Nagaree which was even more beautiful than Indra's Amaraavatee Nagaree, habited on Trikoot Parvat. Vishwakarmaa built it for Raakshas (Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan) but because of Vishnu's fear they are now living in Rasaatal, so you may live there." Vaishravan went there and started living there. Many Yaksh and Raakshas had also come there to live with him. Vaishravan became their Lord.

So Kuber is the son of Muni Vishravaa from his first wife Idvidaa who was the daughter of the King Trinbindu and the Apsaraa Alambooshaa.

Muni Vishravaa had another Daitya wife named Kaikasee who was the daughter of Daitya Sumaalee and Ketumatee (at some places her name is given as Sukeshee - maybe because of being the granddaughter of Sukesh). Vishravaa had three sons and one daughter from her also - Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan and Shoorpanakhaa. Since Vishravaa was the son of Maharshi Pulastya - one of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa Jee. Thus all these children were Brahmaa's great grandchildren.

Because of being the son of Vishravaa Kuber was named Vaishravan.
MBH, 5-Udyog Parv-111 gives his one name as Ailaavil too.
He is known as Dhanapaal also being the treasurer of Devtaa, and as Kaameshwar also.

Kuber did a lot of Tap to please Brahmaa Jee, so pleased with his Tap, he appointed him as the in-charge of Devtaa's wealth, and as the Digpaal of North direction. He gave him Yaksh to work under him. Kuber asked him the place where he could live, so Brahmaa Jee told him to live in the golden city of Lankaa on the top of Trikoot Parvat. [This golden Lankaa was built by Vishwakarmaa when the three Daitya - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan, did severe Tap for Brahmaa Jee and were bestowed desired boons by him - read their story in V-Raamaayan, 7/2]. Brahmaa Jee gave Kuber a Pushpak Vimaan too in which he could go anywhere he liked. Kuber started living in that city with his Yaksh.

Kuber's Previous Life
It is said that Kuber in his previous life, was very poor. He lighted lamp in Shiv temple daily. Pleased with his devotion, Shiv provided him the birth in Yaksh Yoni and appointed him as the in charge of Devtaa's wealth.

Some Stories About Kuber

Kuber and Raavan
One day Kuber was going to see his father Vishravaa riding in the Pushpak Vimaan, that his stepmother Kaikasee saw him and told her eldest son Raavan that she wished that he should also be like his half brother Kuber. Raavan saw him and said to his mother - "Mother, You don't worry, I will be greater than him." After saying this Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vbheeshan all three brothers went to do Tap and got desired boons.

When Raavan got Var from Brahmaa Jee, Kuber was living in Lankaa. So first of all Raavan threw him out of Lankaa on the advice of his maternal grandfather Sumaalee and went there to live and became the King of Raakshas. Then Kuber had to go to Kailaash Parvat to live. There he became a friend of Shiv Jee. Later Raavan defeated Kuber and took his Pushpak Vimaan also which he got from Brahmaa Jee.

Kuber Lends Money to Vishnu
It is believed that once Vishnu Jee asked Kuber to give Him some loan to marry Lakshmee Jee, as Kuber was the Lord of Wealth for all Devtaa. It is believed that Vishnun is still paying that loan back to Kuber. The devotees of Vishnu (Baalaa Jee or Venkateshwar at Tirupati) are helping Him by donating generously to Him. According to Vishnu Puraan this process will go on till Kali Yug ends.

Kuber Feeds Ganesh
One day Kuber went to Kailaash Parvat to see his friend Shiv Jee. There he thought to invite Shiv for food in his magnificent city Alakaa Puree. Shiv Jee guessed his pride to show off his wealth to him, so he politely refused to accept his invitation, but Kuber insisted him to come to his palace, so Shiv Jee said - "My son Ganesh will be more than happy to receive your invitation. So he will come." Kuber wanted that Shiv Jee should come to his palace and see his prosperity, but when Shiv Jee did not agree to come, he was satisfied with Ganesh Jee. Shiv Jee told him that Ganesh was very fond of good food and had a huge appetite. But Kuber was very proud of his wealth, so he was sure that he would be able to satisfy Ganesh Jee also.

Kuber took little Ganesh with him to his magnificent city. He gave him a ceremonial bath, adorned him in rich beautiful clothes and took him to the place where the food was arranged. The royal attendants started serving Ganesh Jee and he started eating. Ganesh Jee was really fond of food and he ate every dish with admiration. There were many varieties of food and all varieties were served to him. He ate all of them. But surprisingly nothing seemed to satisfy him. He always seemed waiting for more food. Now the food was finished so he started eating plates, and decorations, and then furniture.

Kuber was astonished to see his things gobbled up by Ganesh Jee. He fell on Ganesh Jee's feet and begged him to spare his palace. But he was still hungry and until he was offered more food, he will continue to eat his things whatever came on his way. Frantically Kuber rushed to Kailaash Parvat and told everything to Shiv Jee. He asked him the solution. Shiv Jee smiled and gave him a handful of Kheel (roasted rice with husk) and asked him to offer it to Ganesh Jee with humility. Kuber took that Kheel and rushed back to his palace. By the time he came back, Ganesh Jee was on the verge to eat his whole Alakaa Puree. He immediately offered that Kheel to Ganesh Jee with humility and prayed him. Ganesh Jee ate it and got satisfied.

Humility and respect are unbeatable qualities which can resolve even the most complex situations. So one should always be humble, polite and respectful to others.



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