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Raavan-4: Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-2

1. Who was Raavan and Preamble to Raavan's Birth
2. Birth of Raavan and The Three Brothers Get Var
3. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-1
4. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-2
5. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-3
6. Shaap to Raavan
7. Raavan and Others
8. Other Stories of Raavan
9. Raavan's Discourse to Lakshman

Raavan Wins Varun Dev
After winning Yam Raaj and extending friendship with Naag and Daitya Raavan went to Varun Puree. On the way he went to Ashm Nagar. There his own brother-in-law Vidyujivhaa (son of Kaalakaa), Shoorpanakhaa's husband, was killed during the fight. Then he came to Kailaash Parvat and Varun Nagaree. He was very surprised to see Ksheer Saagar, from whom Chandramaa was born; and Surabhi whose milk was collected in Ksheer Saagar, was born. He circumambulated Surabhi and entered Varun Nagaree. There he fought with Varun's army, sons, and grandsons, but nobody could win him. Since Varun was not there, so his minister accepted his defeat on behalf of Varun.

Raavan Meets Raajaa Bali
Now Raavan arrived in Ashm Nagar. There Raavan saw a wonderful palace with golden pillars. Raavan sent his army chief Prahast to check as whose palace was it. Prahast went inside 7 rooms, one after the other in a line, but he found nobody there. Then he saw a Yam-like graceful man wearing golden chain in his neck. He was laughing loudly seeing him, so Prahast got scared and came back to Raavan and told him everything.

Now Raavan himself went there. A very graceful man stopped him at the gate itself. Seeing that man Raavan also got scared. That man said - "Raavan, What are you thinking of? Come and fight with me, or tell me if you want to fight with Raajaa Bali?" Raavan said patiently - "Hey Bhadra (gentleman), Whoever is the master of this palace, I want to fight with him." That man said - "His name is Raajaa Bali who is  brave, truthful, mighty, qualitative, graceful like Sun, and terrific like Yam Raaj. If you want to fight with him then come and fight with him, don't delay it." And he took Raavan inside the palace.

Seeing Raavan, Bali laughed, made him sit in his lap and asked - "What has brought you here?" Raavan said - "I have heard that Vishnu has controlled you, I want to liberate you from Him." Bali said - "O Swaamee of Raakshas, Do you see this black man standing on the gate? This is the man who has controlled me. He is the Swaamee of Trilok. He has defeated Vritraasur, Danu, Shukraachaarya, Shumbh, Nikumbh, Virochan, Kaalnemi, Yamalaarjun, Kans, Madhu, Kaitabh etc etc."

He further said - "Do you see that fire-like Chakra (disc)? Bring it to me." Proud Raavan laughed and tried to pick it up forcefully. But when he couldn't even move it, he tried to at least push it. In this process he fell down, bled a lot and got unconscious. When Raavan gained consciousness after two Ghadee (50 minutes), Raajaa Bali said - "Hey Lankeshwar, This is the earring which you were trying to pick up. This is my grandfather's (Prahlaad) jewelry for his ear. And look Raavan, He is the most respectful man among Devtaa who is standing at the door."

Raavan said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, I have seen Yam Raaj and his powers, but as you are admiring him so much, I do not know Him, kindly introduce him to me." Bali said - "This is the Swaamee of Tri-Lok, omnipresent, deliverer of Saankhya Shaastra, by taking whose name one can cross the world sea." Hearing this Raavan headed towards that man, but by that time that man had disappeared, maybe He was thinking that when Brahmaa had given him Var, then it was not the time to kill him. When Raavan didn't see Him there, he headed towards Soorya Lok.

Raavan's Victory Over Soorya (Sun)
Raavan was flying in his Pushpak Vimaan very fast. He rested on Sumeru Parvat overnight and then arrived in Soorya Lok. He saw Soorya wearing gold jewelry sitting on Uchchshraivaa horse and surrounded by thousands of Raakshas women. Raavan sent Prahast to Soorya Dev with his usual message - "Either fight with me or accept your defeat". Soorya's gatekeeper told this message to Soorya, Soorya said - "You yourself are intelligent, tell him whatever you think proper." The gatekeeper told the same to Raavan. Raavn got happy to hear this and went back.

Raavan Meets Maandhaataa
On the way Raavan saw some people going to Swarg. At the same time Parvat Muni also came there, so he asked him if those people would fight with him. Parvat Muni said - "No, they wouldn't fight with you. You may go to Raajaa Maandhaataa, the king of Ayodhyaa, he should surely accept your invitation." Raavan went there and Maandhaataa accepted his invitation of fighting. Both fought very bravely. In the last Raavan took out Brahm Astra, and Maandhaataa took out his Paashupat Astra. Seeing this all beings got scared. Maharshi Gaalav and Pulastya Muni came there, intervened their fight and stopped it. Then they became friends.

Raavan Wins Chandramaa
Now Raavan proceeded to Chandra Lok. He came 10,000 Yojan far from Prithvi where swans live. He further went 10,000 Yojan up where Aagneya birds live. Then he came 10,000 Yojan more up where Siddh and Chaaran live. Then he came 10,000 Yojan more up where Bhoot live. After 10,000 Yojan far from this point, he came to Aakaash Gangaa (Milky Way). From here up 10,000 Yojan he flew on Garud's path. From here, up 10,000 Yojan he arrived at Sapt Rishi's (Great Bear) place. This is wind's 8th path, and above this is Chandra Lok.

Chandramaa made Raavan and Raavan's army weak, so his people started crying "we are dying, kindly let us go". Then Raavan showered arrows on Chandramaa. Then Brahmaa Jee had to intervene that "Chandramaa is the King of Braahman. He gives light to all Lok. Don't kill him. I give you a Mantra. If you pronounce it at the time your death, you will not die." Raavan got very happy to hear this. And Brahmaa Jee went away after giving that Mantra to him.

We have no reference of pronouncing this Mantra by Raavan at the time of his death. How could he forget such an important Mantra which was to make him immortal, and he did so much severe Tap to ask for the Var of immortality? Any information?



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