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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 12:  Sarg 29-30

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Sarg 29-Hanumaan Reminds Sugreev About Seetaa's Search

Rainy season was over, sky was clear, birds started singing all around, all directions were lighted. Whose all wishes are fulfilled, who has got his kingdom back, who has got his lost wife back, who enjoys Apsaraa; Hanumaan said to such a Vaanar Sugreev - "You have got your fame and kingdom, but still remains the friend's work. Now you should do that. All should be sacrificed for a friend's work, who does not do that, he loses his courage and bears loss. Who does the friend's work after the time lapses he doesn't serve the friend's purpose. You are lagging behind in time. Hey Swaamee, Our friend's time is also passing now. We should start His work. We have to start our search for Seetaa.

Raam knows time well. He must be in hurry too, but He depends on you. He has not said anything to you in spite of time has passed, because He is intelligent. He has already done your job, now it is your turn. So order your brave Vaanar to search for Seetaa, because if we had started His work before His saying, then this passed time will not be counted. Although you can do good to everyone, but who has already done your good, you should not delay for His job. You are capable to do His job then why do you delay it?

Although Raam can win Devtaa, Gandharv, Raavan alone, but He is waiting for you to fulfill your promise. Raam has done a lot for us by killing Baali, therefore now our main duty should be that we should search Seetaa everywhere. Hey Sugreev, Even  Devtaa, Gandharv and Daanav cannot frighten Him in fight, then who are Raakshas for Him? You must do His job as soon as possible since He has done your before. You have 10 million (1 Crore) Vaanar who can never be defeated, under you."

Hearing this Sugreev ordered Neel to call all Vaanar. Whoever Vaanar will not be here within 15 days time, he will be sentenced for death punishment and there will be no hearing for it." And Sugreev went to his palace.

Sarg 30-Raam Remembers Sugreev's Promise
[This Sarg describes the Fall season]

After the rainy season was over, and clouds were clear, Raam's desire to see Seetaa got stronger. He thought that Sugreev was still sitting at home. He got very sad and impatient. He thought about Seetaa that how She would rejoice if She heard Saaras (cranes) sounds, or saw the seasonal flowers bloomed. 

While seeking fruits Lakshman saw His brother in a lonely place so He said to His brother as His nature - "Why are you so passionate now? What can be achieved by being sad under the spell of Kaam (desire)? No job can be done by forgetting one's own powers. Therefore decide your line of action patiently. Hey Raam, Your Seetaa cannot be under anybody else's control, because She is Agni's another form. If somebody will even touch Her, he himself will burn."

Hearing this Raam said to Lakshman - "True, still according to political policies we must do our duty. We will have to do something about it. Indra offered water to Earth and completed His task, but mine still remains. Sky is completely clear, clouds are completely tired, mountain terraces are shining with moon rays, lotuses have started blooming in lakes, and thus this autumn season is glistening. One swan is sleeping in this vast deep lake among the thickset of white lotuses and moonlight is shining on it.

Waters have got settled, crane-birds are noisy, rice crops have ripened, breeze is soft and moon is bright. Rainy season is over, sky is clear, river is flowing slowly by wind. Now is the time to fight with enemy, but I don't see Sugreev coming, nor I see any other sign regarding my work. Lakshman, four months have already passed. These four months were like hundred years to me without Seetaa. Why Sugreev does not care for me - with no kingdom, with no wife, I am like an orphan. My kingdom has been taken, Raavan has insulted me, I am very sad. I have come in the shelter of Sugreev, but Vaanar Raaj Sugreev has not even insulted me but also didn't come on time. Because his own job is done, is that why he is not coming for me?

Therefore you go to Kishkindhaa soon and tell my message that who do not do others job after assuring them, even Raakshas do not eat their flesh after their death. Ask him, 'does he want to see my golden shining arrow or does he really want to hear my bow's sound?' But Lakshman, I don't understand that knowingly fully well about my bravery why is he sitting quietly? He is not caring for us. Tell him about my anger and tell him that I killed Baali alone but I will kill Sugreev along with his army. You tell him about my fury too."



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