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Page 17: Sarg 57-60

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Sarg 57-Vishwaamitra's Tapasyaa and Trishanku's Story 

After being defeated from Vashishth Jee, Vishwaamitra Jee went to south with his queens and started doing Tapasyaa eating only Kand, roots and fruits. There he got many sons who were very religious. When 1,000 years had passed doing Tapasyaa, then one day Brahmaa Jee appeared before him and said - "Hey Tapaswee, You earned the status of Raajarshi through your Tapasyaa." and went to Brahm Lok.

Vishwaamitra Jee got somewhat ashamed that "whatever Tapasyaa I did till today, its result is not Brahm Tej". I should do more intense Tapasyaa, so that I can get the status of Brahmarshi. So he started doing Tapasyaa again, but this time more intense.

During the same time, Raajaa Trishanku of Ikshwaaku Vansh wanted to go to Dev Lok with his mortal body and he was looking for someone who could perform such Yagya which could fulfill his wish. He talked to Guru Vashishth Jee about this but Guru Jee said - "It is impossible." Then Raajaa approached Vashishth's sons who were doing Tap in north. He requested them to do such a Yagya to help him out.

Sarg 58-Trishanku Requests to Vishwaamitra Jee 

Vashishth's sons also refused to do such a Yagya saying that when their father couldn't accept to do such a Yagya, how could they do it? Rather they got very angry hearing insulting words from Raajaa. In fury, they gave Shaap to Raajaa to become a "Chaandaal" and went to their Aashram. Immediately Raajaa became Chaandaal. Seeing his look, his own ministers ran away. Now he was alone, he was hurt.

One day he went to the Aashram of Vishwaamitra Jee. Vishwaamitra Jee asked the Raajaa - "Hey Raajan, What brings you here? Have you got this look because of a Shaap?" Raajaa politely said - "Hey Muni, Guru Vashishth Jee and his sons have refused to perform a Yagya for me. My wish is also not fulfilled and my look has also changed to a Chaandaal's look. This is my hearty desire that I go to Swarg with this mortal body. I have performed several Yagya to fulfill my desire but all in vain. "I have always spoken truth before and I won't tell lie in future." - this is my vow. Please help me out. Fulfill my desire. Where else can I go except you?"

Sarg 59-Vishwaamitra Jee Performs a Yagya for Trishanku

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Don't worry Raajan, I will send you to Swarg with this mortal body. Just be certain [in your heart] that "I will go to Swarg" because you have come to me now." Thus he assured Raajaa and asked his sons to collect Yagya materials and to invite all Rishi and Vashishth's sons for the Yagya. And whoever replies whatever, tell him those words exactly.

All his children got busy in doing their assigned jobs. They sent invitation all around and told Vishwaamitra that all Rishi and Braahman were coming, but Mahodaya named Braahman and Vashishth's sons said -"We cannot come to a Yagya performed by Vishwaamitra Jee - a Kshatriya's Yagya for a Chaandaal Yajamaan? When its food will not be accepted by Devtaa and Rishi also."

Vishwaamitra Jee got very furious hearing these words. He said - "Whoever have pointed out the faults in me, they should all die and take birth where they eat flesh and meat. Mahodaya has also found a fault in me, so he himself should be faulty and consider his duty to kill living beings. Because of my Shaap all should bear this condition for long time." Thus he said in front of all the Rishi community.

Sarg 60-Vishwaamitra Jee Sends Trishanku to Swarg

Then Vishwaamitra Jee said to Rishi community - "This Raajaa wants to go to Swarg with this mortal body, therefore please cooperate with me to perform a Yagya which can fulfill Raajaa's wish. Hearing this Rishi talked among themselves - "Vishwaamitra is a very angry man, therefore whatever happens, we have to help him in performing this Yagya." The chief priest was Vishwaamitra Jee and all the other Rishi pronounced Mantra.

After some time, Vishwaamitra Jee  called Devtaa community to take part in the Yagya, but he did not see anybody there. At this Vishwaamitra Jee got very furious and said to Raajaa - "You don't worry. I will send you to Swarg with the power of my Tap." Then he read some more Mantra, and Raajaa started rising above the ground.

As he arrived in Swarg, Indra etc Devtaa said - "You cannot stay in Swarg. There is no place here for you, because you are under the Shaap of your Guru, so you go down." Raajaa became sad and he started falling down. He called Vishwaamitra Jee to save him. Vishwaamitra Jee pitied him, so he said - "Stop there." Now he stopped there in between Swarg Lok and Prithvi - in sky along with other Rishi Nakshatra in south. Then Vishwaamitra created another Sapt Rishi (Great Bear) in south and Raajaa stayed there like other Muni.

Now Vishwaamitra Jee was very furious. He intended to create another Indra, and said - " If I fail to create a new Indra, then my Swarg will be without Indra." and he started creating other Devtaa too.

Seeing this all Devtaa got worried. They came to Vishwaamitra Jee and said - "Hey Muni, This king is afflicted with Guru's Shaap that is why he cannot live in Swarg." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "I have taken the vow that he will live in Swarg with this body only, and I do not want make my words a lie. Therefore this Raajaa should live in Swarg. And whatever Nakshatra I have created should also exist till this universe exists. Hey Devtaa, Kindly you keep my vow." Devtaa had to agree with that. Raajaa lived in Swarg and Devtaa went to their Lok praying Vishwaamitra Jee.


















The lowest cast in India, such as who help in cremation of body.



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