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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 13:  Sarg 31-32

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Sarg 31-Raam Sends Lakshman to Sugreev

Raam was explaining all this to Lakshman sadly. Lakshman said angrily - "These Vaanar do not behave properly. Sugreev is not keeping his own words, because whatever we have done for him, he does not consider it at all, that is why he is not worthy to enjoy kingdom, because his mind does not know how to maintain love. His Gyaan is destroyed and he has been busy with his wife. It is not good to give kingdom to such a fool. I am going to kill Sugreev. Then his best monkeys will search for Seetaa under the leadership of Angad." After saying this Lakshman took His bow and arrow and got ready to go.

Seeing this Raam said softly - "Lakshman, Truthful people like you should not commit such a sin and if such a situation occurs, one should control his anger. Who stays calm even in great anger, the same is Purushottam (highest man). You should not think about killing Sugreev, because you have already extended your friendship with him, so you should be calm and just remind him about the time."

So Lakshman hurriedly proceeded to Kishkindhaa by the order of His brother. He used to break trees and threw rocks of mountains on his way in His rashness. Then He saw Kishkindhaa that was habited in the middle of the mountains. It looked different to Lakshman this time. Lakshman saw Vaanar with horrific faces wandering outside the city. [As Vaanar saw Lakshman coming] they got scared to see him and picked up the trees and boulders. Seeing them like this Lakshman's fury increased two-fold. Many hid themselves in various directions. Some went to Sugreev to inform him about His coming.

Sugreev was with Taaraa at that time, he didn't pay any attention to their news of Lakshman's arrival. Lakshman saw those Vaanar who were wandering around carrying large trees. By the order of some ministers all Vaanar stood outside the city. Among them some were as mighty as ten elephants, some ten times more than them and some had equal to thousand elephants' power. Noticing Sugreev's carelessness, Lakshman got very angry like the fire of Kaal. Angad was coming to that side. Seeing Angad coming, Lakshman said to him - "Go and inform Sugreev about my coming, that Raam's brother Lakshman has come and is available at the door. Ifhe wishes, answer him. Come back soon to me after telling this to him." 

Hearing this Angad went to his father Sugreev, greeted him and Rumaa - Sugreev's wife and informed about Lakshman's coming. But Sugreev was almost drunk so he could not get up even at Angad's call.

To please angry Lakshman, Vaanar made great sounds and chattered. Then Sugreev got up. His eyes were red and his flower garlands were faded. On hearing Angad two ministers came with Angad to bring Sugreev in senses. Plaksh and Prabhaav, the ministers of Sugreev advised Sugreev according to religious traditions. 

Both said to Sugreev - "Raam and Lakshman brothers are truthful. You have got this kingdom because of them and one of the the same two brothers, Lakshman is standing at the door carrying His bow and arrow. Because of Him only these Vaanar are screaming. He has come here by the order of Raam. And He has sent Taaraa's dear son Angad to you to inform about Him. He is very angry. So you should go soon and greet him so that He is pacified and do the same by which He can be happy and Raam is happy."

Sarg 32-Hanumaan's Advice to Sugreev

On hearing Angad that "Lakshman was angry", Sugreev got up and said to his ministers - "Till now I have not done anything bad, nor I have said anything bad to Him then why Lakshman is angry with me? It seems that my opponents must have complained to Lakshman about me. Therefore I must think over that why is He angry before I go to him.

Although I am not afraid of Raam or Lakshman, but I fear only about my friendship with Him lest it should break without any reason. Because this presence of Lakshman here in Kishkindhaa is just out of context. He could have Sugreev or any other monkey if He wanted to say something; secondly He should be calm. Because extending friendship is easy while maintaining it is difficult. Even a trifle can splinter it off. Whatever obligation Raam has done to me, I am indebted to Him and it is not possible to repay the same."

Hanumaan said - "Hey Raajan, It is not surprising that you do not forget somebody's obligation, because gentlemen do the same. But Raam killed Indra-like brave Baali to make you fearless, so He might be angry and this is friendly angr only. Because of love of a friend [He didn't come Himself] that is why He has sent His younger brother to you.

You have forgotten the time which you decided to search for Seetaa. Hey Raajan, Rainy season is over, Sharad Ritu has set in. Seven-leaved banana trees leaves are open now. Now is the time to do your duty. You have forgotten that, that is why Lakshman has come. If Raam's harsh words are told through another person, you should tolerate them, because you are at fault.

Greet Lakshman and please Him. I don't see any other way to solve this problem except to please Him and ask pardon of Him. Ministers must express their vies upon asking by Raajaa. If Raam picks His bow and arrows then all Devtaa, Gandharv etc are under Him. Therefore one must not make Him angry to whom one wants to please rather remember his obligations. Therefore get up and greet Lakshman."



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