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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 17:  Sarg 40-41

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Sarg 40-Directions to Eastward Search Party 

Sugreev made arrangements for his army and said to Raam - "Brave like Indra Vaanar have come in your service. They live in my kingdom or in my allies' kingdoms. They can change their form according to situation and are good warriors. They can walk on Earth or waters and can take up any kind of without getting tired. All will obey you. Although I know the task, still it is befit to you to give us orders."

Raam hugged Sugreev and said - "O Sugreev, First of all we have to know whether Seetaa is alive or dead? In which country Raavan lives? Where is that country? Only after that I will be able to order you what to do next with your help. Till then this is all your job so do it as you feel convenient. It is inoffensive for you to give orders. You have a good experience of making arrangements and I am sure that we will succeed in our mission with your help."

So Sugreev assigned this job to different army chiefs to find out about Seetaa and Raavan's place. Some went to north, some went to west, some went to east. He called the commander Vinat and said - "You go to east side which is full of mountains and forests and look for Vaidehee and Raavan's residence. (see  East Side) Search where Bhaageerathee and Sarayoo rivers flow, and at Yamunaa river which emerges from Kalind Parvat, at Saraswatee, Sindhu, Shonaa (see Eastern Rivers here). Also Mahee and Kaalmahee rivers; Brahmmaalaa, Videh, Maalvaa, Kaashee, Koshal, grand villages of Magadh, Pundra and Ang Desh and in the land of Koshkaar.

You shall search Seetaa everywhere - on the mountains, in the towns that are deep down in the ocean, on Mandar Parvat, among the tribes who are raw fish eaters, or who are half man and half tiger. You shall search all places in Bhaarat Varsh, and the places which can be reached by mountaineering or hopping or by boating. (See Eastern Kingdoms  here).

Then you check Yava island, which is made up of 7 kingdoms (Jaavaa, Sumaatraa, Baali, Indonesia etc islands), and gold and silver islands with gold mines which are in and around Yava island (present Jaavaa Island). After crossing the Yava island you will see Shishir Parvat whose peak touch the heaven. You will search Seetaa there too. Then you will come to the other coast of ocean, and on reaching the Shon river, whose water is reddish and where Siddh and Chaaran live. Search for Her there also. Then you go to Plaksh Dweep (island) and search it thoroughly.

Then you should search the very vast islands of the ocean, called Ikshu Samudra (Salt Ocean). There live colossal-bodied Raakshas who capture their prey by their prey's shadow (as per Brahmaa's Vardaan). This ocean looks like a black cloud and is protected by great serpents. 

After that you will see Lohit ocean for its water is red (read these Shlok about Red ocean here). There you must check the hefty Koot Shaalmalee tree, and Vinataa's son Garud's mansion studded with numerous gem stones and built by Vishwakarmaa. There live gigantic Raakshas named Mandehaa who will be dangling upside down and many others also of various shapes. They will be falling in waters everyday at the time of Sunrise verily burned, and as the Gayatri Mantra chanters will chant Gayatri Mantra, they will rise again and dangle with the peaks of the mountain.

From there you will go to Milky Ocean, there you will see the Rishabh mountain. Its trees are laden are with heavenly fragranced flowers. There is a lake also in which silvery lotuses grow whose fibrils are golden in sparkle. It is called Sudarshan Lake. There live many swans, Devtaa, Chaaran, Kinnar, Yaksh, and Apsaraa.

After that you will come to the Soft Water Ocean which is frightening to all beings. There you will see a Fire which is originated from the anger of Aurus Rishi. On the Northern province of that ocean, after 13 Yojan, there is a huge mountain named Jaataroop Shilaa, a golden rock mountain.

On that Parvat lives lotus-petal broad-eyed serpent  that is sustaining the Earth and that is Moon-like in reflection. On the top of that Parvat lives Anant Bhagvaan. You will find him wearing black clothes. It has a palm tree with three branches as his heads and it has a Vedee in its front part. That palm tree is the easterly compass and is established by celestial Devtaa.

After that you will find a complete gold mountain, namely the Udaya Mountain (or Udayaachal), after which is all west. The peaks of that mountain touch heavens as it is 100 Yojan high. There are many Shaal, Tamaal (coconut), palm and Karnikaar trees in golden hue.

There is another peak, 1 Yojan wide and 10 Yojan high  on the apex of that mountain which is called "Saumanas" and is completely in gold. This is the place where Vaaman Bhagvaan kept His first foot to tread the Earth. His second foot was on Meru's peak to tread the Heavens.

When the Sun circles the Jamboo Dweep (Indian subcontinent), its northerly part can be seen in Jamboo Dweep on his rising from this peak first. There live Vaikhaanas and Baal Khilya Rishi (60,000 in number as said in Vishnu Puran) too. So in the cave of that Sudarshn Island you should search for Raavan along with Seetaa. 

It will be impassable from there for it is hemmed by Devtaa and since the Sun or the Moon is not there, you can't see anything further than that. You should go everywhere there to find out about Seetaa. I have told you about the land I knew of. I have not told you any further place because I know nothing beyond this. Come within a month, don't be late more than this."

Sarg 41-Directions to Southward Search Party

Then Sugreev prepared another group under the leadership of Angad, in which several important Vaanar were included - Neel, Wind's son Hanumaan, Pitaamah's son Jaambvaan, Suhotra, Sharaarit, Shargulm, Gaj, Gavaaksh, Gavaya, Sushen, Vrishabh, Mayand, Dwivid, Gandhmaadan, Ulkaamukh and Anang (two sons of ritual-fire), Sugreev had selected this group before. When they were about to go, Sugreev told them about the impassable countries and difficult path and said - "Search on Vindhyaachal Parvat, to Narmadaa River which flows southerly to the range, then to Godaavaree, Krishnvenee, Mahaanadee, and Varadaa. Then go to the territories of Mekhalaa, Utkal, and the cities of Dashaarn. (see Southern Areas here).

Also follow Abravantee and Avantee (present-day Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh) kingdoms and Vidarbh and Maheeshak kingdoms. Bang (present-day Bengal), Kaling and Kaushik territories (in Orissa) and Dandak Van. Search in Andhra, Chol (present-day Taamilnaadu), Pundra (between Andhra and Chol), Paandya (Kanyaa Kumaaree district), and Kerala Pradesh Gokarn to Kanyaa Kumaaree - its historical name Cheraa Raajya and in Ashok's time it was called Kerala Putra).

Then you will come to Ayomukh Parvat and sandal Van of Malay Parvat. (This mountain is called Agastya Malai) in Western Ghaat from which River Taamraparnee emerges. Check near Kaaveree River also where Apsaraa come and dance. You will see Agastya Muni's Aashram there.

Cross Taamraparnee River with the permission of Muni and cross it carefully because there live many crocodiles in it. The water is overlapped with sandalwood trees and islands. (see Taamraparnee River) Then you come to the castle door of Paandyan kingdom, continue your search there too. Then you proceed and you will arrive at the sea shore, then you think of crossing the sea according to your individual capacities of crossing the sea.

In the middle of your way, you will find Mahendra Parvat which was established by Agastya Muni. (see Mountains in Kanyaa Kumaaree) It is all made of gold and is stood amidst waters. Devtaa, Rishi, Apsaraa, Siddh, Chaaran adore it and Indra comes here on every Amaavasyaa (new moon day) and beautify it.

After crossing the sea, you will see an island of 100 Yojan breadth. No human being lives on it. Here you search for Seetaa properly, because this is Raavan's Desh and there he lives. (see " Why Did Sugreev Lie about Raavan?" here). In the midst of Southward ocean there lives a Raakshasee named Angaarak who catches living beings through their shadow [fallen in the water], so be careful about her. From that point 100 Yojan onward up to  in the sea is Pushpitak Parvat. It has very high peaks. Cruel, unfaithful and atheists cannot sea its peaks. Greet this Parvat and search it too.

Further 14 Yojan you will find Sooryavaan Parvat, then you will see Vaidyut Parvat. This is full of blooming and fruit trees. You may eat the sew fruits and tubers and drink honey here and then go further. 

Next you will see Kunjar Parvat. Here Vishwakarmaa built a place for Agastya Muni. This place is one Yojan wide and 10 Yojan high. Here there is Bhogvatee Nagaree where snakes live, that is why it is impossible for human beings to go there. Here lives the king of snakes - Vaasuki Naag. Many terrific snakes guard him. This place is studded in numerous gem stones. Go in this place very carefully and search for Seetaa.

Next you will find Rishabh Parvat where all kinds of gems are found. Here divine sandal also grows which glows like fire, but you don't touch it with your hand in any case. Rohitaa named Gandharv species has been appointed to guard this sandal Van. Five pious Gandharv live there. Their bodies are like Soorya and Chandramaa's shine. Their names are Shailooshaa, Graamanee, Shiksh, Shuk and Babhru.

After this there is no way to go because after this Prithvi ends and beyond that only Devtaa live. That is called Pitra Lok and is the capital of Yam Raaj. It is all dark, therefore you search for Seetaa only up to that place. And as soon as you find out about Seetaa, come back. Whoever will tell us "seen Seetaa" first he will enjoy this kingdom like me even if he has committed severe crimes still he will be my dear friend." And this group started on its journey.







































































Brahmaa Jee

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