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2-Ayodhyaa Kaand

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Page 34:  Sarg 87-90

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Sarg 87-Guh Tells Bharat About Raam

Hearing this description Bharat got very sad and worried. Bharat suddenly got unconscious. Shatrughn started weeping seeing Bharat condition. All mothers came to see Bharat. All were observing fast and were sad because of their husband. Kaushalyaa went near Bharat. She put his head in her lap and said - "My son Bharat, Are you feeling ill? The whole family now depends on you. I am alive only because of you. And after Raajaa, you are our caretaker. Have you heard anything bad about Lakshman or Raam?"

Bharat said crying - "No Maa, that is not so" and then said to Guh - "Show me all the places where Raam took rest, where He took food, what did He eat?" Guh said - "What I did for Him, I tell you. I offered Him fruits in place of grains. Raam did not accept those things which He should not have taken. He explained us that "we should not take it but we should give". He took only that water which Lakshman brought for Him. He fasted that night. Then those three did Sandhyaa. Lakshman made a bed of Kush grass and both lay on that bed. Lakshman washed their feet and came here. Hey Bharat, This is the same Ingudee (fig) tree under which Raam stayed, and this is the straw on which Raam and Seetaa slept and Lakshman woke up the whole night to guard them. I was also with Lakshman.

Sarg 88-Bharat Gets Sad

Bharat went to that tree and told his mothers that Raam had rested there and He had laid on the bed of Kush grass. Raam was used to use the leather bed sheet, how He could sleep on Kush. His palace was decorated with gold and silver birds and His bedding was jewel-studded and was scented with various flowers fragrance. How could He sleep here on this ground? He was awaken with the sound of best musical instruments, how did He wake up on this ground? It didn't seem true to all of them.

Bharat said - "I cannot believe it, it is like a dream for me. When Kaal acts then even Devtaa cannot win him. It was only Kaal because of whom my brother Raam and Dashrath's daughter-in-law slept on the ground. Is this the sleeping place for them? This place is for me. It seems that Seetaa must have changed Her side here because there are some gold particles fallen here. And these silken threads? It seems that Seetaa's covering cloth must have stuck here.

I am very sordid because of whom Raam and Seetaa had to sleep here like orphans. Only Lakshman is fortunate because He is with Ram at the time of trouble. I don't want this kingdom, nor Shatrughn wants it. From today I will pass my days like Raam. I will sleep on ground, eat only fruits instead of grains; wear Jataa and I will complete the remaining period of exile like that. If Bhagvaan fulfills my wish then it is good. I will touch His feet so that He comes back to Ayodhyaa; and if He does not come back then I will also live with Him and serve Him in the forest."

Sarg 89-Bharat Crosses Gangaa

In the morning Bharat asked Shatrughn - "Call Guh soon, so that he makes arrangements to cross Gangaa." Shatrughn said  - "I am awake. I am also thinking the same," He called Guh, Guh came and greeted Bharat by joining his palms and said - "Hey Bharat, Did you sleep well on this Gangaa bank? Are you and your army all right?" Bharat said - "We passed the night very comfortably. You have served us very well. Now please make the arrangements to cross Gangaa."

Guh went to his people and said - "Brothers, get up and take Bharat's army across Gangaa." Nishaad brought their 500 boats. Besides them there were many boats with Swaastik sign which had flags and thousands of bells hanging from them. Among them, one boat was brought by Guh himself. A beautiful blanket was spread in that boat. Bharat boarded this boat with his mothers. All people got across within no time. When boats were coming back, sailors showed Bharat various games of boats. They were swimming like elephants. Many Nishaad crossed the river on bamboo leaves, many went by horses and by swimming too.

Now Bharart proceeded for Prayaag. Arriving in Prayaag, Bharat asked his army to take rest and he himself went to Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram.

Sarg 90-Bharat Comes to Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram

When Bharat came near the Aashram, he left his people one Krosh before the Aashram and he walked to the Aashram with Vashishth Jee and ministers. He took off all clothes except two silken clothes because he knew how to meet a Rishi. When he saw Muni, he left his ministers also and went only with Vashishth Jee. Seeing Vashishth Jee coming, Bharadwaaj Muni asked his disciples to bring water. Bharat bowed Bharadwaaj Muni and Bharadwaaj Muni greeted Vashishth Jee. He knew before that Bharat is the son of Dasharath. Muni offered them fruits etc and asked the welfare of his Kul. He knew about Dasharath's death also.

Muni asked - "Bharat, You must be the ruler of the country, then what is the purpose of your coming in this forest, tell me? Because your coming here is creating doubt in my mind. Raam who is loved by everybody, went to forest with His wife and brother  for 14 years. Raajaa Dasharath sent his two sons to forest with Seetaa. Now aren't you going to harm that saint Raam and His younger brother Lakshman?"

Hearing Bharadwaaj's harsh words Bharat broke into tears and spoke politely - "If you are also thinking in the same way, then my life is useless, because you know everything. I am not at fault to send Raam to exile. Therefore do not say harsh words to me. Whatever my mother did for her selfishness, I do not like it, nor I am happy with that, that is why I have not obeyed her. Hey Muni, I am going to bring my brother back. I will please Him by praying His feet. I have told you my purpose, now please tell me where can I get Him?"

Pleased with Bharat, Bharadwaaj Muni said - "Because you are born in Raghu Vansh so this type of behavior is appropriate for you. This is your Dharm to serve your elders. I questioned you in that way just to bring your mind into light to others. Now people will know you and praise you. I tell you the whereabouts of Raam. He is on Chitrakoot Parvat with His brother and wife. You may go there tomorrow morning, today you take rest here so that my desire is fulfilled." Bharat rested in Bharadwaaj's Aashram that night.



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