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Page 18: Sarg 61-65

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Sarg 61-King Ambareesh Loses His Yagya Animals

Shataanand Jee said to Raam - "Hey Raam, When all Rishi went away, Vishwaamitra Jee said to the people living in the forest that "now my Yagya are disturbed here so I will go somewhere else to do my Tapasyaa." Then he went to Pushkar Jee and started doing Tapasyaa there.

At the same time Raajaa Ambareesh also started a Yagya, but Indra stole his Yagya animals (those animals which are to be used for Yagya), so Raajaa got very sad. His Purohit and other Rishi said - "Raajan who do not protect their Yagya animals they commit sin. And if you cannot get animals before your Yagya ends, then bring a human being as Yagya animal. Yagya will start only after getting the animals back in place."

Raajaa started searching for his animals. Besides he declared a reward too that "whoever will bring my animals, I will give him 1,000 cows." But he couldn't get his animals. Raajaa Ambareesh went to Bhrigu Peak and asked the welfare of Richeek Muni. Then he asked - "Can you give me your son in exchange of 1,000 cows? I will be most grateful to you for this." Muni Richeek said to Ambareesh - "I cannot give you my eldest son." His wife said - "I cannot give you my youngest son." Then Richeek's middle son himself said - "Hey Raajan, My father doesn't want to give his eldest son, my mother doesn't part with her youngest son, therefore you take me so that your mission is successful." Then Raajaa took Richeek's middle son, Shunehshep, in exchange of gold worth of several millions, precious stones, gems and 100,000 cows.

Sarg 62-Vishwaamitra Jee Saves the Life of His Nephew

Raajaa Ambareesh arrived in Pushkar area at mid-day time and stayed there to take some rest [on his way to his capital]. After taking some rest, Shunehshep just wandered around. There he found his maternal uncle (Maamaa or Satyavatee's brother) Vishwaamitra Jee doing Tapasyaa. Shunehshep fell on his feet and said - "I am an orphan, I have no parents, please protect me, because only you can protect me because you always protect orphans. Please do something so that my life is also saved as well as Raaja's purpose is also served, and I go to Swarg."

Muni consoled him in many ways and said to his own sons - "You are very religious that is why be Yagya animal in Raajaa Ambareesh's Ygaya and please Agni Dev with your power. This will save his life and Raajaa's purpose will also be served and my promise will also be kept."

Hearing this Vishwaamitra's sons said - "You want to save other's son by killing your own sons? This is sin in true sense." Vishwaamitra Jee got very angry hearing this, he gave Shaap to them - "You be the eater of dog meat and you also live in the same community in which Vashishth's sons live." Then he said to Shunehshep - "My son, At the time, when you are tied to the pillar for sacrifice, you do the Jaap of these two Mantra and pray Agni Dev, you will be saved."

So Muni Richeek's son came to Raajaa Ambareesh and said - "Now we should go soon." Raajaa became very happy to hear this. He came to his Yagyashaalaa (the place where Yagya is performed). Shunehshep was decorated with the marks of animals and tied to the pillar. He started doing Jap of those two Mantra and prayed Agni Dev. Devtaa got pleased with him and blessed him with long life.

Sarg 63-Vishwaamitra Jee is Attracted to Menakaa

When 1,000 years passed doing Tapasyaa, Brahmaa Jee again appeared before Vishwaamitra Jee and declared him as Rishi and went away to his Lok. Vishwaamitra Jee again continued his Tapasyaa. At one time, during his Tapasyaa, Vishwaamitra Jee saw Menakaa Apsaraa. He got attracted to her and said - "You come and live in my Aashram. I am attracted to you." Menakaa started living in his Aashram. He spent 10 years with her, but when he came to his senses he became very sad. He knew that Devtaa had cheated him. He sent Menakaa back, and he himself went to north to do Tapasyaa. There he killed his sex desire and did intense Tapasyaa. [He got a daughter from Menakaa, Shakuntalaa. She was brought up by Kanv Rishi and was married to Raajaa Dushyant.]

When 1,000 years passed doing Tapasyaa, then Brahmaa Jee again appeared before him and said - "I am pleased with your Tapasyaa and I declare you Maharshi." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "You are calling me Maharshi, instead of Brahmarshi? This shows that I have not won my Kaam yet." Hearing this Brahmaa Jee went to His Lok. Vishwaamitra Jee again got busy in his Tapasyaa. Then Indra sent Rambhaa Apsaraa to him to do good to Devtaa community.

Sarg 64-Vishwaamitra Jee is Disturbed by Rambhaa

Indra said to Rambhaa - "You take your most beautiful form and attract Vishwaamitra and do good for Devtaa." Rambhaa said - "Whatever work you are telling me, I am unable to do it, because I don't want to get burned in the fire of Vishwaamitra's anger." Indra said - "Rambhaa, You don't worry, I will protect you. I will always be with you in the form of Koyal (cuckoo)."

Hearing this Rambhaa went to Vishwaamitra Jee to attract him. There Koyal started cooing [so Rambhaa knew that Indra was nearby] and Rambhaa started strolling in front of Vishwaamitra Jee. Rishi's mind got disturbed by a cooing cuckoo and strolling Rambhaa. It just occurred to him that this was Indra's cunning game, so he gave Shaap to Rambhaa to live as a stone on Prithvi for 10,000 years because of her efforts to harm his Tapasyaa.

Seeing this Indra ran away from that place and Rambhaa became a stone. But because of anger Vishwaamitra's Tapasyaa was also lost. He got very sad because of this incident. So this time he started his Tapasyaa leaving his anger with the determination that until he will get the status of Brahmarshi, he would do Tapasyaa without eating anything and without talking.

Sarg 65-Vishwaamitra Jee Gets Maharshi's Status

When Vishwaamitra Jee found that he was being disturbed there also, he went towards east and started his Yagya there. Along with the Yagya he also vowed that he wouldn't speak to anybody for 1,000 years and he did so. Many hurdles came during his Tapasyaa, but he stuck to his vow.

At the end of his vow, he sat to eat some food , Indra came in Braahman's form to ask for food. Vishwaamitra Jee gave his all food to him and got busy in his Tapasyaa again. He again did Tapasyaa for 1,000 years.

Seeing this intense Tap, Indra etc Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "We have tried all ways to disturb Vishwaamitra's Tapasyaa but all in vain. Now to protect all Lok you will have to give him Var. His all Paap have been destroyed." So Brahmaa Jee again appeared before Vishwaamitra Jee and said - "Hey Brahmarshi, You have succeeded in your mission. I give you the Var of long life."

Vishwaamitra Jee greeted Him happily and said - "If you have given me the status of Brahmarshi, then give me the knowledge of Ved and that I should be regarded the highest in the knowledge of archery and Brahm Vidyaa and Brahmaa's son Vashishth Jee should also regard me as Brahmarshi."

On the request of Devtaa, Vashishth Jee also approveded Vishwaamitra Jee as Brahmarshi. Then all went to their Lok. Now Vishwaamitra Jee started wandering around after finishing his Tapasyaa." Shataanand Jee got silent after telling this story. Raajaa Janak asked permission to go back to his city which Vishwaamitra Jee gave readily.





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