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Vishwakarmaa or Maya Daanav
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Vishwakarmaa is the Divine architect. He is the son of Brahmaa. Some say that he is the son of Prabhaas Vasu and Brihaspati's daughter Varastree - read Marriage and Children under Brihaspati.

He is the official architect of Devtaa's palaces; Divine cities, such as Lankaa, Dwaaarakaa etc;  many kinds of Astra (Divine weapons) such as Vishnu's CHakra, Agni Dev's Aagneya Astra etc. He is also called Twashtraa. He was the Prajaapati in Swaayambhuv Manvantar. His birthday falls on Maagh Shukla Dwaadashee (12).

Vishwakarmaa had a daughter named Sanjanaa or Sangyaa whose name is mentioned in relation to Soorya that he married her to Soorya.

His another daughter is mentioned in Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/1, named Barhishmatee whom he married to Priyavrat (Manu's son). She gave birth to 10 sons and a daughter named Oorjswatee. The same Oorjswatee was married to Shukraachaarya Jee.

Creations of Vishwakarmaa
Mahaabhaarat describes him as the Lord of Arts, executor of thousand handicrafts, the fashioner of all ornaments. All flying chariots or Vimaan, all their weapons, all their buildings, cities etc are his creation.
--According to V-Raamaayan, 7/2/3, the golden city of Lankaa was built by him only for three Raakshas - Maalee, Sumaalee, and Maalyavaan. When Vishnu defeated then they went to Rasaatal. Some sources say that he built it for Indra who lost it to three Raakshas - Maalee, Sumaalee, and Maalyavaan, when they defeated him. Then when Vishnu defeated them they left it and went to to Rasaatal.
--Vajra from Dadheechi's bones for Indra to kill Vritraasur,
--Krishn's city of Dwaarakaa,
--Kaamodpur, near Haridwaar, UP [Padm Puraan, 2/15]
--He made Aagneyaastra (fire weapon) for Agni Dev,
--Sudarshan Chakra for Vishnu,
--Trishool for Shiv etc. 
--He built a chariot for Shiv to be used to destroy Tripuraasur.
--He designed the Yagya altar also.
--He built an invincible chariot for Som. Som gave it to Varun and Varun gave it to Agni Dev to help him to burn Khaandav forest. Agni Dev gave it to Arjun [MBH, G-3-Youth/16]
--V-Raamaayan, 4/17 says that he built Garud's palace which was studded with numerous gem stones, near Koot Shaalmali tree.
--He even created Tilottamaa to kill Sund and Upasund named Raakshas.
--He was the first Barber to cut the hair of Brahmaa Jee at the time of a sacrifice.
--He wrote the first authoritative treatise of mechanics, engineering and architecture - Sthaapatya Ved

Thus Vishwakarmaa is the original creator of all arts, of a thousand handicrafts, and industries and carpenter of the gods.

As the legend goes on, his daughter Sanjanaa was married to Soorya. But she was unable to endure the heat and light of the Sun so Vishwakarmaa placed Soorya on his lathe and cut away the one eighth part of his brightness. The fragments that fell on the Earth because of this operation were used by him to build the Sudarshan disc of Vishnu, trident of Bhagavaan Shiv, weapons of Kuber, the lance of Kaarttikeya (the god of war) and the weapons of all other Devtaa.

Because of Vishwakarmaa's blessings only, Nal could build the bridge over the sea for Raam. Nal was Vishwakarmaa's son. The architects perform the worship of Vishwakarmaa when the Sun enters Bhaadrapad constellation.

According to Shatpath Braahman, Vishwakarmaa performed a Sarvmedh Yagya (a Universal sacrifice), in which he sacrificed all creatures and ultimately himself too. So by this the Universe ended and needed to be created another one.

My Note
The Universal Architect is given the title of Vishwakarmaa that he will be proficient, right from the skills of a blacksmith to that of an outstanding engineer. His works are always guided and directed by Indra. Indra's logic is that there shall be one Vishwakarmaa in all three worlds, like one Indra to three worlds. But whenever Indra lies low, the Raakshas get their works done through the heavenly Vishwakarmaa, instead of appointing their own architect, as their clan-priest Shukraachaarya's treasure of architects is lost. This treasure of architects of Shukraachaarya is usurped by this demon Maya Daanav, through Brahmaa Jee.

As Indra cannot defy the boon of Brahmaa Jee, he baited his Hemaa Apsaraa, to make Maya Daanav to woo her. Accordingly, the demon Maya Daanav brought the nymphal-virtuoso Hemaa to this cavernous paradisiacal mansion and was subjected to elimination by Indra. After the elimination of this Wonder Architect Maya Daanav, Hemaa departed to Brahmaa's abode, bequeathing this mansion to Swayamprabhaa. From then on Hemaa resided in Brahm Lok (Brahmaa's abode). Read this story in V-Raamaayan, 4/21/51.

When Sage Bharadwaaj offered his hospitality to Bharat, that sage invited her (Hemaa) from Brahmaa's place.
Besides when Hanumaan was on the mission of searching Seetaa, he entered in this mansion only to quench his and other Vaanar's thirst.
[From - Valmiki Ramayan, Kishkindha/51]

So according to this statement Maya Daanav was Vishwakarmaa. And Indra killed him because he was not happy with him because of the Var of Brahmaa Jee.



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