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Raavan-5: Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-3

1. Who was Raavan and Preamble to Raavan's Birth
2. Birth of Raavan and The Three Brothers Get Var
3. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-1
4. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-2
5. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-3 
6. Shaap to Raavan
7. Raavan and Others
8. Other Stories of Raavan
9. Raavan's Discourse to Lakshman

Raavan Meets Kapil Jee
After winning Chandramaa Raavan went to west seashore and there he found a very gracious man. Raavan said to him also "either fight with me or accept your defeat". That man roared hearing this, Raavan also laughed loudly. Then Raavan shot many arrows at him, but he stood unmoved. He was very powerful. He just slapped Raavan, Raavan fell down and that man went to Paataal. Raavan also followed him.

There he saw 30 million (3 Crore) men dancing in the same attire in which he saw that man on the seashore. He came back from there. On the way he saw a man sleeping on a very valuable bed and a woman sitting beside him like a jewel of Tri-Lok. Seeing that woman, desire-stricken Raavan entered that room. Seeing Raavan coming that man laughed loudly. His loud laugh made Raavan unconscious.

The man said - "Because of Brahmaa's Vardaan, you will not die now so get up and go." Frightened Raavan said - "You look so gracious as the Pralaya-time Agni, who are you?" The man said - "What you will do to know me? I do not want to kill you now." Raavan said - "Although because of Brahmaa's Vardaan I cannot be killed now, I am immortal, still I wish that if I will be killed I should be killed by you only." Then Raavan was very surprised to see Tri-Lok, 12 Soorya (Aaditya), 49 Marut, 8 Vasu, 11 Rudra, Kuber, Samudra, 4 Ved, 14 Vidyaa (knowledge), Maharshi, Garud, Daitya in His body. Raavan greeted Him and came back to Lankaa. He was no one else than Bhagavaan Kapil Dev Himself, and whoever were dancing were His sounds. Kapil Dev did not look at Raavan angrily, otherwise he would have burned immediately.

Raavan Sends Shoorpanakhaa to Dandak Van
While returning Raavan abducted many women and girls. He made many women widow after killing their husbands. When he arrived in Lankaa and Shoorpanakhaa heard about his coming, she came crying and fell on the ground. She said - "Hey Lankesh, Today I am widow only because of you. There is nothing worse than this for me. The 14,000 Kaalikeya Daitya you killed in Ashm Nagar,  among them one was my husband. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself of such an evil act?"

Raavan said - "At that time I was mad for victory, the sad thing is this that I didn't recognize my brother-in-law. And since he was killed in the fight, he must have been very mighty. Our brother Khar (son of our Mausee - mother's sister) is very mighty. I will send him and 14,000 Raakshas with you to Dandak Van to guard it. You live with him and he will obey you. Thus Shoorpanakhaa started ruling Dandak Van with Khar.

Raavan's Friendship With Madhu Daitya
After sending Shoorpankhaa to Dandak Van Raavan came to Nikumbhalaa Van where Meghnaad, his son, was doing Yagya under the guidance of Daitya Guru Shukraachaarya. Shukraachaarya Jee said to Raavan - "Meghnaad has completed six Yagya - Agnihom, Ashwamedh, Bahu Swaren, Raajsooya, Gomedh and Vaishnav. Now he is doing Maheshwar Yagya. Shiv Jee is pleased with him and he has given him a chariot which can go anywhere, a Taamasee Maayaa which spreads darkness all around through which nobody can see him, two quivers which will never be out of arrows, an infallible bow and other weapons." Raavan said - "Hey Guru, Meghnaad has not done good to worship our enemy Devtaa." and he came back from there.

When Raavan returned from Nikumbhalaa Van, the abducted women were still crying. Vibheeshan said - "Hey brother, You have not done good to abduct these women. Our Mausee (mother's sister) Kumbheenasee has been abducted by Madhu Daitya." Raavan got very angry at this and he immediately went to Madhu Daitya. There he saw Kumbheenasee also. She requested Raavan not to make her widow because there was none other greater sorrow than that for a woman. Raavan assured her that he would not make her widow, but then he asked her to inform him about his coming. She did so. He talked to Madhu and expressed his desire to win Dev Lok along with him. Madhu immediately got ready and they went to Kailaash Parvat at Kuber's place and camped there. All his army was sleeping but he was looking at the beauty of Kailaash Parvat. There he saw Rambhaa Apsaraa going to Nal-Koobar's place. He forcefully had her, so Nal-Koobar gave him Shaap.

Raavan Wins Indra Lok and Immortality to Meghnaad
When Raavan arrived in Indra Lok, the whole Dev Lok was echoed with his army's noise. All Devtaa got ready to fight, but Indra got scared, so he went to Vishnu. Vishnu said - "This is my vow that I don't come back without killing the enemy, but because of Brahmaa's Var, Raavan cannot be killed by Devtaa, so I cannot kill him now, therefore I cannot come now. You go and fight fearlessly." Indra came back and came to battlefield to fight.

Sumaalee (Raavan's Naanaa) got killed in this war. Seeing Sumaalee dead Raakshas army ran away. Seeing Raakshas army running away Meghnaad got ready to fight on his Divine chariot. Seeing Meghnaad coming Devtaa army scattered here and there, but Jayant, Indra's son, came forward to fight with him. Meghnaad shot hundreds of arrows at him. The then Indraanee's (Indra's wife) father Pulomaa came there and took Jayant away and hid him in Samudra (sea). Thinking Jayant killed, Indra came himself in the battlefield. A fierce fight took place, many Raakshas were killed in this war. Then Raavan came forward. Seeing Raavan coming Indra said to his army - "We cannot kill Raavan so let us arrest him alive."

After saying this Indra went to other side to fight Raavan's army, while Raavan entered from other side, the then Raakshas shouted "Indra caught Raavan, Indra caught Raavan". Hearing this Meghnaad came again and attacked Maatali (Indra's Saarathee). Then Meghnaad played Maayaa. He was attacking Devtaa's army being disappearng. Indra tried to locate him but couldn't see him. Later Meghnaad found him tired so he brought him to his army camp. Afflicted Raavan also returned from the battlefield. Meghnaad said - "Father, We have caught the Swaamee of the Dev Lok so there is no use to fight Devtaa now." Then they brought Indra to Lankaa.

Then Brahmaa Jee came to rescue Indra and said to Raavan - "Your son Meghnaad is very brave and mighty. From today he will be known as "Indrajeet"." Then he said to Meghnaad - "Putra, Now you release Indra." At this Meghnaad released him after getting the Var of immortality (conditional).

Raavan Goes to Sahastraarjun
Defeating many kings and wandering around on Prithvi for a long time, Raavan arrived in Maahishmatee Nagaree. When he arrived there, he came to know that its mighty King had gone to take bath in Narmadaa River, so he also came to Narmadaa River. Wandering around he found a beautiful spot with clean water, so he asked his people to take bath in it. He liked that spot so he himself also sat on the bank and started worshipping Shiv Jee. He sang and danced in front of the golden idol of Shiv Jee also.

Now where Raavan was worshipping, Sahastraarjun was taking bath with his women at some distance from that place down the river. To test his strength he spread his thousand arms and stopped Narmadaa's water which then started flowing backwards and over its banks. Because of this Raavan's worshipping materials flowed in the water. He asked Shuk and Saaran to find out the reason of this. They reported that a tall man was playing with river's water 2 Kos down that spot.

He understood that this man was no other than Sahastraarjun. He immediately went there and challenged him to fight with him. Sahastraarjun came out of the water and fought with Raavan. In the last he caught Raavan with his thousand arms and took him to his city.

Hearing Raavan's arrest by Sahastraarjun, Raavan's grandfather Maharshi Pulastya Jee came to get him freed. Welcoming him Sahstraarjun said - "Because of your coming here my city has become holy. Tell me what can I do for you?" Muni asked Raajaa's welfare and said - "You have shown your bravery and might by arresting our very mighty son Raavan, but now you free him because of me." Arjun didn't consider to disobey Muni so he immediately released Raavan. He made him wear divine clothes and jewelry and declared him as his friend before Agni on the condition that he would not ask any help to trouble somebody. Arjun bade farewell to embarrassed Raavan by embracing him.

Raavan Goes to Baali
He forgot this defeat soon. Wandering around, one day, he came to Kishkindhaa Nagaree and challenged Baali for fight. Baali's father-in-law Taar was standing at the gate. He said to Raavan - "Baali has gone to perform Sandhyaa on all the four seas, so you may wait here until he comes back or if you want to die earlier you may go there."

Raavan went to south sea and saw Baali doing Sandhyaa there. He went there slowly so that he can catch him secretly but Baali was aware of him. As he came near Baali, Baali caught him and kept him in his armpit went around to do Sandhyaa on other three seas. His ministers tried to follow Baali but couldn't pace with him so they came back. Because of being in armpit for some time Raavan was not feeling well so he said to Baali - "Hey Vaanarendra (King of Vaanar), I came to fight with you, but you defeated me very easily. Now I want you to be my friend." Both became friends in front of Agni. Raavan stayed there for a month, then came back to Lankaa.

Raavan and Ajapaal
This story comes in Bhavishya Puraan, 4/25, in reference to a fast. Ajapaal was a king and when Ajapaal was ruling, Raavan was ruling in Lankaa. Since this story does not appear anywhere else, its timings cannot be verified. Raavan had employed almost all major Devtaa in his service. He employed Chandramaa to hold his royal Umbrella, Varun as water in-charge, Kuber as wealth in-charge, Yam to look after his enemies and Indra for counseling. Saptarshi along with Brahmaa always used to pray for his good. Gandharv used to sing for him, Apsaraa used to dance for him, Gangaa to offer good water, Vishwakarmaa for Anna Sanskaar, and other kings were ready in the service for the city.

Once Raavan asked his gatekeeper Prashasti - "Who has come here to serve me?" Prashasti said - "Prabho, Kakutsth, Maandhaataa, Dhundhumaar, Nal, Arjun, Yayaati, Nahush, Bheem, Raaghav (who was this Raaghav, certainly not Raam), Vidoorath and many others have come here, but king Ajapaal has not come here." Raavan immediately said to Dhoomraaksh named Raakshas - "Dhoomraaksh, Go and tell Ajapaal according to my orders that he should come here in my service otherwise I will kill him with my sword." Dhoomraaksh immediately went and told everything to Ajapaal, but Ajapaal sent him back and called Jwar (fever) and instructed him - "You go to Raavan and do your duty." Jwar went there and he made all of them trembled. Raavan knew that it was Jwar so he said - "Let Ajapaal be there wherever he is. I don't need him."

Later.. - Meeting with Sanat Kumaar
To conclude this story of Raavan, Raavan once met Sanat Kumaar and asked as how Devtaa win war, who do Yogee meditate, who do Rishi worship etc like questions? Sanat Kumaar told him that it was only Vishnu with whose help Devtaa won war, it was Vishnu on whom Yogee meditate, it was Vishnu whom Rishi worship. Raavan thought so Vishnu is the root of all this. Then how could he have a fight with Vishnu and win Him? Sanat Kumaar told him about the birth of Raam as Dasharath's son, His coming to Van along with His brother and wife and fulfillment of Raavan's wish when the time comes. Raavan got very happy to hear this and continued to wander in search of fight.

Once he met Naarad Jee and asked about the mightiest people in the world. Naarad Jee sent him to Shwet Dweep, there he was defeated by women only.



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