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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 11:  Sarg 27-28

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Sarg 27-Raam Chooses His Cave 

After Sugreev entered Kishkindhaa, Raam came to Prasravan Parvat along with Lakshman. There lived many wild animals - tigers, lions. The Parvat was guarded by many kinds of trees. Raam chose a beautiful cave for themselves to live. He said - "This cave looks good as it is spacious and breezy. There are various trees, creepers, peacocks here.

Raam said to Lakshman - "See Lakshman, This cave is beautiful and larger too. It is airy. We will spend rainy nights here only. There are white and black stones on this Parvat. There are many kinds of metals here. Frogs are also making sounds in rivers and we can hear peacocks also. This pond which is close to our cave is full of beautiful lotus flowers. This river is flowing here as Gangaa flows on Trikoot Parvat. (this river is Tungbhadraa and the mount is Prasravan. Thousands of sandal trees are beautifying this Parvat. Sugreev is also not far from here. We can hear the sound of their singing and musical instruments."

Seeing the rising moon over the peaks, Raam got sad remembering His wife. He could not sleep in nights and wept. Seeing Raam's anguish, Lakshman consoled Him - "It doesn't look nice to you to become so sad, because whoever is sad his all objectives get out of mind; this you know very well. If you will behave like this then you will not be able to kill the tricky Raakshas. Stabilize your mind, then only you will be able to fulfill your mission. Above all You are capable to turn upside down the whole earth, then why do you worry about Raavan also? You look forward for Sharad Ritu (autumn), then you can eradicate him and his the whole city state."

Hearing this Raam said to Lakshman cordially - "I cast off this distress, and stand firmly in my intentions." Lakshman said - "That's like you."

Sarg 28-Raam Spends Rainy Season
[This whole Sarg, 60 Shlok, describes the Rainy season]

When Raam and Lakshman were living on Maalyavat (Prasravan) Parvat, one day Raam said to Lakshman - "See, the rain is ready to come. Black clouds are flying in the sky. Sky takes water from seas through Sun, and keep it in its womb for nine months, the same water comes down on earth in the form of rain. See these Arjun trees and Ketakee (a kind of flower) shrubs, they are blooming, but sky seems sad for some reason. This earth seems to have tolerated summer heat so it is shedding tears of grief now, as if Seetaa is tolerating Raavan's torturing and weeping.

Moon and stars have disappeared in this season because of the dark clouds and you can make no difference between east and west direction. Dust has settled down. Cool air is flowing because of which all drawbacks of summer have disappeared. Raajaa and travelers have returned to their homes. Because of the movements of cloud there is somewhere light and somewhere dark.

Swans are looking for clear water so they are flying towards Maanas (Maan Sarovar) Lake, but the Chakravaak birds are still attached to their soul mates. Lakshman, There is a black colored fruit named Jaamun which comes now in this season. Ripe mangoes are falling from the trees. Rivers are surging, clouds are showering and forests interiors are shining.

Raam further said - "See, clouds are scattering, rains have made places for peacocks to dance. How beautiful these forests look in rainy season in afternoons. At this time who are separated from their beloved, feel sad remembering them. At this time Jaamun tree, which is fully black of bumble bees colored Jaamun fruits, looks like as if many bees are drinking honey clinging to it. It seems that whole music center is open all around [because many kinds of sweet sounds are heard]

Bhaadrapad month is for those Braahman who wants to learn singing Saam Ved. (They are initiate to Vedic studies on Bhaadrapad Shukl Triteeyaa). In this rainy season Sugreev is also enjoying since he has conquered his enemy, he has got his wife and he has got his kingdom. But Lakshman, my wife has been stolen, I have been toppled down from my kingdom. Bharat must have fasted on this Aashaad Poornimaa (full moon). Lakshman, At this time of the year Sarayoo must be flowing very fast.

My anguish is surpassing as this rain has surpassed the pathways, I feel that Raavan is also unsurpassable. Sugreev has also undergone a lots of difficulties to get his wife and kingdom, that is why I do not want to trouble him to send monkeys in search of Seetaa's search. I have not said anything to Sugreev, although he is under my control, because he has met his wife after long time and long suffering, and I need a lot of time to do my work. Sugreev will know his duty himself. I am just waiting for the time. Sugreev will certainly return my obligations. Only sordid people do not return and such people disobey Shaastra."

Lakshman said - "Sugreev will definitely do your work, but you will have to pass the rainy season. Therefore live with me for four months on this Parvat. I agree that you can kill your enemy any time, but to kill him according to Dharm wait for the appropriate time." Hearing this Raam said - "Lakshman, Whatever is expected from you, you have said the same. So as you have said, I wait for Sharad Ritu (winter season) and wish for Sugreev's happiness. Who does not return the obligation, he disobeys."






The eldest son is to be crowned as the Crown Prince, although he might be or ight not be the son of the elder brother. The whole Mahaabhaarat is based on this rule until the war begins.

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