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There are two Gaalav -

(1) There was a teacher also of the Shukla Yajur Ved named Gaalav.

(2) Gaalav Rishi

Gaalav Muni was the disciple of Vishwaamitra. He had a son named Shringaavat also. He is not the witness of Mahaabhaarat, but his story comes in Mahaabhaarat, Stories, 5/11.

According to Hari Vansh, Gaalav was the son of Vishwaamitra, and that sage in a time of great distress tied a cord round his waist and offered him for sale. Prince Satyavrat (Trishanku) gave him liberty and restored him to his father. From his having been bound with cord (Gala) he was called Gaalav.

Once when Vishwaamitra was doing Tap to get Brahmarshi status, Dharm Raaj came to him in the form of Vashishth with the desire to have some food. Vishwaamitra was cooking Charu (an Indian dish or rice and milk - Kheer) so he did not notice him. However other Rishi gave Dharm Raaj some food. When Vishwaamitra Jee came he said - "I have already eaten, but you just wait." and he went away. Dharm Raaj waited for him to come back, but when Vishwaamitra Jee did not come back for quite some time he also went back.

Gaalav Pays Guru Dakshinaa to Vishwaamitra
After 100 years Dharm Raaj came again with the desire to have food. This time Dharm Raaj found Vishwaamitra keeping his food on his head. Dharm Raaj accepted that food which was still fresh and warm. At that time Gaalav Muni was also standing beside for Vishwaamitra. Vishwaamitra got very pleased with this and he said - "You may go now wherever you wish to go." Gaalav said to him bending his head - "I wish to give you Guru Dakshinaa. Tell me what do you desire?" Vishwaamitra told him not to worry about that, but Gaalav Muni insisted for it, so Vishwaamitra Jee said - "OK, bring me 800 all white horses whose one ear is black."

Now where to get those horses from? Garud Jee helped him. They went here and there but could not get them. Then Garud Jee took him to King Yayaati. Yayaati didn't have the horses but he gave him his daughter Maadhavee saying that she might help you to get horses.

Taking her they went to Haryaashwa of Ikshwaaku family. They gave Maadhavee to him for one year to bear him a son in exchange of 200 such horses. After one year Gaalav took her to Divodaas of Kaashee. There also he gave her to him to bear a son in exchange of 200 such horses. Then after a year he took her to Bhoj King Usheenar. There also he gave her to him to bear a son in exchange of 200 such horses.

Now he had already collected 600 horses, only 200 horses remained. Garud Jee said - "There is no use to look for now those horses, because Rishi Richeek has already given 100 of them to Gaadhi to marry his daughter Satyavatee. Rest had died while being transported, so you can't have it which cannot be had. Don't worry. Present this maiden to Rishi in place of remaining 200 horses."

Gaalav Muni did so. He said to Vishwaamitra Jee - "Please accept these 600 horses and this maiden worth 200 horses. She has already borne three virtuous sons, now the fourth one should be borne from you, the most virtuous one." Vishwaamitra accepted Maadhavee, saying "You have already given me this maiden before. All the four sons will be mine." and let those horses graze in his Aashram. Vishwaamitra had a son named Ashtak from Maadhavee. Later he gave those horses and Maadhavee back to Gaalav Muni and went to forest.

Thus Maadhavee had four sons. Gaalav asked her to go back to her father's house but she did not go there. She went to forest to do Tap. The same four sons of Maadhavee met their maternal grandfather (Maadhavee's father Yayaati) when he fell from Swarg. He had a conversation with them and went to Swarg again. Read his story



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