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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Sarg 22-Baali's Last Message

Baali was taking his last breaths. First he saw his brother Sugreev who was standing before him. He said to him amicably - "Do not consider my deeds as my faults because whatever I did, I did in ignorance and only futurity led me to do so. I am not at fault for it. Enjoying the kingdom together was in our fate, that is why I am in this condition. I am going to Yam Puree now, you accept this kingdom. [Baali's supremacy is not dying here with him. He is asking Sugreev to rule the kingdom, not Angad, on two reasons ; Sugreev is the winner that is why he should get the kingdom; Sugreev is the next best choice for kingship because at one time he was the Crown Prince.] I am leaving everything - life, kingdom and prosperity. In this situation of mine, in which I am now, you should do the same what I tell you.

This my son Angad who has right for all kinds of happiness, is more dear to me than my life, you should take care of him like your own son with no resources becoming sparse. I have brought him up very dearly. See, he is crying lying on the ground. Taaraa's son is very brave and mighty and he will kill Raakshas in future. 

This is Taaraa's son Angad who will be the leader of your army and will fight like me. Taaraa is very knowledgeable in knowing the future, and whatever she advises for whatever work, that certainly happens. Your friendship with Raaghav is also based on trust, so do not think of not fulfilling your promise to Him, because it will be unjustified on your part and you might also be slain by disrespecting it." After this Baali took off his gems necklace and gave it to Sugreev and said - "This necklace has the power of victory, but after my death it will lose its power, but still you wear in your neck."

Sugreev took the necklace and wore it in his neck. Baali's face got pale. At that time Sugreev's enmity was also gone and he started doing all proper things. In his last moments, Baali said to his son Angad - "Tolerate everything with time, obey your uncle. If you will make Sugreev's enemies your friends, it will not be good for you. As I looked after you, Sugreev may not look after you in the same way. And always do good for Swaamee, because he is your Swaamee now. Do not conduct with too much affinity or with no affinity, because both are bad. Your outlook should always be medial." Then Baali rolled his eyes in great pain of arrow and died. 

All Vaanar started weeping at the death of their king. All Vaanar were sad and praising Baali here and there - "He had protected these gardens and forests with flowers and fruits now who will protect them in the same way so that all Vaanar could thrive on them. He fought with mighty celestial Golabh Gandharv for 15 years, day in and day out, and then killing him in 16th year Baali brought fearlessness to us. How such a Baali was fallen down?" The whole Kishkindhaa plunged into darkness. But Taaraa was clinging to her husband as if a creeper has entwined to a fallen tree.

Sarg 23-Taaraa's Vilaap

Taaraa said to Baali - "You are still lying on this uneven, rough, painful surface of the Earth and not hearing me. Definitely this earth is dearer to you than me that is why you are not listening to me. All bears and monkeys along with Angad are weeping. Why don't you come back to your senses listening my words? You are lying there only where your enemies were lying before. You made me widow and left me alone here, certainly no wise father will give his daughter to such fighters. (see the side bar) Now I am the wife of a killed fighter. My all devotion to you has gone useless. Seeing my husband killed my heart doesn't splinter into thousand pieces. Although possessing so much riches and treasures or many children, a woman with dead husband will still be called widow.

I am incapable to embrace you fully with my two arms. Today Sugreev's desire is fulfilled. This Raam's arrow is hindering me to embrace you." Hearing this Neel pulled out the arrow from Baali's heart. A gush of blood also came out of the heart and spread all over as Neel pulled out the arrow from Baali's heart. Taaraa drenched Baali's body with her tears.

Then she spoke to Angad - "See the plight of your father. Because of his enmity he has gone today. He is going to Kaal's house. Pay your respects to your father." Angad swiftly rose and touched Baali's feet, but seeing Baali unresponsive to Angad's greetings, Taaraa said to Baali - "Whenever Angad used to touch your feet you blessed him, why don't you bless him today? Why don't you say "Long live son"? You are taking Avabhrithaa bath alone after performing the ritual of war, how come without me? [Avabhrithaa bath is taken after a Vedic ritual along with one's wife, but Baali is taking this bath alone in the blood after the war ritual. Vedic ritual is forbidden for a man who doesn't have a wife.]. Why I am not seeing your golden pendant given by Indra? Even the grace is deserting me along with you.

Sarg 24-Consolation to Taaraa

Taaraa cried and cried. Seeing Taaraa crying so much Sugreev also got very sad for killing of his matchless brother. He headed towards Raam. Raam was still holding His bow and arrow in His hands. [perhaps He is on His own guard from any monkey's attack for killing Baali]. 

Sugreev said to Him - "Although you have done this according to your promise made to me, but my heart is very sad by this incident. This empress is so much wailing for him, and this boy Angad is also so much hurt by the death of Baali. I did ask you to kill my brother in anger but now my heart is tearing with this anguish. I think it was still better for me to live on Rishyamook Parvat, instead of seeing all this.

He told me that he wouldn't want to kill me, but I was very cruel to him that I asked you to kill him. How a brother can rejoice on his brother get killed? I have committed a sin as Indra committed by killing Twashtaa's son. Indra's sin was shared by Earth, trees, water and women but who is going to share my sin?

Even gold cannot tolerate filth (mixed metals) when it melts with pain. It is easy to get a son, even Angad-like son, but where from I will bring a brother? [see the side bar also]. Therefore I want immolate myself with Baali. These monkeys will search for you Seetaa under your guidance."

Hearing Sugreev's words Raam also got somewhat sad for a moment. At that moment He looked at Taaraa who was constantly looking at Him. She fell down and monkey ministers were raising her up only to drag her away from her husband.

She got up and went to Raam and said - "You are indeterminable, inaccessible and the mightiest. You kill me from the same arrow by which you killed Baali. Because when Baali will arrive in Swarg, he will look for me and will not find me. He will not make love to those Apsaraa even though they are very beautiful. He will not be happy even in heaven without me, as you are not without Seetaa. Please send me to Baali considering all these rules and you will not sin by killing me for this purpose."

Hearing this Raam said to Taaraa - "Don't disturb your mind thinking like this. By mixing happiness and miseries the Creator has set all the three worlds with a procedure, and we in His service cannot transgress His procedures. You are a brave warrior's wife, you should not lament this way. Angad will be Crown Prince that is what the Creator has set." Hearing this Taaraa paused a little.


Hanumaan consoled her - "Man bears the results of his actions in the other Lok too. You are sad because of your Karm only, then why are you so sorry for others. Who himself is sad, he cannot be kind to others then for whom to be sad. Your son Angad is with you. You don't be sad and take care of him and whatever is good for him, for his future, that is what you do. This life and death is with everybody, that is why the intelligent woman like you should do his last rites now. 

Kaal's Gati is strange. This Vaanar who was taking care of all Vaanar, he is lying here with Kaal's Gati. Who ruled with Dharm, he has gone to Swarg. It is not good to be sad for him. All Vaanar and Angad will serve you, therefore you are not an orphan. Be patient and Angad will rule this earth. Now we should do the same whatever should be done for Raajaa Baali, because the same is before us at present. Therefore permit to perform last rites of Baali."

Then Sugreev said - "Because of my insult, I made him killed, but after his death, I am very sad. I was better off on Rishyamook Parvat, because I was managing anyhow, but now I cannot go to Swarg, because I made him killed. Baali said to me several times that, "I don't want to kill you, but you go from here." Baali didn't want to put a black spot on him by killing me, but because of jealousy I wanted him to be killed.

When he hit me with Shaal tree and I was calling you lying on the ground, he said to me that, "I do not want to kill you, but don't do this in future." Hey Raam, If he had wanted to kill me he could have killed me easily, but that was not his aim. He protected me as a brother does. Only I acted with my Vaanar mind and earned such a great sin. The son Indra committed, Prithvi etc shared it with their own will, but who is going to take my sin away? Hey Raam, I do not want to take this kingdom after committing this sin, because I have committed it like a sordid person and now it is hurting me in a great way.

The whole kingdom is sad, Angad is also half alive, it is all because of me. Although it is difficult to get a good son, but to get a son like Angad is very very difficult. Maybe that after his father's death he might not live, and if he lived then his mother is alive to take care of him. But this I can say for sure that if Angad didn't live then Taaraa cannot live. That is why I am going to burn myself in the grief of brother and son and these Vaanar will find Seetaa. Raam, your all missions will be successful after I am dead, so please permit me to die."

Raam broke into tears hearing Sugreev's words and sat sorrowfully for some time. Then Raam looked at Taaraa, she was still lying near her husband's dead body. Baali's ministers lifted her up, she was trembling with sorrow, she saw Raam and tried to concentrate that "yes, He is Raam". She came to Him and said - "You take care of everybody. Nobody can defeat you in fight, because you are full of forgiveness like Prithvi. Raam, kill me also with the same arrow which you used to kill Baali, thus I will also be able to meet my husband and I will feel happy. Baali will also be sad without me, even in Swarg, as you are sad without Seetaa at Rishyamook Parvat. You have the experience of this kind of sorrow that how much it feels without one's wife. My husband will be very happy to see me there.

Hey Raam, If you are thinking that you will commit a sin after killing me then consider me a part of Baali's soul, then it will not be a sin. There is no greater charity than the woman, therefore if you will not kill me then I will not be able to live long."

Hearing this Raam said to Taaraa - "You don't worry about your death, because Vidhaataa has given happiness and sorrow to everybody - that is what is said in Ved. Your dear son Angad will be crown king and you will live happily like before. Wife of brave people do not get sad in troubles." Hearing this Taaraa got consoled.





































Sage Kaatyaayan says that "who lives in distant places, uneducated, seeker of salvation, daring ones, un-wealthy bridegrooms brides shall not be given by wise men."































Raam also says the same thing in Yuddh Kaand when Lakshman is lying unconscious hit by the power of Meghnaad. And "wives and relatives can be in various countries, but I don't see any country where a brother lives avoiding his own brother.

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