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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 14:  Sarg 33-34

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Sarg 33-Lakshman Meets Sugreev 

Then on invitation to come inside, Lakshman entered Kishkindhaa after getting Sugreev's message. All powerful Vaanar who were guarding the city greeted Him bowing. Lakshman saw Sugreev's Nagaree (city) whose mansions and multi-storied buildings were gem-studded. Scented air was flowing all around. Flowered orchards were there. It was full of Vaanar who could take up any form according to their wish. Broad paths were made all around, they were all scented with sandal, aloe and lotus fragrances. [These fragrances are used as body rubs and most people used them, that is why all the roads were scented.] 

Sugreev's palace was as high as Vindhyaachal Parvat. Lakshman saw others mansions also like of Angad, Dwivid, Gavay, Gavaaksh, Gaj, Sharabh,Vidunmaalee, Sampaati, Sooryaaksh, Hanumaan, Veerbaahu, Subaahu, Nal, Kumud, Sushen, Taaraa, Jaambvant, Dadhivaktra, Neel, Supaatal, Sunetra like chief monkeys.

On the royal path, Lakshman found chief ministers going towards Sugreev's palace which was like Indra's palace. The spires of that mountain were like Mount Kailaash. They were shining forth with blossomed trees and fruits that fulfill all desires. Trees' shadows were so cool.

Lakshman entered such palace as the Sun enters black clouds. He passed through the suit of seven rooms which were fully decorated and protected. As He entered the palace He heard ongoing melodious tunes. He saw there gold and silver beds and other beautiful beds. He saw many beautiful young women also. Hearing the sound of their jewelry, Lakshman felt embarrassed to proceed further in the palace, so He made sound of His bow which echoed in all directions.

It looked to Lakshman as a fairyland so He stayed at that place only, as He did not think proper to go among women even driven by Raam's anger. As Lakshman made a sound of His bow, Sugreev jumped over his seat. Sugreev could know about Lakshman's coming in palace through Angad and the sound of bow. His face dried up.

He got worried and said to Taaraa - "His nature is very soft then why is He angry? What can be its reason? And surely there must be a reason for Him to be angry. If you know it, then tell me, otherwise, Taaraa, you go yourself before me and please Him with your sweet words. He will not be angry with you because gentle people do not be angry with women. When He will be pleased with you then I will come and see Him."

Hearing this Taaraa went to Lakshman with all her feminine traits. She looked beautiful. Seeing Taaraa coming, Lakshman lowered His eyes and His face. His anger went away. Taaraa also got free from worry seeing Lakshman happy. She asked Him - "Hey Lakshman, What is the reason of your anger? Who is that who does not obey you?"

Hearing Taaraa's apologetic words Lakshman said - "Your husband is fulfilling his desires alone and he does not care for us. Neither his ministers, nor his court remembers it. Whatever time Sugreev told us, four months of rainy season, that has already passed still he is not doing anything. If somebody does not repay for any obligation, his Dharm gets destroyed. Great losses are possible on losing a good friend.

A friend has two qualities, one - to do friend's work considering it as his own; two - to maintain Dharm though truth. Who has both the qualities, he is called a good friend. I am sorry to say that Sugreev doesn't have any of them. Hey Taaraa, Now we have to plan for future."

Realizing that the time has lapsed, Taaraa said to Lakshman - "Hey Prince, This time is not to be angry. You should pardon Sugreev because he will bring results for his friend. I know the reason of Raam's anger very well - because His work is delayed and what you have done for us, I know that also, I know our duties also and I know the power of Kaam Dev also under which Sugreev is now.

Hey Lakshman, It seems from your anger that you don't have the knowledge of Kaam Shaastra (Sex). A person with desires leaves everything - Dharm, Arth everything. That is why forgive him considering him as your brother. Who have done lots of Tapasyaa and who have left Moh (intense love), they also act under the control of Kaam. Then Sugreev is only a Vaanar. His nature is also volatile, so if he acted like that, what is the surprise in it?

Hey Lakshman, Although Sugreev is under the control of Kaam, but he has already ordered his army to be gathered and thousand of Vaanar who can take any form at their wish have been called upon from other Parvat. Please come with me and console your friend, because you always protect discipline. And there is no harm in going to friend's wives if you look at them as a friend."

Thus Taaraa invited Lakshman inside the palace and Lakshman went inside the chambers. He saw Sugreev sitting on a golden throne on which beautiful clothes were spread. Sugreev was adorned with divine jewelry. Womenfolk in divine clothes and jewelry were serving him. He was seated there tightly hugging his wife Rumaa. Lakshman again got angry seeing this scene.

Sarg 34-Lakshman Delivers Raam's Message

Sugreev hopped up and fell down from his seat seeing Lakshman coming angry. Lakshman was coming with red eyes. Roomaa and other females also fell down before Lakshman as if stars have followed Moon. Then he stood up standstill with folded hands before Lakshman as a Kalp Vriksh (will fulfilling tree).

Lakshman said to Sugreev furiously - "Only that Raajaa gets fame who is mighty, noble, kind, self controlled, faithful and truthful. The Raajaa who does not follow Dharm and makes false promises, who else can be more cruel and greater sinner than him? Who makes promise to gift one horse to somebody and doesn't give it, he is sinner of killing 100 horses; who makes promise to gift one cow and doesn't give it, he is the sinner of 1,000 cows; who makes promise to help somebody and doesn't help him, he is the sinner of killing himself along with his own kith and kin. And the friend who shows inability to his friend's work after getting his own work done, there is no greater sinner than him. He is killable.

Brahmaa Himself has said thus: for slayer of cows, for drinkers of liquors, and for a treacherous person, no atonement is available. Because your mission is already fulfilled that is why you re not caring for Raam that is why you are uncultured and unfriendly. If you will not fulfill Raaghav's mission, you will also be killed and you will see Baali soon."



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