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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 15:  Sarg 35-37

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Sarg 35-Taaraa's Reply to Lakshman

Hearing such harsh words of Lakshman Taaraa said - "Sugreev is the king of all Vaanar at this moment, therefore he cannot hear such harsh words from noble people like you because he is not unthankful, cruel, cunning, or liar. Whatever Raam has done to him, he has not forgotten that also. By Raam's grace he has got Roomaa, the kingdom and me. At the time of grief, Sugreev could not even sleep properly. But because of this happiness, he couldn't see the end of the time, as Vishwaamitra took 10 years as one day in Ghritaachee's love. (see the side bar) When such a great Muni couldn't keep track of time, then what to say about Sugreev who is only a Vaanar.

Because of following Dharm, Sugreev has tolerated many sorrows that is why he was not satisfied till now, so Raam should not be angry with him so much. Hey Lakshman, It is not proper to be angry like an ordinary person without knowing the truth, because people like you, do not be angry without knowing the reasons. Now I want to please you on behalf of Sugreev. What I understand that Sugreev can leave even me, kingdom and Angad to do Raam's work. He will surely bring Seetaa after killing Raavan.

Raavan is difficult to kill without help, because Raavan is very mighty, besides it is said that in Lankaa there are 1 trillion (10 Kharab) plus 36,000 of units where 1 unit consists of 10,000 warriors and hundreds of thousands of other warriors; (see Raavan's Army). Those Raakshas are difficult to win as they can change their form just by wish, and without killing them first it is impossible to kill Raavan, Baali told me so, so Sugreev has already sent his chief ministers to call Vaanar living on other mountains for your help. He is waiting for them to come back, that is why he has not got out. If all goes well then all Vaanar will gather here today. Therefore spit out your anger, because seeing your anger Sugreev's queens are scared like Baali.

Sarg 36-Sugreev Praises Raam

Hearing sweet words of Taaraa, Lakshman got pleased. Sugreev broke the garland of his neck and became alert. He said to Lakshman - "Hey Lakshman, I have regained this wealth because of Raam, otherwise I had already lost it. Who can reply Him for that (Raam's message) on this land? Raam Himself can kill Raavan and get Seetaa back, my assistance is only for name sake. In fact He does not need any assistance. Who pierced the seven Shaal trees with only one arrow and pierced Prithvi and Paataal; whose bow's sound can tremble both sky and Prithvi, He doesn't need assistance. When Raam will go to kill Raavan, I just wish to tread behind Him because of His love, so if I am at fault, please forgive me, because servants often make mistakes."

Hearing this Lakshman got happy and said - "Hey Sugreev, My brother is very lucky to have a friend like you. Both your heart and feelings in there are pious and clear. I am sure that Raam will soon kill Raavan with the helper like you. Now come with me and console Raam. He is very sad in separation of Seetaa. Please forgive me for my harsh words."

Sarg 37-Sugreev's Call For Vaanar

Hearing sweet words of Lakshman Sugreev also got satisfied and said to Hanumaan who was standing close to him - "Gather all Vaanar from five mountains - Mahendra Parvat, Himvaan Parvat, Vindhyaachal Parvat, white peaks of Kailaash Mandir (temple), Mandaraachal Parvat and red colored Udayaachal, Astaachal and Padm palm-groves. Call Vaanar from Anjan Parvat also, because they are also very mighty. And those that are living in the caves of Great Mountain and Meru Parvat. You quickly fetch all the monkeys from all the corners of the Earth.

I know the previous messengers who were sent to call them, they have not yet returned, therefore you send some fast-going messengers. Whoever Vaanar do not come here within 10 days, will be prescribed death sentence. Vaanar who are my obedient servant should be sent immediately in hundreds, in thousands or in millions to fetch Vaanar from all corners and the Vaanar who are familiar with all places should also go with them."

Hanumaan immediately passed on this order [to his subordinates]. And Vaanar went through the path of Vishnu, by birds and stars, namely the arch of heaven in a split of second. Hearing Raajaa's call all Vaanar came running to save their lives. 

Thus 30 million (3 Crores) Vaanar came from the black mountain Anjan.  One hundred million (10 Crores) Vaanar came from that Parvat where Sun sets (Astaachal Parvat) and one hundred million (10 Crores) Vaanar came from Udayaachal Parvat. One hundred billion (1,000 Crores, or 1 Kharab) Vaanar came from Kailaash Parvat.

One trillion (10,000 Crores, 10 Kharab) Vaanar came from Himvaan Parvat. 10 billion (1,000 Crores) Vaanar came from Vindhyaachal Parvat. Uncountable Vaanar came from Tamaal (coconut tree) Van and other caves. Many more came from other places too.

The Vaanar who were sent to call Vaanar saw a large tree on Kailaash Parvat where  a Yagya was done to please Mahaadev. Devtaa also got very happy to see it. They saw there very sweet and nectarous fruits and tubers. Whoever ate a little of those fruits, he did not feel hunger for one month. So these Vaanar collected those fruits, tubers and some divine medicinal herbs fro there. They brought sweet-smelling flowers for Sugreev also to please him and informed Sugreev and Lakshman about other Vaanars' coming. [They arrived in Kishkindhaa when Lakshman was still there as they were very fast goers.]




In Baal Kaand, 1/18/63 it is mentioned that Menakaa was sent to Vishwaamitra, but here it is mentioned that he met Ghritaachee. Some say that both are same, but others say Ghritaachee is a different Apsaraa.

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