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Page 19: Sarg 66-70

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Sarg 66-Story of Janak's Bow

Next day, Raajaa Janak called Vishwaamitra Jee along with Raam and Lakshman and asked - "Now you tell me as what should I do?" Muni said - "Whatever bow is kept here, these two princes want to see it, because they have come here only to see it. They will go back after seeing it."

Janak Jee said - "Listen to the story of this bow so that they should know everything about this bow. This bow belongs to Mahaadev Jee. When Daksh Jee did his Yagya, at the same time Shiv Jee picked this bow and said - "I will take my share in this Yagya." But Devtaa did not give him his share. Mahaadev Jee said - "I will kill Devtaa with this bow." Then Devtaa pleased him by prayers and pleased with them Shiv Jee gave that bow to them. And our ancestors got it from Devtaa.

Hey Muni, When I was tilling my fields, then a baby girl appeared from the front part of my plough (Seet). Because of being appeared from Seet, She was named Seetaa. She is now of marriageable age. Many Raajaa have asked Her hand, but I said - "Do something to get Her. Show your might. So Hey Muni Raaj, Many Raajaa came here and asked me what efforts I wanted to see. Then I kept this bow before them and asked them to pull its string, but they could not even move it, let alone pick it up. So they all went back disappointed and started troubling Mithilaa Puree.

At one time my all resources to fight were exhausted with me, I did a Yagya, then pleased with that Yagya, Devtaa provided me with Chaturanginee army, by which I fought with those kings [and saved my kingdom]. Now I show that bow to these princes. If Raam will pick that bow and then I will give my Seetaa to Him.

Sarg 67-Raam Breaks the Bow 

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Sure". Janak Jee asked his ministers to bring that bow there. Ministers brought that bow on an eight-wheels vehicle drawn by 5,000 people. [It was kept in an iron box]. Janak Jee said - "This is the bow. Show it to Raam and Lakshman." Vishwaamitra Jee called Raam and Lakshman and said - "Come and see this bow."

Raam opened the iron box and saw the bow. Suddenly He picked it up and pulled its string. As He did that the bow got broken and many people became unconscious hearing its sound.

Janak Jee requested Vishwaamitra Jee - "Please permit me to send my ministers to Ayodhyaa to invite Ram's father for Seetaa-Raam's wedding. Vishwaamitra Jee gave his permission happily, and Janak Jee sent his ministers to bring Dasharath Jee with respect.

Sarg 68-Janak Invites Dasharath for the Wedding of Raam

The ministers arrived in Ayodhyaa Puree after the journey of three days and three nights. They said to the gatekeepers - "We have come here by the order of Raajaa Janak and want to see Raajaa Dasharath." 

Raajaa Dasharath called them inside. They greeted Raajaa Dasharath and said - "Raajaa Janak has asked your welfare and has sent this message in consultation of Vishwaamitra Jee that, "I have decided to marry my daughter Seetaa to Shree Raam. Many kings came to marry Her but they were returned because they were not mighty. Shree Raam has won my daughter Seetaa by breaking the bow. Therefore now I want to marry my daughter to Him. Please come with your ministers, Purohit etc to Janak Puree."

Raajaa Dasharath got very happy to hear this and got ready to move to Janak Puree with Guru Vashishth, Vaamdev and ministers next day.

Sarg 69-Dasharath Goes to Janak Puree 

Next morning Raajaa asked his treasurer to go in front with lots of gems and money, then Vashishth, Vaamdev, Jaavaali, Kashyap, Maarkandeya and Kaatyaayan Muni to follow them. Then he asked his chariot to be ready to go to Mithilaa Puree. Thus Raajaa got ready to go to Mithilaa Puree and arrived there after four days of traveling.

Raajaa Janak welcomed Raajaa Dasharath and said - "Today I am very fortunate that a great man like you has come to my city. My all worries are over today. Your princes are very brave. You will be very happy to know about their bravery. My own family also feels great to tie relations with Raghuvanshee [family]. Get ready for the marriage ceremony tomorrow morning." Raajaa Janak spent the whole night in the preparation of marriage.

Sarg 70-Janak Jee Calls His Brother Kushdhwaj

After finishing his own work, Raajaa Janak said to Shataanand Jee - "I have a brother named Kushdhwaj in this city, but at present he has gone to drink the holy water of Ikshu River to Saankaashyaa Nagaree. It is my wish that if he should be called be back and assume the role of the Protector of my Yagya, it will be good. Because thus he will also be able to participate in this Yagya.

So Raajaa Janak sent some people to bring his brother from Saankaashyaa Nagaree. Messengers came to Saankaashyaa Nagaree and told Kushdhwaj everything. Kushdhwaj came immediately to Janak Puree and greeted his brother and Shataanand Jee. Janak Jee called Dasharath Jee. Dasharath Jee went there along with his ministers, Purohit and family members. He said to Janak Jee - "We do all our activities according to the instructions of Guru Vashishth, so here also we will do all our activities according to Guru Vashishth." Then Vashishth Jee told the history of Ikshwaaku family and asked for Janak's two daughters (Seetaa and Urmilaa) for Raam and Lakshman.





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