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Raajaa Trishanku
Taken from  Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/4;   Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, 1/17
See also   Vishwaamitra and Trishanku

How King Satyavrat Became Trishanku
There was a king named Satyavrat in Ikshwaaku Vansh. He was the son of Tribandhan - in the line of Purukuts (the son of Raajaa Maandhaataa and the brother of Ambareesh). Satyavrat is more popularly known as Trishanku. He wanted to go to Swarg with his mortal body. He approached his Kul Guru Vashishth Jee and told him his wish. He asked him to do some Yagya which could take him to Swarg with his mortal body, but Vashishth Jee said politely that no person could go to Swarg with his mortal body. Disappointed from him he approached his sons, but when they heard that their father had refused to do such efforts they also refused to do so. They got furious and cursed him to be a Chaandaal.

Now he started wandering as a Chaandaal. Wandering he came to south and met Vishwaamitra Jee who was doing Tap to become Brahmarshi as a result of losing to Vashishth Jee. Satyavrat expressed his desire to Vishwaamitra Jee also, saying that Vashishth Jee and his sons have refused to comply with his request. Vishwaamitra Jee considered this a good opportunity to defeat Vashishth Jee so he agreed to send Satyavrat to Swarg with his mortal body and assured him for this.

He started preparation for a great Yagya.He asked his sons to collect all the materials for the Yagya. They collected the materials for the Yagya and sent invitations to all Rishi to attend that Yagya. One Rishi, named Mahodaya and Vashishth's sons refused to come to that Yagya because a Kshatriya was doing a Yagya for a Chaandaal Yajamaan. Hearing this Vishwaamitra Jee got very angry and he cursed all Rishi who refused to come to his Yagya to die. Hearing this Shaap whoever Rishi were thinking not to come there, changed their mind and came to attend his Yagya.

Satyavrat Goes to Swarg
Vishwaamitra Jee started his Yagya. After a while he invoked Devtaa to his Yagya, but no Devtaa appeared there. Seeing this Vishwaamitra Jee again got angry. He consoled Raajaa that he would surely send him to Swarg through the power of his Tap, he just had to keep a little patience. After that he read some Mantra and Raajaa started rising above the ground. Seeing Satyavrat coming to Swarg, Indra said - "You cannot come to Swarg because you are under the curse of your Guru." So he started falling down. He cried, "Save me, Save me." Vishwaamitra Jee pitied him and said , "Stop there." and he stopped in between. The Vishwaamitra Jee created another Sapt Rishi and Raajaa stayed there with them like other Rishi.

Vishwaamitra Jee was very furious at Indra, so he intended to create another Indra, he said - "If I fail to create another Indra then my Swarg will be without Indra." Seeing this all Devtaa got worried. They came to Vishwaamitra Jee and said to him - "Hey Rishi, This King is afflicted with Guru's curse, he cannot live in Swarg." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "I have vowed to send him to Swarg, that is why he will live in Swarg. And whatever Nakshatra I have created should also exist till this Universe will exist. Kindly help me to keep my vow." Devtaa agreed, and Satyavrat lived in Swarg.

Another Version
The above version, taken from Vaalmeeki Raamaayan does not explain why Satyavrat is called Trishanku, so there is another version. According to this version, Vishwaamitra Jee kept sending Satyavrat upward towards Swarg and since nobody can go to Swarg with this mortal body, Indra kept pushing him down to the Earth. So neither he went upward towards Swarg because of Indra and nor he came down to Earth because of Vishwaamitra's Tap's effect. Thus he hung in between the Earth and the Swarg and thus called Trishanku since then. It is said that he is still shinning through others stars in southern sky.


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