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2-Ayodhyaa Kaand

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Page 35:  Sarg 91

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Sarg 91-Bharadwaaj Muni Welcomes Bharat

Bharat said - "You have offered us the things obtained from this forest." Bharadwaaj Jee said - "I know your devotion to me, but whatever you will like, I will offer you the same. I will also feel happy in doing that. Tell me, why you have asked your army to stay far from my Aashram? Why didn't you bring it here?" Bharat said - "Hey Muni, Because of your severe anger I did not come to see you with my army. A prince should stay far from Muni's Aashram because if he stays there, Muni may feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. I have many elephants, horses etc and they need lots space, and I also feared that they might have destroyed your trees, land water etc. That is why I came alone for your Darshan."

Muni said - "You may call them to Aashram." Bharat called his army at the Aashram. Muni went to his Agni Shaalaa (where Agni is kept), did Aachman three times and said - "Today I want to welcome Bharat therefore I invoke Vishwakarmaa to help me and I remember Indra, Yam, Varun and Kuber etc too so that they can make arrangements for his stay. I invoke rivers flowing on this earth and Antariksh (sky) that they should flow liquor in some and sweet water like sugarcane juice in some of them . 

I invoke Indra's Apsaraa Ghritaachee, Vishwaachee, Mitrakeshee, Alankrishaa, Naagdattaa, Hemaa, Somaa who live on mountains and go to Indra and Brahmaa with their groups. Let Kuber's Chitrarath forest come near my Aashram. Its trees have clothes and jewelry as their leaves and their fruits are women. I invoke Chandra Bhagvaan to create all kinds of eatables and drinks."

Thus Muni prayed standing with both palms together towards east. All Devtaa started coming to fulfill Muni's requests. As they came sandal scented air started flowing around. Apsaraa started dancing, Gandharv started singing and playing Veenaa (an Indian musical instrument).

At the same time Bharat's huge army saw a 5-Yojan flat ground which Vishwakarmaa created with Vaidoorya Mani grass. On that land were many trees of banana, Bel, jackfruit, Beejpur, Aamlaa and mango an a river Saamya. Places for elephants and horses; houses for Raajaa and other people in which sweet smelling things were kept were also there. Divine food was arranged for them. Divine beds, clothes were also available there. There were clean pots and beautiful Aasan in the kitchen.

By the order of Muni Bharadwaaj, Bharat entered the gem-filled house. Bharat got very happy to see the available things there. Bharat found a throne, a fan and a Chhatra (royal umbrella) also in that house. Bharat greeted that throne with his ministers as somebody does to Raajaa and sat carrying Chanvar. All Purohit, ministers, army chiefs etc also sat on their own Aasan. Then by the order of Bharadwaaj Muni the rivers which were full of Khaar, came there. There were houses on the banks of these rivers. These houses were painted in yellow color. Twenty thousand beautiful women sent by Indra came to welcome Bharat. Another 20,000 adorned in gold, gems and pearls were sent by Kuber for Bharat. Another 20,000 Apsaraa came from Nandan Van.

Naarad Jee also came there with his group and started singing. By the order of Bharadwaaj Muni, Alambooshaa, Mitrakeshee, Pundareekaa, Vaamanaa etc Apsaraa started dancing and trees became Mridang (a kind of Indian drum) for beat.

Managers of the Aashram said - "Everything is present here, so whoever wants to drink, can drink; whoever wants to eat, can eat. Bharat's group's each person was given bath with an Ubatan (traditional paste used as soap) massage by 60,000 women.

When Bharat's people's all desires were fulfilled, then they said to Apsaraa - "Now we will not go to Ayodhyaa, nor we will go ahead. Bless Bharat, because of whom we have got this pleasure." They were shouting, "This is Swarg, This is Swarg". Who had eaten food once, wanted to eat more.

Bharat's maidservants and women in army were very happy to get new clothes. The whole group of Bharat was now contented. They saw many such things which they had never seen before. All cows of that forest were converted into Kaamdhenu. Its trees flowed honey. In all the four directions there were four ponds of liquor. Large pots were filled with the meat of deer, chickens and peacocks. There were thousands of pots filled with grains and vegetables. One hundred million pots were for the people to eat food and several ponds and rivers were full of buttermilk. People saw many other eatables in pots.

Seeing this arrangement of Tapaswee Bharadwaaj all got surprised, especially because all this arrangement was done in a moment. As Devtaa live in Nandan Van, Bharat's all people lived there most comfortably.

With this divine experience the night passed and with the permission of Muni all Devtaa, Gandharv, Apsaraa etc went to their places. In the morning people were still drunk, and the flower garlands which were thrown away last night, still not faded away.



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