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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page-8:  Sarg 19-21

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Sarg 19-Taaraa Comes to See Baali 

Baali was in great pain, so he couldn't speak more. He got fainted. When his wife heard that her husband has been killed by Raam, she came out of the cave with Angad. The brave Vaanar who were appointed for the safety of Angad, ran away seeing bow and arrow in Raam's hands.

Seeing them running  away, Taaraa said to them - "Why do you run away from going to your Swaamee. When the sinful brother asked Raam to kill his brother, then what are you afraid of?" Vaanar said to Taaraa - "You go back and protect your son Angad, because Yam Raaj is taking Baali in the form of Raam. Do not stay back here. He has killed Baali with only one arrow. As he died, our all army ran away defeated. Taaraa, you go back and guard your city and crown Angad as king. [We know that] You like this place, but be careful, Sugreev's people will come soon and take this fort soon."

Taara said - "After the death of my husband, I have nothing to do with the son or kingdom. Even I don't have to do anything with me too when my husband is gone. I wish to go with him only." And she went forward towards her husband beating her head and chest in anguish. She saw her brave husband there lying on the ground pierced with arrow. He was looking like fallen Indra. She saw Raam and His younger brpther Lakshman also. Going past them and reaching her husband she fell down in distraught and cried a lot. Sugreev also got very sad seeing wailing Taaraa and Angad.

Sarg 20-Taaraa's Vilaap

Taaraa said - "Today you are not even talking to me. I have never blamed you, please talk to me now. Get up, and sleep on your own bed. Raajaa do not sleep on ground. O Lord of this land, certainly you dearly love this ground that is why you are embracing her even after your life leaving me here. You fought according to Dharm and and that is how you have inhabited a city like Kishkindhaa in Swarg too. Now I am all alone. I am sinking in the sea of sadness. I am like a stone which does not splinter into thousand pieces even after seeing you dead.

Hey Vaanar Raaj, You took your younger brother's wife and exiled your brother, that is why you are lying here like this. You never cared for my advice at the time of going to fight. Undoubtedly your death is because of Time and by chance Sugreev is your Kaal. I will have to see worldly affairs now in this widowhood. I have brought up Angad very well, but what will happen to Angad when even his uncle Sugreev is so sad on your death. Angad, Come and see your father, because you will not be able to see him in future. Assure your son, kiss him on his forehead, bid me farewell and then you may go on your final journey. Raam has fulfilled His promise made to Sugreev."

Taaraa said to Sugreev - "You will be contented as you will get your wife and kingdom back." She again said to Baali - "Why don't you speak to me. See, your several best wives are also here." Hearing Taaraa's lamentation Baali's other wives also wept bitterly embracing Angad. "Why are you leaving Angad, your dear son, alone, Please forgive me for my any undesirable deed." Taaraa fell down near Baali to immolate herself.

Sarg 21-Hanumaan Consoles Taaraa

Seeing Taaraa falling down, Hanumaan went forward to console her. He said - "All living beings bear the fruits of their deeds whether they are good or bad. For whom you are lamenting? For whom you are pitying? Who is pitiable by whom in this bubble like body? Angad in only a boy and your son, you should take care of him and his future. You know that coming and going of living beings is certain here, therefore Pandit (knowledgeable) people advise that people should perform their duties in this world.

Today that Baali is no more who used to shelter so many Vaanar and in whom they had their confidence. He is going to Swarg so you should not be sad for him. And you are the guardian for Angad and all other Vaanar. Do not grieve so much and take care of yourself because your son will Angad will rule over the earth. Rituals for Baali and anointment for Angad are the present time duties. You will get peace seeing Angad sitting on the thrown."

Hearing Hanumaan's words, Taaraa said to him - "I can sacrifice hundreds of Angad on embracing this brave body. I am not very capable of ruling the kingdom when Angad's uncle Sugreev is there. For me there is no other path except to follow Baali in this world or in the other world."



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