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2-Ayodhyaa Kaand

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Page 36:  Sarg 92-93

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Sarg 92-Bharat Leaves Muni's Aashram 

In the morning Bharat went to Bharadwaaj Muni. Seeing Bharat coming Muni asked - "Hey Bharat, Tell me, did you spend your night well here? Were you satisfied with my arrangement?" Bharat greeted Muni and said - "Hey Muni, I spent my night very well here with my army and people. All kinds of sadness and worries were relieved here. We were very much satisfied . I just pray that you always be kind to me and now you tell me the way to go to Raam."

Muni said - "At the distance of 14 Kos there is a mountain named Chitrakoot. On that mountain there are many water sources and forests. In the Northern part of that mountain a river flows named Mandaakinee. Near that river there is a forest named Pushpit forest. After that forest you will see Chitrakoot Parvat. He lives there. I am sure that He is still there, so you go first in South with your army, then go to Southeast (Nairritya). You will arrive at Chitrakoot Parvat.

When Dasharath's queens heard that Bharat wants to move from here, they went to see Muni. Kaushalyaa fell on Muni's feet along with Sumitraa. Kaikeyee also touched Muni's feet and stood near Bharat. Muni said - "Bharat, I want to know about your mothers." Bharat said - "This weak and sad woman who has given birth to a lion-like brave son, is Dasharath's Pat Raanee (chief queen) Kaushalyaa. And who is sitting next to her is my middle mother Sumitraa who has given birth to Lakshman and Shatrughn. And because of who, Raam and Lakshman were exiled, and Kaushalyaa became sonless, and Raajaa Dasharath died with the grief of his sons, that proud wicked woman is my mother, Kaikeyee. And I am the victim of her desires."

Muni said - "Bharat, There is no fault of Kaikeyee in this, because the exile of Raam is very useful for Devtaa." Bharat greeted Muni, took his permission and proceeded further.

Sarg 93-Bharat Goes to Chitrakoot

Elephants of forest got frightened to see Bharat's huge army. All wild animals hid in the forest. After going for a long distance, Bharat said to Vashishth Jee - "We are now close to Chitrakoot, and Chitrakoot looks the same as Muni described it. This is Mandaakinee River." Bharat said to Shatrughn - "See those places on the mountain where Kinnar live. There are no human being in this forest but to me this forest is like Ayodhyaa." Bharat asked his soldiers to look for Raam. At one place they saw some smoke  and thought that there must be somebody here, if not Raam then at least somebody else. So they told Bharat about it. Bharat said - "You stay here, I go myself with Sumantra and check that place." So the army stopped there and Bharat went to that place where the smoke was seen.



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