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2-Ayodhyaa Kaand

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Page 19:  Sarg 44-46

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Sarg 44-Sumitraa Consoles Kaushalyaa 

Sumitraa tried to console wailing Kaushalyaa - "Your son is the best son among all men, He is qualitative, then why are you crying for Him like this? He has set an ideal by obeying His father, renouncing the throne and going to forest. He is very disciplined, He is never to be lamented. Kind to all living beings and faultless Lakshman is with Him, He serves Him very well. don't be so sad for Him. Seetaa, in spite of knowing the discomforts of forest, is also with Him. Considering the virtues of your son, even Soorya will not be able to harm Him. Wind will soothe Him.

Before, when Raam killed Subaahu, the son of Shambaraasur, Vishwaamitra Jee gave Him many celestials weapons relying on His strength. He will stay in forest fearlessly with those weapons. He will soon come back after completing His term. O Kaushalya, Raam is the illuminator of even the Sun, fire of fire, the ruler of rulers, God of gods, and the foremost human being among human beings. What handicps for Him in Ayodhyaa or forest? You will see them all soon. It is not proper to worry about Raam, Raam has no ill-luck. While the people should be consoled by you, you yourself are grieved in your heart." Thus she consoled Kaushalyaa in various ways and got silent. Kaushalyaa also got consoled hearing these cool words from Sumitraa.

Sarg 45-Public Requests Raam to Return

Many people went after the chariot for a long way because of Raam's love, but Dasharath had to return because of his Dharm. He said to them - "Please leave me now and start loving Bharat, because Bharat, the son of Kaikeyee, has a good character. Even though he is in his childhood, but still he is Gyaanee (Knowledgeable or learned), brave and kind. We all have to obey the king. If you want to please me happy, then see that Raajaa is not grieved while I am away. Thus I will also be happy.

As the more Raam asked them to be faithful to king, the more they wished to have Him as their king. The old learned Braahamn said - "O horses, You return to Ayodhyaa with Raam and do not go forward towards forest. He is not worthy to go to forest." Hearing their painful words Raam got down from the chariot with Lakshman and Seetaa and walked with public on foot towards forest. He could not abandon those Braahman walking behind His chariot.

Braahman community got worried seeing this. They said - "We are coming along with you, Raam, because you are the well wisher of Braahman. See, they are bearing sacred fire on their shoulder and see these white Chhatra (canopies) coming behind us which we got in Vaajpeya Yagya. You are under the Sun and you don't have anything to protect yourself, we will protect you by this Chhatra. Ved are in our heart, our wives will stay at home protected by their character. We are determined to go with you. We entreat you of our gray hair which has become dirty by prostrating to you that you come back. Sacrifices have already been commenced, now their completion depends on your coming back."

The then appeared Tamasaa River and all stopped there to take rest. Sumantra disengaged the horses to give them food and water.

Sarg 46-Raam Rests at Tamasaa River

Raam said to Lakshman - "This is the first night of our exile, there is no need to be anxious. This is forest. Because animals and birds will return to their homes, that is why the whole forest will to be crying from all sides. Today the whole Ayodhyaa would be sad, because the public doesn't love all four of us less than the king. I am more worried about about our parents lest they lose their eyes crying in our separation. Only Bharat can console them. Because he is very religious and bears good character, that is why I am not much worried about them. You have done a favor to me by coming with me, otherwise I would have to look for someone to protect Seetaa.

Lakshman, Although there are many things to eat in the forest, but for today, I have decided to stay on water only, because I felt it the best." Then He said to Sumantra - "You go and take care of horses, make arrangements of their food." Sumantra and Lakshman did their Sandhyaa together. Seeing night coming nearer Sumantra and Lakshman made the bed for Raam.

After Raam and Seetaa had slept, Lakshman and Sumantra passed their night praising Raam. Raam woke up in the morning and seeing the public still sleeping said to Lakshman - "It seems the way these people are sleeping here they can give up their life, but in no case they will change their resolution. They are not caring even their homes. While they are sleeping, we should take a route which has no fear from any side. Thus they will be saved from sleeping on roots day in day out. The citizens should be free from every kind of troubles by their Raajaa.

Lakshman said - "You are right, then climb up the chariot." In the meantime Sumantra brought the chariot and all sat in the chariot and crossed Tamasaa River.  Raam said to Sumantra - "You ascend the chariot drive it towards North, then come back, so that they cannot locate us." Sumantra did the same then all ascended the chariot again and started their journey.



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