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2-Ayodhyaa Kaand

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1-Sarg 1-3 - Raajaa Dasharath prepares for coronation of Raam. He asks many other Raajaa as how they would like to have Raam as their King. And they happily accept his idea.
2-Sarg 3-6 - Dasharath announces this news to Raam, but is scared in heart, because he knows that he is not doing this right. Raam gives this news to His mother. Raam gets prepared for the ceremony. Everybody is happy with this decision of Dasharath
3. Sarg 7-9 - But as Mantharaa, Kaikeyee's dearest maidservant, hears this news she comes to Kaikeyee to tell this. Mantharaa instigates Kaikeyee to ask two Var from Raajaa at this time - throne for Bharat and exile to Raam for 14 years, to save her and Bharat from being slave of Raam and Kaushalyaa. So Kaikeyee goes to Kop Bhavan.
4-Sarg 10-12 - Raajaa comes to her palace and ends up his searching for her in Kop Bhavan. Kaikeyee asks for her two Var cleverly - throne for Bharat and 14-year exile for Raam. Dasharath tries his best to pacify her not to take such action. He agrees on throne to Bharat, but could not for the exile to Raam.
5-Sarg 13-14 - Dasharath further pacifies her and she further teases Raajaa for not giving the Var to her.
6-Sarg 15-16 - Dasharath is very sad. When Raajaa is not in the court in the morning, Sumantra comes to call him to come to court. Dasharath asks him to call Raam. Raam goes to see him.
7-Sarg 17-18 - Raam goes to Dasharath and Kaikeyee tells Him everything - about her Var.
8-Sarg 19-20 - Raam obeys Kaikeyee's orders to go to exile and He tells everything to Kaushalyaa.
9-Sarg 21-22 - As Lakshman hears this, he opposes Kaikeyee this but Raam doesn't want to disobey Kaikeyee.
10-Sarg 23-24 - Lakshman is still angry but Raam's final decision is to go to forest. Hearing this decision Kaushalyaa also wants to go with Him but Raam stops her saying that her Dharm is to serve her husband.
11-Sarg 25-26 - Kaushalyaa wishes good for Raam in Van. Raam goes to Seetaa to tell everything about this new situation.
12-Sarg 27-28 - Seetaa requests Raam to take Her along to forest but Raam discourages Her.
13-Sarg 29-30 - Seetaa again requests and succeeds in Her request.
14-Sarg 31-32 - Raam permits Lakshman also to go to forest with Him, so asks Him to collect His weapons and donates His all wealth to Braahman etc.
15-Sarg 33-34 - Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa get ready to go to forest, so they go to meet Dasharath. Dasharath is very sad.
16-Sarg 35-36 - Sumantra also tries to change Kaikeyee's mind. He abuses her mother to give birth such a daughter, but to no avail. Another minister also takes a chance but to no avail.
17-Sarg 37-39 - Raam wears Tapaswee's attire and gets ready to go to Van. Kaikeyee asks Seetaa also to wear the similar dress but everybody abuses Kaikeyee for this. At this Dasharath gives Her royal clothes and jewelry.
18-Sarg 40-43 - Raam bids farewell to all, and Sumantra takes them to forest. Everybody rushes after the chariot, but he drives it fast.
19-Sarg 44-46 - Sumitraa consoles sad Kaushalyaa. The people who went after Raam's chariot request Raam to return to Ayodhyaa. But Raam cannot.
20-Sarg 47-49 - Raam comes to Tamasaa River and stays overnight there. But in the morning they start their journey to forest early leaving public sleeping. Later public abuse their sleep and go back to Ayodhyaa.
21-Sarg 50-51 - Raam crosses Koshal Desh and meets His friend Guh Nishaad at the bank of Gangaa River in Shrigverpur.
22-Sarg 52 - Next day Raam prepares Lakshman's and His own Jataa and gets ready to cross Gangaa. Sumantra is very sad to return to Ayodhyaa, but Raam convinces him to return to Ayodhyaa. And Raam crosses the river.
23-Sarg 53-54 - Raam passes the second night in a wild forest and next day arrives at Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram and stays there His third night.
24-Sarg 55-56 - Raam starts His journey towards Chitrakoot. On the way they cross Yamunaa River, worship Shyaam Vat. They rest in a forest (the fourth night), and then start again next day. Come to Chitrakoot and Vaalmeeki's Aashram.
25-Sarg 57-59 - Sumantra comes back to Ayodhyaa and tells Raam's and Lakshman's messages to Raajaa. Raajaa gets sad.
26-Sarg 60-63 - Sumantra tells about Seetaa, Kaushalyaa blames Dasharath for all this and Dasharath consoles Kaushalyaa. Raajaa remembers his Shaap and tells that story to Kaushalyaa, that he killed a Tapaswee by mistake. And his parents gave him Shaap to die in separation of his son.
27-Sarg 64-66 - After telling the story of Shravan Kumaar Raajaa dies. When people don't see Dasharath in the morning, they find him dead. Kaushalyaa cries and ministers keep Raajaa's dead body in a pot filled with oil till Bharat comes back.
28-Sarg 67-70 -  Messengers are sent to call Bharat and Shatrughn from their Naanaa's house. Bharat tells his friends about his bad dreams. Messengers arrive there, ask Bharat to come to Ayodhyaa and they start for Ayodhyaa.
29-Sarg 71-72 - Bharat arrives in Ayodhyaa from his Maamaa's house. Seeing Ayodhyaa he feels his dream true. He looks for his father in his mother's palace, but does nor find him there. Kaikeyee tells the whole story and Bharat cries.
30-Sarg 73-75 - After knowing Kaikeyee's mischief in sending Raam to forest and death of Dasharath, Bharat abuses her a lot. Bharat convinces Kaushalyaa that he was not among those who have sent Raam to Van.
31-Sarg 76-79 - He does last rites of Dasharath and cries a lot. Bharat decides to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa. Then Shatrughn hears Mantharaa's mischief and wants to kill her but Bharat stops him to do so.
32-Sarg 80-83 - Workers pave the way for Bharat to go to forest to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa. Vashishth Jee wants to coronate Bharat as king of Ayodhyaa but Bharat denies and prepares to go to forest to bring Him back to Ayodhyaa.
33-Sarg 84-86 - Bharat starts for forest with mothers and his Chaturanginee army and public. He stays at Gangaa's bank, meets Guh. Guh thinks bad about him, but Bharat clears his doubts saying that he was going to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa. Guh welcomes Bharat and tells first about Lakshman and then about Raam.
34-Sarg 87-90 -  Bharat also expresses that he will live like Raam until Raam's exile period is over. He stays there overnight. Next day Bharat crosses Gangaa River and arrives in Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram. On asking Bharat removes his doubts also. They stay there overnight.
35-Sarg 91 - Bharadwaaj Muni welcomed Bharat and his army with Divine means. Everybody was more than satisfied.
36-Sarg 92-93 - Bharat asks Muni the whereabouts of Raam and and starts for Chitrakoot. Bharat comes to Chitrakoot and spots smoke at one place.
37-Sarg 94-97 - Raam shows Chitrakoot to Seetaa and spots Bharat's army. Lakshman confirms it as Bharat's army. He is very angry to see it. Raam pacifies Lakshman and wait for Bharat to come. Bharat sends his people to search for Raam and goes himself too.
38-Sarg 98-100 - Bharat finds Raam. Raam asks about their father and the purpose of his coming in the forest. He asks him a lot of questions about kingdom management.
39-Sarg 101-104 - Bharat explains himself that he was not a part of this conspiracy so He should accept the kingdom. Raam says "I know" and insists on obeying the orders of their parents. Raam offers Jal to His dead father and meets His mothers etc.
40-Sarg 105-107 -  Bharat requests Raam to go back to Ayodhyaa, but He refuses it in the name of Dharm and father's orders.
41-Sarg 108-109 - Bharat again tries to convince Raam to go back to Ayodhyaa and Raam again explains him why He cannot go back to Ayodhyaa.
42-Sarg 112-115 - In the end Raam wins on the basis of "father's orders". But Bharat also is  not defeated. He does not accept the kingdom so he asks for Raam's Paadukaa (slippers) as the representative of Raam on the throne and he takes the vow to rule the kingdom on behalf of Raam living outside the city, in Tapaswee attire and eating fruits etc. He returns to Ayodhyaa seeing Bharadwaaj Muni on the way. Bharat comes back to Ayodhyaa, go to live in Nandee Graam as Raam, establishes Paadukaa on a high place and rule Ayodhyaa.
43-Sarg 116-119 - After Bharat left Raam doesn't like there, but in the meantime a Rishi tells Him about Khar Raakshas' disturbances. Raam moves to Atri Rishi's Aashram. Seetaa meets Anasooyaa and Anasooyaa presents Her some divine clothes and jewelry. Then they leave that Aashram too.

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