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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 16:  Sarg 38-39

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Sarg 38-Sugreev Presents His Army

Lakshman told Sugreev that now he would like go to his place. Sugreev said - "I am at your service now." and bid farewell to Taaraa and other ladies and called his best of monkeys. All came to Sugreev swiftly. He asked them to bring his Paalakee (palanquin). They brought a Paalakee, which was similar to Sun in shine, for him. 

Sugreev asked Lakshman also to ride on the Paalakee. It had a white royal umbrella on its top. Sugreev thus started along with his many hundreds of fiery Vaanar and came to the place where Raam was staying. He came there and stood dumbfounded with his palms joined. Seeing Sugreev standing like this other Vaanar also stood in the same way. Sugreev and his army was looking like a vast lake of buds of lotuses. [Their joined palms looked like buds of lotuses and since all hands were above their head, their arms looked like stems.]

Raam got very happy to see Sugreev and his huge army. Raam hugged Sugreev and made him sit near Him. He said to him - "A good king is the same who enjoys the fruits of all the three virtues: Dharm, Arth, and Kaam. Now is the time to do our job so consult your ministers and decide the course of action."

Sugreev said - "You have helped me to regain my prosperity, popularity and everlasting kingdom. These are the hundreds of Vaanar chiefs who brought all the Vaanar from the Earth. These brave bears, monkeys and baboons etc are experts in penetrating impassable forests. They are the sons of Devtaa (gods) and Gandharv and can take any form by wish. 

Some Vaanar have the backing of hundred Vaanar, some have the backing of thousand Vaanar and some have the backing of millions. And some are with specific numbers of Vaanar, like "Ayut" and "Shanku". Some have the backing of "Madhyam", "Antya", "Samudra" and "Paraardh". (see Indian Numbering Systems). Thus all Vaanar have come with their army of Vaanar. Some Vaanar still remain to come, they will be coming from Meru and Vindhyaachal Parvat. They will be more appropriate for you to fight with Raavan. Only they will kill Raavan and get Seetaa back."

Sarg 39-Sugreev Counts His Army

Raam got very happy to see and hear all this. He said to Sugreev - "As there is no wonder in Indra's rain, and there is no wonder the way the Sun destroys darkness, in the same way there is no wonder if the great man like you pleases your friend. Hey Sugreev, I know you very well, you always do good to others. I will surely win my enemy with the helper like you. Raavan has abducted Seetaa by cheating. I will kill him with my sharp arrows as Indra killed Shachee's father Pulomaa."

Suddenly a dust storm came and Sun hid behind that dust storm, because the brave Vaanar, Shatbali, was coming with his 100 billion (10,000 Crore) Vaanar who lived on Meru Parvat. All Vaanar were very mighty. They were coming crashing like clouds from seashore, riversides and mountains. 

Taaraa's father Sushen also came with his many thousands of Crore of Vaanar. Sugreev's father-in-law Taar (Roomaa's father) also came with his 10 billion (1,000 Crore) Vaanar. Hanumaan's father Kesaree also came with several thousands of Vaanar. Raajaa Gavaaksh, king of baboons, came with 10 billion (1,000 Crore) Golaangool Vaanar (baboons). Dhoomra Riksh Raaj came with 20 billion (2,000 Crore) bears. Panas came with 30 million (3 Crore) of horrendous Vaanar. Neel, the army chief, came with 100 million (10 Crore) Vaanar.

Gavay army chief came with 50 million (5 Crore) Vaanar. Dareemukh army chief came with 10 billion (1,000 Crore) Vaanar. Mayand and Dwivid, sons of Ashwinee Kumaar, came with 10 billion (1,000 Crore) Vaanar. Gaj brought 30 million (3 Crore) Vaanar and Jaambvant brought 100 million (10 Crore) Vaanar. Ruman came with 1 billion (100 Crore) Vaanar. Gandhmaadan came with 10 billion (1,000 Crore) and 100 billion (100,000 Crore) of Vaanar behind him. Angad came with 1 million trillion (1,000 Padm or 10 Shanku) and 10 million trillion (100 Shanku) Vaanar.

Taar, the commander, was seen with 50 million (5 crore) monkeys. Indrajaanu, the brave commander was seen with 110 million (11 crore) monkeys. Rambh came with thousands (Ayut) and thousand of hundreds of Vaanar. Durmukh Vaanar came with 20 million (2 crore) Vaanar. Hanumaan came with 10 billion (1,000 crore) Vaanar. Nal came with 1 billion and 11 hundred tree dwelling monkeys behind him. Dadhimukh came with 100 million (10 crore) Vaanar behind him. Sharabh, Kumud and Vanhi and Ranh also came with other Vaanar who could change their forms at their will.

Thus Sugreev had those Vaanar in huge number who could change their form at their wish. While arriving there, these Vaanar made a huge hue and cry of war. Sugreev reported about all these monkeys to Raam and ordered all army chiefs to make them comfortable and take care of their army very well.



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