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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Sarg 16-Baali Vadh

Baali scolded Taaraa for her cowardly advice. He said - "After listening such cry, it is cowardliness to sit back in home. Brave people do not sit back at the time fights. And why Raam should be my enemy? He is a virtue-knower, how can He sin? That is why you don't come behind me and return to palace. Leave your women-like doubts. I will fight with him who is ready to fight with me. And you will see that he will again run away. I will surely fight with Sugreev, but I will not kill him. Go back to palace." Taaraa hugged him dearly, circumambulated him on to his right, performed Swaastyaayan and went back to palace crying.

Baali came out of the city and saw all around. He found Sugreev standing on the ground. He carefully tied his clothes and ran towards Sugreev to hit him. Sugreev also ran towards Baali. Both got entwined. In the end Sugreev got tired and he showed his tiredness to Raam. So Raam aimed and shot the arrow at Baali. It hit him in his chest and he fell down on earth painfully and sorrowfully with tears filling his throat like on the day of "Indra Dhwaj Utsav", Indra's flagstaff is felled to ground after the rituals are performed for it in the month of Aashwin, on a full-moon day.

This festival, Indra Dhwaj Utsav, is celebrated to appease Indra to cause rains. In this festival, a flag is raised, some rituals are performed, then it is thrown on the ground. I think this is the same Utsav which when Nand Jee was trying to celebrate, Krishn stopped him doing so and asked Brij people to worship Govardhan Parvat. Indra got angry and rained heavily for 7 days and 7 nights and Krishn lifted the Parvat to save people from that rain. (see Bhaagvat Puraan 10/p9)

Sarg 17-Baali Talks to Raam 

As Raam's arrow hit Baali, Baali fell down on the ground. On his falling the earth became like its Moon lost in the skies. But his gem-studded gold pendant given by Indra sustained his life, grace and bravery. His body, chest-plate and arrow of Raam were the only three splendors crafted on him. He fell like Yayaati fell from Swarg Lok. Raam and Lakshman went near Baali with high regard for him. 

Baali said harsh words politely but rightfully to Raam - "You are a son of a renowned king, You are gracious, brave, merciful, protector of poor and sad people, and bear good character. Everybody praises you on this earth. Deciding on these attributes although Taaraa asked me not to fight with Sugreev but still I fought with him.  How can you kill somebody who is fighting with another one and who is not vigilant about you. Since it was not apt for you, and I didn't see you either in the battlefield, I fought with Sugreev. But you will kill me like this, I never thought of this.

You are sinner like an ash-covered fire, you are an evil soul, you are proud of your Dharm, I didn't know that. You proved to be unfaithful as a well covered by grass. What did I do bad in your country? I eat only fruits and roots and live in forests; and I was not fighting with you but with another. You are born in Kshatriya family as a prince, learned in Ved, and are the form of Dharm then why did you do this kind of ruthless deed.

We are only wild animals and have animal-like nature too, but you didn't even think about justice or injustice being born in Raghu dynasty. What is your purpose behind killing me? [Because you are Supreme Being there must be some purpose behind killing me. If you have killed me in search of Seetaa, then I would have brought Her in one day and that also without killing]

Saam, Daam, and Bhed are kingly policies but they may not work with me because I am not equal to you in kingship; only Dand (punishment) may work with me as I have committed wrongs.  Just behavior, politeness, Nigrah (control) and Anugrah (request) are said as Raaj Dharm, but since you act as you wish, that is why you are greedy and childish. You don't know your Dharm at all. You acted under the control of your Indriyaan. You killed a faultless person, what will you answer for it in nobles' community. Hey Raam, The killer of cow, killer of Braahman, killer of thief, killer of a king and killer of people and those human beings who are not faithful, complaining nature, greedy, unfaithful to friend and desire for Guru's wife; and who marry before their elders - all go to hell.

My skin is unwearable by people, my hair and bones are also forbidden to be used for anything, also my flesh is not to be eaten. Five of five-nailed animals are eaten by Braahman and Kshatriya. A kind of wild rodent, lizard, and wild boar, and tortoise and me (monkey) skin and  bones are not to be touched, and such a five-nailed animal is killed now.

When I was coming to fight, Taaraa stopped me, but I came here under the spell of Kaal and I didn't pay any attention to her. How were you evil-minded and artful born to Raajaa Dasharath like great soul? [He was truly not the physical son of Raajaa Dasharath who used to weigh sin and merit and good and evil]. If you had fought with me, I am sure Yam must have seen you killed by me. If you have killed me only to please Sugreev, you could have told me earlier. If you have told me your mission before, I would have brought Seetaa in one day only from that Raakshas, whether he would have been in Paataal or in sea. After my death, Sugreev will get this kingdom, this is justified but my killing is not." Baali got silent after saying this because he was in pain. (see Baali's 13 questions asked from Raam for killing him)

Sarg 18-Raam Justifies Himself to Kill Baali

Baali thus said these polite words to Raam. Raam said to him politely - "Hey Baali, you are insulting me because of your little knowledge and want to advise me from your Vaanar childlike wisdom. This whole earth belongs to Ikshwaaku Vanshee kings, that is why they have full right to punish faulty people [Baali's 4th question: "in your country or city, I did no misdeed..." - so when earth belongs to Ikshwaaku Vansh, you are not separate from it]. 

Presently pious, truthful, dear Bharat is ruling Prithvi and who can act A-Dharm (immoral) in his kingdom? We are taking care of A-Dharmee people in the same line. Your actions are not good according to a king. [Baali's 5th question: "Non-guilty is being hurt" - his guilt was that he was not abiding with king's conduct]

Hey Baali, Elder brother, father and Guru, these three are considered like father and younger brother and son and disciples are considered as sons. Who understand it like this they know Dharm. Hey Vaanar Raaj, The very minute and infallible soul which lives in all living beings, it alone knows the just and unjust. But you are only a Vaanar, that is why your mind is childlike, then how can you know about Dharm? If you ask anything from a person who is blind by birth, how much truth can he tell you? [Baali's 8th question: "Your primary aspiration is to kill without probing into good or bad.." - since I alone am the supreme soul residing in all creatures so only I alone will decide what is wrong and what is right].

You have illicit relationship with your younger brother's wife Roomaa who is like your daughter and I have killed you for the same crime. [With this enough reason Raam explains why He had killed Baali. Baali's 10th question: "unnecessary killers go to Hell.." - you are not unnecessarily killed, killing a sinner is no sin]. That is why you should not be sad.

I don't see any other means to control you other than elimination. [Baali's 2nd question: "you have not punished the wrongdoer" - all the formalities are observed with kings of equal status, you are a very small king so you are straightway eliminated]. Since I come from Kshatriya caste, it is sin to have illicit relationship with sister, or daughter, or brother's wife. Punishment for such a person in scriptures is elimination. Bharat is the King, we are only Raajaa's people. And Bharat is very particular about punishing lusty people. Hey Baali, As I am the friend of Lakshman, I have the same relationship with Sugreev also and that relationship is very important for me. [Baali's 13th question: I would have brought Maithilee in one day.." - Raam wanted help in searching Seetaa only not to bring Her to Him. Only Raam had to kill Raavan]. I promised him to punish you according to Dharm which I did. So you should also consider this punishment according to Dharm.

Now you listen to another thing which may calm your anger. I have no repentance for killing you from hiding, because human beings always shoot birds and animals etc from hiding. Meat eaters prey running animals and thy are not considered criminals. Raajaa always prey, that is why I killed you at the time of fighting, doesn't matter with whom you were fighting. But I have killed you considering you as a Vaanar.

You should not doubt that wealth and life are given by Raaja only and because Raajaa is like Devtaa, therefore he should not be insulted nor one should speak before him. You don't know anything about Dharm and you are insulting me and my family who has been following Dharm since ancient times, only in anger. Manu Smriti says that if a sinner is punished he goes to Swarg but the King who doesn't punish a sinner carries his sins. Whatever is sin is acquired by a murderer, the same sin is acquired by executing an innocent.

Kings are not to be rebuked, also no reproach is to be spoken against because they are divinities in human form. [see about kings here]. But you are continuously reviling me who is persisting in righteousness."

After hearing this Baali didn't consider Raam wrong, because he got the knowledge of Dharm through Him. Then he said to Raam with his palms joined together - "Whatever you are saying that is true, but whatever I said to you in A-Gyaan, it was undesirable and improper. Please do not consider me wrong for it. I said that in ignorance. Now I am in your protection, I don't have any other sorrow except Angad with golden bracelets. He is still a child and I have brought him up with lots of love. He will be very sad in my absence. As you feel about Bharat and Lakshman, in the same way you treat Angad and Sugreev too. Sugreev can get even Prithvi's kingdom by your grace. Do not punish Taaraa also for my wrongdoings and let not Sugreev slight her away."

Raam consoled Baali and said - "Hey Baali, You should not worry about anything, because we have already considered these issues before you said them. You have got a good Gati because of the punishment of your crime. Leave sorrow, Moh (intense love), fear because you cannot change your fate." Baali said - "What I said in ignorance, please forgive me for that." (read Giving here to understand the basis of this friendship of Raam and Sugreev, killing of Baali etc)



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