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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 10: Sarg 25-26

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Sarg 25-Baali's Last Rites

Raam was consoling Sugreev, Taara and Angad, He consoled them saying - "Who get sad for the deceased soul, it doesn't help that soul, that is why you should do your further duties now. It was all right to cry by now but when the time elapses, there is use to shed tears. It is necessary to be busy in worldly affairs and it is unnecessary to cry now, because when a living being is gone then there is no way to bring him back to life.

Every event is the result of something or every event has a reason behind it, because for the success of every event a reason is established, that is why a human body is not free to do anything, nor he can fail anybody to involve in any work. 

Human being is dependent to his nature, and his nature is dependent to Kaal. Even Bhagvaan cannot go out of the way of His own administration, because the Kaal cannot be destroyed. All things are done according to Nature (Swabhaav), and nothing is done against that. Kaal cannot go back, because there is no provision for it to return. He is neither the friend of anybody, nor he is a foe of anybody. He treats  everything alike.

Nobody is the doer of something, nor anybody is the motivator to anybody to do something; nor anybody is the independent entity. Neither Time transcend Time, nor it transgresses Time. It cannot be overridden. So no individual can control time. Whatever you get at Time to Time, receive it thankfully and happily and act accordingly.

Nobody can show his bravery also in front of Kaal, because Paramaatmaa (Bhagvaan) is not under Jeev (soul). Dharm (duties), Arth (wealth), Kaam (desires) and Moksh (salvation) are also under Kaal. According to his own Karm, Baali has gone to Swarg. This was his nature and by that he won the Swarg and got it after death. This is the best Gati (condition of soul) which Baali has got. Therefore one should not be sad for him."

Then Lakshman said to Sugreev - "Now you should make arrangements for Baali's last rites along with Taaraa and Angad. Get dry sandal wood etc materials and console Angad, so that he should not be so much sad, because you are the only Swaamee of Kishkindhaa at present. Angad may bring the scented material, robes, wreaths and Taaraa, you go and bring a Paalakee (palanquin). Do all this as soon as possible. Whoever Vaanar will carry Baali must be very powerful." And Lakshman sat near His brother.

By the order of Lakshman, Taaraa and Sugreev's minister went into the cave to bring four Paalakee and came back soon with them and powerful Vaanar. That Paalakee was very strong and as built like a chariot. It had a place for Raajaa to sit, it had many pictures on it and it had several windows all around it. It was made of red sandal wood and decorated with flowers. Some lotus flower garlands were also kept in.

Raam asked Lakshman to tell that they should take Baali's dead body soon and should perform his last rites. Sugreev along with Angad kept some ornaments on Baali's dead body. Sugreev, Taaraa and Angad all were weeping but they kept the body of Baali on the Paalakee. Sugreev ordered Vaanar that brother's last rites should be performed at the bank of the river and gems should be showered in front of Paalakee. His last rites should be performed like a Raajaa's last rites are performed.

Then Taaraa and Vaanar followed the Paalakee along with other Vaanar. All were crying including Taaraa and Angad. Vaanar prepared a pyre for Baali and sat after keeping the Paalakee on the ground. Then Taaraa did Vilaap keeping Baali's head in her laps - "Hey Vaanar Raaj, sea of my pleasures, look at me at least once. Even after your soul is gone, your face looks so pleasing. You look like the same as you looked when you were alive. This Raam took you in the form of Kaal and He made me widow by shooting just one arrow. Vaanar women were not used to walk, today they all have come here by walking after you. Why don't you see at them today? Why are you not looking at Sugreev? Look at him too.  All your ministers and public is sad for you. As you ordered them to go before, you order them today also."

When Taaraa was weeping like this, other female Vaanar who were equally sad lifted her up and took her away from Baali's body. Angad and Sugreev also wept for Baali. Then Angad set the fire to the pyre of Baali, performed the circumambulations in anticlockwise direction to Baali's body. Then they came to the river, took bath and came to Raam who was with Lakshman.

Sarg 26-Sugreev is Declared King 

After finishing Baali's last rites, Sugreev came to Raam in wet clothes and stood joining his palms together. Hanumaan said to Raam - "Hey Raam, By your grace Sugreev has got this kingdom. He will enter it with your permission and perform all duties with the consultation of friends. So now you come to this cave and crown Sugreev as king and please all Vaanar."

Raam said - "Hey Hanumaan, I am unable to go to any part of any city or village for 14 years by the order of my father. Sugreev may enter this beautiful decorated cave and he will have his Raaj Tilak (coronation) ceremony." Then Raam said to Sugreev - "You know the worldly affairs very well, Angad is mighty and has good character that is why perform his Abhishek as the Crown Prince, because he is your elder brother's son and is brave like his father. (see the side bar)

Hey Sugreev, Now rainy season has set in, it is its first month - Shraavan, so no work can be done properly in this season, that is why you go to your city and I with Lakshman will stay here on this mountain. This cave is beautiful, airy and water is also available here. Many flowers and fruits are also available. We will take up Raavan's matter in Kaartik Maas (month). So at this time, you go and have your Raaj Tilak performed."

Sugreev went to Kishkindhaa with his Vaanar. There all Vaanar welcomed him and asked his welfare. Then he entered the palace and his friends performed his Raaj Tilak with royal fans, aromatic flower garlands, with numerous perfumes. Hole yellow rice, gold, honey, Ghee, yogurt, priceless sandalwood shoes, and  many scented things were brought to him along with 16 beautiful maidens. The Vaanar annointed Sugreev with these materials, jewels, garments etc.

The Braahman who performed his Raaj Tilak were satisfied with food and gems. Sugreev declared Angad as Crown Prince. All Vaanar, Gaj, Gavaaksh, Gavaya, Sharabh, Gandhmaadan, Maind, Dwivid, Hanumaan, Jaambvant, admired Sugreev and praised Raam and Lakshman for this. All chattered with happinaess. When all was done, Sugreev told everything to Raam.



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