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Vibheeshan is the Raamaayan character. He was the youngest son of Muni Vishravaa and Kaikasee and the youngest brother of Raavan. (read about his birth here) He also did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years along with his brothers - standing on one leg for 5,000 years and by standing both hands up for another 5,000 years. He asked the Var of Dharm and Bhakti and knowing Brahmaastra without learning it from Brahmaa Jee. He always lived according to Dharm even in adverse conditions. He was married to Gandharv Raaj's daughter named Saramaa.

When Raavan had abducted Seetaa, Vibheeshan advised him not to do so and return Her to Raam many times for which he was always abused. At last he had to leave his brother and he came in the refuge of Raam with his ministers - Anal, Har and Sampaati (V-Raamaayan, 7/2/5). There he helped Raam and Lakshman a lot in killing Raavan, Kumbhkarn, and Meghnaad. He helped Him in saving their lives also. It was he who informed Raam about Meghnaad's Yagya for immortality and took Lakshman there to destroy his Yagya and kill him before completing his Yagya.

According to Tulasee's Maanas, 7/7, it was only he who informed Raam about the Amrit Kalash in Raavan's navel area, then only Raam could kill Raavan by shooting 31 arrows - 10 at his heads, 20 at his arms and one to break this Amrit Kalash at his navel. Otherwise till then He had been shooting only 30 arrows and Raavan's heads and arms were always re-growing because of Brahmaa Jee's boon.

Besides, he always helped Raam to assess Raavan's situation, recognizing his spies, and informing about his army and Lankaa.

As he arrived in the shelter of Raam along with his four ministers, Raam blessed him with indivisible reign for one Kalp. After Raavan was killed, Raam sent Lakshman to crown him as the king of Lankaa. After being the king of Lankaa, he returned Jaanakee with great respect to Raam. Raam invited him for His Raaj Tilak also in Ayodhyaa.

Vibheshan Geetaa
You have heard about Ashtaavakra Geetaa, Hans Geetaa, and Avadhoot Geetaa, but you might have never heard about Vibheeshan Geetaa. It is not as big as Mahaabhaarat Geetaa. In the Raam Charit Maanas of Tulasee Daas, there are other Geetaa also - Raam Geetaa, Shiv Geetaa, Laksman Geetaa. There is one similarity between Bhagavad Geetaa and the Vibheeshan Geetaa in that both are taught in the battle field.

Raam teaches this Geetaa to Vibheeshan when Vibheeshan was distressed finding Raam standing on the ground to fight against heavily armed
Raavan who was on his Yuddha Rath. He asks Raam, “O Lord, how will you be able to conquer this Raavan who is so mighty and and is well equipped with weapons and who is full of anger and revenge?” Raam’s reply to Vibheeshan is called the Vibheeshan Geetaa.

The word Raam comes from the root RAM – “the one who delights” or ”in whom every one revels”, like Ramanaa means being continuously busy in something.
RAMANTE YOGINO YASMIN - means in whom all Yogee revel.
As a person, Raam always gave happiness to everyone even though He himself had to suffer and sacrifice so much for others.

On the contrary, Raavan - means “the one who makes you cry" caused everyone sorrow. You might remember why Shhiv gave this name to Raavan? Read  How Dashagreev Became Raavan?
Raavan is Moh Swaroop, the embodiment of delusion and ignorance. From this evil tendencies arise –like anger, jealousy, hate and immorality. He was a greedy person.

Raam was all - Ranaveer, Daanveer, Vidyaaveer, Tyaagveer and Dharmaveer. However, Raavan was only a Ranaveer.

Raam is on one side of the battlefield and Raavan on the other. When Vibheeshan saw Raam standing on the ground without any armor (and even shoes), he feels very concerned about His victory. Raam’s discourse to Vibheeshan is given now.

"O Vibheeshan, That chariot by which one gains real victory is totally different”- by this He means that to gain a permanent victory one should have the Dharm Rath - Chariot of Righteousness.

“The two wheels of such chariot are valor, and fortitude - Only by means of these two qualities can a religious person move forward on the path of righteousness. Without them there will not be any progress. Many people have valor but not the ability to withstand the onslaught of all the inner weaknesses. Someone who is a great hero on the battlefield may still get destroyed by the lust and passion in his own heart.

Steadfastness in truth and good character are its flags of victory and safety.

The four horses of the chariot are strength, discrimination, self control and care for others. Its reins are made up of the ropes of forgiveness, compassion and equanimity”…….

Raavan caused everyone sorrow. Raavan is Moh swaroopa, the embodiment of delusion, ignorance. From this evil tendency arise trends like anger, jealousy, hate and immorality.

A real Dheer Purush is one who is unaffected even when all situations in front of him are capable of creating fear, anxiety or lust in the mind.



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