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Raavan-6: Shaap to Raavan

1. Who was Raavan and Preamble to Raavan's Birth
2. Birth of Raavan and The Three Brothers Get Var
3. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-1
4. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-2
5. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-3
6. Shaap to Raavan
7. Raavan and Others
8. Other Stories of Raavan
9. Raavan's Discourse to Lakshman

Shaap to Raavan

It is not that Raavan always won or made some friends, he bagged some Shaap also. After getting Var from Brahmaa Jee, Raavan got very proud of his luck, might and bravery. So he came out for the victory tour of Tri-Lok. He won many kings, Devtaa, Lok, (see Raavan's Victory Over Trilok-1,   -2,  and -3) but received a few Shaap also during this time. We have already described his winnings and defeats, here we write about his Shaap (curses).

(1) Nandee's Shaap
After winning Kuber he was on his way back to his Lankaa, that his Pushpak Vimaan stopped near one Van on a Parvat. Raavan was just thinking as why his Vimaan stopped there, that Shiv's Nandee said to him - "This place is for entertainment for Shiv and Paarvatee Jee, so all creatures are prohibited here." Raavan got very angry at this and he got down from the Vimaan saying "Who is this Shankar" and came to the base of the Parvat.

There he found Shiv's Nandee in Vaanar form guarding Mahaadev and Paarvatee. He laughed at his look so Nandee gave him Shaap - "You have made a mockery of my Vaanar form, that is why Vaanar will be the means of your destruction. Their weapons will be only their hands, nails, trees, stones etc. Their speed will be as fast as mind's speed."

How Dashagreev Became Raavan
Without paying any attention to Nandee's words, Raavan said to him - "This Parvat has stopped my Vimaan, I can dig out this whole Parvat on the basis of whose prosperity Shiv lives like a King". And he started lifting up that Parvat on his shoulders. Shiv Jee was enjoying with Paarvatee Jee at that time. When Raavan lifted that Parvat, the Parvat shook and Paarvatee Jee got scared. Shiv's Gan also got scared. Shiv Jee smiled and lowered it through the touch of the big toe of his foot. This lowering of Parvat pressed Raavan's arms and shoulders. Raavan cried a lot for any years. On the advice of his ministers he pleased Shiv Jee in various ways. Shiv Jee got pleased after 1,000 years. Shiv Jee released him and told him that since he cried a lot for so long he would be known as "Raavan". And now he could go anywhere without any problem.

Raavan said - "If you are pleased with me, then give me this Var that Devtaa, Gandharv, Daanav, Raakshas, Guhyak cannot kill me. I have got this Var from Brahmaa Jee too, but still you also give it to me. And give me longer life than Brahmaa gave to me." So Mahaadev increased his age and gave him a sword named "Chandrahaas"

(2) Vedvatee's Shaap
Then wandering around he came to another Parvat. There he saw a very beautiful girl doing intense Tap. She was the daughter of Maharshi Kushdhwaj - Vedvatee. He expressed his desire to have her, but she said that she wanted to marry only Vishnu. Raavan got angry at this. Mad with desire to have her, he came down from his Vimaan and said - "O beautiful, You cannot compare Vishnu with Raavan. All Devtaa, along with Vishnu, are scared of me. Therefore you drop the idea to marry Vishnu and live with me and enjoy."

Vedvatee again said - "It is not good to say such words about Him, He is the Swaamee of Tri-Lok." Raavan held her hair which Vedvatee cut from her sword-like hands. She freed herself, and said to Raavan - "O evil soul, You should be cursed but I cannot give you Shaap because it will destroy my Tapasyaa. I will immolate myself and take a vow that I will born again to take the revenge of my insult and will be the cause of your death." And thus she immolated herself. It is believed that she was born as Seetaa to take her revenge. (See also  "A Legend About Seetaa")

(3) Anaranya's Shaap
With the desire to win the Tri-Lok he came to Ayodhyaa where Raajaa Anaranya was ruling. "Accept the defeat or fight" was the slogan of Raavan. Raajaa didn't know about Raavan's Vardaan so he fought bravely but at last he was killed. At the time of dying he gave Shaap to him, "Raam will be born to Dasharath in Ikshwaaku Vansh and He will kill you. If I have given any charity, done any Yagya, Tapasyaa, and good Karm, then my words will be true."

(4) Women's Shaap
Then he won Yam, Daitya and Varun; extended friendship with Raajaa Bali of Rasaatal; then won Soorya; extended friendship with Raajaa Maandhaataa of Ayodhyaa; spared Chandramaa's life in exchange of a Mantra for immortality from Brahmaa Jee; and met with Kapil Jee. When he was coming back he abducted many women to whom he made widow after killing their husbands. They were crying loudly and helplessly. They also gave him Shaap "Because you looked at other men's wives that is why you will die only because of a woman." Raavan got very sad hearing this Shaap. He was sure that their Shaap will not fail.

(5) Nal-Koobar's (Kuber's son) Shaap
Later his Mausee (mother's sister) Kumbheenasee was abducted by Madhu Daitya. Raavan got very angry at this and went to Madhu Daitya. But Kumbheenasee requested him to spare Madhu's life as she didn't want to be widow. Then Raavan expressed his desire to win Dev Lok along with Madhu. Madhu immediately accepted it and both went on their journey. They camped at Kuber's house Kailaash Parvat in the night.

The whole army slept there but Raavan was enchanted by the Parvat's beauty. There he saw Rambhaa going to Nal-Koobar's palace. He got attracted to her and asked her to enjoy with him. She said - "I am like your daughter, because your brother Kuber's son likes me very much." But Raavan didn't listen to her, he said - "You are only like my daughter, but you are not my daughter, besides Apsaraa are not wife of anybody, they are the property of everyone." So he had her forcefully. She ran away to Nal-Koobar and complained about this, so Nal-Koobar gave Shaap to Raavan - "In future, if he will have any woman forcefully without her wish, his head will break into seven pieces". A similar Shaap was given to him by Brahmaa Jee also - read below. That is why Raavan could never have Seetaa forcefully in any case.

(6) Brahmaa's Shaap
He had Brahmaa's Shaap also. There was an Apsaraa named Punjikaasthalee. Once she was going to Brahmaa's house secretly. Raavan saw her and had a desire to have her, so he had her forcefully. She went to Brahmaa Jee and told everything to Him. Then Brahmaa Jee gave Shaap to Raavan - " If you will take any other woman forcefully then your head will be broken into hundreds of pieces. "

Thus he bagged these Shaap from various places by various people at various times.



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