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2-Ayodhyaa Kaand

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Page 15:  Sarg 33-34

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Sarg 33-Raam Goes to Meet His Father 

After giving away their wealth to Braahman now Raam, Seetaa and Lakshman were ready to go to forest. Seetaa tied their weapons in garlands. Raam and Lakshman went to their father to see him. Seeing this the public got very sad. They climbed their seven-storied mansions and looked at them walking on the road on foot without royal umbrella. They uttered many words of grief. The roads were full of people. People were saying - "The same Raam who used to go followed by Chaturanginee army, today is going on foot with Seetaa followed by Lakshman. Raam who used to fulfill desires of others today is leaving the kingdom at the order of His father. Now Seetaa is seen by all people walking on the road, before She was not seen even by beings going through the air. 

Raam has all six virtues - harmlessness, Anukrosh (compassion), Shrutam (learning), Sheel (good nature), Dam (self-control) and Sham (tranquility), that is why people are in great pain for this behavior to Him. As Raam will go, we will also go from here. Then let Kaikeyee rule these empty houses, ruined courtyards, deserted by deities. Wherever Raam is going let that forest be a city and this city be a forest. Let all wild animals come here and stay here."

After entering the palace Raam saw Sumantra standing dejected nearby. He asked him to inform Raajaa about His coming.

Sarg 34-Raam Consoles Dasharath 

Raam asked Sumantra to tell him about His coming. Sumantra went inside quickly and saw Dasharath very sad, sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious. Sumantra said to him - "Your son Raam has donated all His wealth and now waiting at the gate. After bidding farewell to all His friends He wants to see you now. He is setting out to forest."

Raajaa Dasharath, who speaks truth, whose mind is virtuous, and who has his character deep like ocean said to Sumantra - "I want to see Him with all my wives here." So Sumantra called his all wives. His 350 wives along with Kaushalyaa came there soon. Then Dasharath asked Sumantra to bring Raam there. Seeing his son coming Dasharath rose from his seat and ran to meet Him but fell down unconscious afflicted as he was with sorrow. All women cried, "Haa Raam, Haa Raam".

Both brothers lifted him up and made him sit on the bed. Seetaa also helped them. When Raajaa gained consciousness, Raam said - "Please permit me to go to forest. You are our Swaamee, Devtaa-like father. We are going that is why please look at us auspiciously and permit Lakshman and Seetaa too, because they did not stay back even after my strong advice, so they are also going with me. Give up the grief and grant leave to all of us as Brahmaa granted to His sons - Sankaadi Muni."

Raajaa said - "Kaikeyee has tied me with her Var that is why I am not free and I also agree that I am not worthy to rule, therefore you imprison me and rule. I agree with this."

Raam said - "Mahaaraaj, I wish that you rule for thousands of years but my place is in forest and as soon as my 14-year period is over in the forest I will come and see you." Raajaa wept hearing this, then prompted secretly by Kaikeyee he said - "Son, Be happy and return safely after completing the period. But if you could stay today's night, then even by seeing you for one more day I might live happily after you. Satisfy your all desires and then go tomorrow at dawn. Kaikeyee has cheated me but I don't like your going to forest at all. But I am helpless. I cannot do anything."

Hearing their father Raam and Lakshman got very depressed. Raam said - "If I will enjoy today then what will happen tomorrow? Therefore let me go today only. You may give this Prithvi to Bharat. I want to go from here as soon as possible. You were pleased to give Var to Kaikeyee, so let it be completely true, and you should be known as truthful. I will fulfill your promise by living in Dandak Van for 14 years. Do not hesitate at all in giving the kingdom to Bharat because I have no desire of kingdom and do not want any comfort. I regard more to serve you. 

Therefore, please hold your tears back. I don't want anything, kingdom, happiness, Seetaa, enjoyment heaven for life. I just want to see you truthful, I swear you by virtue and by truth, therefore you do not worry at all. In fact Maa Kaikeyee asked me to go to forest, so I have to see that my promise is fulfilled. We will be comfortable in forest, because we will see many beautiful birds, animals. I will come back after 14 years. Console these weeping mothers and keep your promises. Later you hand over the kingdom to Bharat. I shall be happy eating fruits, roots and Kand etc and seeing mountains, lakes, trees etc. You be satisfied."

Raajaa got unconscious again. All queens started crying. Sumantra also fell unconscious.



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